Penny On Heads + Glossier Faves + Friday Finds

salad and bagel

Woah, what a week. Starting with the holiday on Monday, everything felt packed in and thrown off. Work is so busy (which is such a good thing!), and the shortened week threw off my days. Before I knew it, it was Friday. As in today. As in, I missed Wednesday’s post and am about to miss today’s post if I don’t pull my act together.

So hi! I’m here. How was your week? It’s October. Can we believe it? Well no actually I cannot believe it. The hockey season usually begins any day now which always helps me to define the time of year and seasons but it’s not beginning yet because the season just ended. As in, last season just ended. This just adds to my seasons of confusion for this year. I’m hopeful hockey begins in what, December now? Is that what they are saying? I can’t keep up.

Moving on to some favorites.

I found a penny on heads after my run the other morning.

penny on heads

Instead of pizza and a salad, I had a maple raisin multigrain bagel and a salad from Town Bagel. Usually, the maple raisin multigrain bagel is covered in seeds so I’m not sure what happened this time around. It was still good though! I love a salad with a bagel especially when I get a maple raisin multigrain bagel. It’s definitely one of my favorite types of bagels.

salad and bagel

I’ve been living in the sweatshirt from my son’s Bar Mitzvah and it makes me so happy to know that even almost four years later (can you believe how time flies?) the logo artwork colors are still vibrant and the sweatshirt itself is still as nice as ever.

This is a flashback photo but I swear to you, the sweatshirt looks exactly the same. These sweatshirts (which were Bar Mitzvah party favors) were worth every penny. I’m sure most of the kids don’t still have theirs but I have mine and I’m so happy to wear it. The logo on the sleeve is the Bar Mitzvah date and the NHL logo was altered to be my son’s initials along with the Bar Mitzvah date.

bar mitzvah sweatshirt

Today’s Bar Mitzvah kids are not only struggling with canceled and/or postponed parties, and/or restructured parties that are now considered “micro mitzvahs” or even going virtual, they are also now giving out facemasks as favors. Who would have ever thought of facemasks as a need back when I planned the Bar Mitzvah? Never in a million years.

Speaking of facemasks, Stoney Clover just launched Hello Kitty facemasks. It’s a set of three face masks each in a different print (with beads!) and of course, the bow print is my favorite. It’s the same bow print as the pouches I ordered. So sweet and pretty.

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In some beauty product news, I recently switch my daily sunscreen to Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30. This is a GREAT product. In the summer I always wear SPF 50 (Skinceuticals) but I finished the bottle and decided to try the Drunk Elephant sunscreen for this time of year. It comes in a huge tube and you only need a little bit. I wear it for running AND under my makeup. The ingredients are clean and it absorbs quickly. Even feels like a moisturizing skin care product.

Also, I finally gave in to the hype over Glossier Balm Dotcom and ordered myself a tube. And now I understand the cult following and why people stock up on several tubes of this lip balm (which is actually a universal skin salve too). It’s so good. You need it. Balm Dotcom will become your favorite must-have on at all times lip balm. Don’t forget how much I love Glossier Lash Slick – best everyday mascara. If you decide to order from Glossier, add a Colorslide liner. SO GOOD.

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Look, I found you a tie-dye puff sleeve sweatshirt from Target. Oh and this tie-dye hoodie on sale.

Does anyone have the new Runderful Long Sleeve top from lululemon? It seems like a Run Swiftly only with a zippered pocket and the cuffins? You know I like the cuffins.

Big sales at J. Crew – They are running 30% off plus an extra 15% with code 5DAYS. Now is an excellent time to grab the oversized cashmere wrap. It’s been on my list for this fall/winter. I’m actually shocked that something cashmere is part of the sale.

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Have a great weekend!

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

4 thoughts on “Penny On Heads + Glossier Faves + Friday Finds”

  1. Love all your beauty tips and recommendations! I recently ordered the SuperGoop glow screen and glossier mascara based on your recs. Love both products! I wear a mask all day as a healthcare worker so I’m not using foundation at all, just the Super Goop (and pretty eye make up of course :). I do like the itty bit of luminescence it gives. Anyway, question for you is: how does the Glowscreen compare to the Drunk Elephant you describe above? Is the Glowscren more of a stand alone CC- type product whereas the Drunk Elephant is something with no coverage that you always put something on top of? Thanks!

    1. Hi! I’m so glad you enjoy my recommendations and thank you for being a healthcare worker 🙂 — So the Glow Screen offers that “glow” as you say along with the SPF while the Drunk Elephant does not have the illuminating aspect. I do like the Drunk Elephant sunscreen to mix with my moisturizer and have the SPF (i use it on my hands too, I believe you can use it anywhere). It’s also a lower SPF than the Glow Screen. It’s a huge bottle so if you wanted another sunscreen that has clean ingredients without the illuminating aspect, I do recommend it. I wear it for running and it doesn’t bother me. I found a trial of the Super Goop unseen sunscreen to bother my face in that I “felt it.” The first time I didn’t notice it but the next time, I just found it didn’t absorb as well into my skin. I also hear that the new sunscreen from Versed (which you can get from Target) is a great product too. It’s SPF 35 and can be worn for workouts and with or without makeup. If you haven’t tried my favorite skinceuticals SPF 50 though, I do like that too! It comes with a tint to it so that offers some very minimal coverage if you wanted a little something on your face even with a mask on. I could talk about this all day! Please do let me know if you have any other questions. One more thing! Let’s say you wore the Drunk Elephant sunscreen, I do like that with the Tatcha Silk Primer and a bit of concealer. I recommend that as well under a mask that doesn’t involve foundation. Have a great weekend.

      1. Thanks Meredith! I appreciate your expertise. I’m a runner too and have two little kids so I am grateful to you for doing the research for me 🙂
        Love your blog, attitude, and outlook on life!

      2. Aww, thank you. I’m always happy to help! If you have any questions about other products that you might need or need any other recommendations, please do ask! I love to research beauty/skincare products and likely have more time for it than you do with your two little kids at home so I’m happy to do the work for you.

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