A Summer Of Boardwalk Runs + Weekly Workout Recap

Long Beach boardwalk


Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

So I still don’t know where the summer went. Although if I look back over the last few months, the season was definitely highlighted by my weekly boardwalk runs.

I don’t even think that I had the initial intention of running by the beach every weekend since July but it became routine, provided consistent normalcy during this strange year, and made me really happy.

Long Beach boardwalk run

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how running was going to go for me in July. My relationship switched to long-distance during the first week of July and I’m not an emotional runner. Some runners like to run if they are upset or bothered by something. I am the complete opposite. I can’t run if upset about anything and although I was thoroughly prepared for months waiting for the long-distance period to happen, how prepared could I really be for something I’ve never experienced? I wasn’t sure if I would be upset at first which would have definitely affected my ability to run.

It turned out that rather than being upset during the initial days of the long-distance switch (which also involved last-minute problems with some plans during the month of June thanks to riots, curfews, and quarantines which meant our final plans happened without knowing those were our last plans before he left. Although hey, I’m used to this type of uncertainty, that’s the nature of his job anyway), I was motivated to run.

It was summer! I needed to enjoy the weather and be happy about the early sunrises! I’ve been mentally preparing for this long-distance thing for months and there’s nothing I can do about it so why bother being upset? Upset felt like a useless emotion that would get me nowhere and ruin my summer.

boardwalk run

I had the time and opportunity to run by the beach every weekend which during this odd year, was not even a guarantee. I’m grateful the boardwalk was open for running and that the virus numbers here continued to drop rather than go up.

This summer of running I even picked up my pace again, ran more consistent speed workouts, and even added in some 10 mile runs for a change.

I was happy to pack my Stoney Clover pouch and keep up this beach running routine for the first time in a few years. I actually think I ran more consistently this summer by the beach than any other summer of running.

Long Beach

Now that we are approaching fall and at the unofficial end of summer, I’m not sure what I will do about continuing my boardwalk runs. The boardwalk is still open so really, I can still head to the beach on the weekends. We shall see I guess. No matter what, I’m really glad that I spent my summer runs on the boardwalk this year.

Monday – One Hour Walk

Tuesday – 45 Min Barre

This was a great barre workout from Lifetime! It’s totally different from Pure Barre although my Pure Barre experience has given me the ability to handle other barre workouts if that makes sense. This barre workout was a little more full-body intense on the cardio side of strength vs. Pure Barre which is intense through isometric movements that don’t make me sweat.

barre workout

Wednesday – 3 Miles

Rainy run today!

Thursday – 5 Miles

Just an easy run this morning which started with mist and ended with the sun.

Friday – 5 Miles

Nothing too structured but I increased my effort which made this like a progression run.

Saturday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Sunday – 10 Miles

I ran later than usual because I slept in after watching the Islander win Game 7 Saturday night (!!) but I’m used to running in the sun and warm weather so a later run time didn’t affect me. In fact, after running through the heat waves on the boardwalk this summer, I’m a pro at this bright sun/warm weather stuff. đŸ™‚

I didn’t plan on running 10 miles but after mile 8, I figured why not continue! I ran the same 8 mile workout as last week which totally flew by so quickly.

Long Beach boardwalk

It’s nice to have a three day weekend because today feels like Sunday but it’s actually Monday. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and then we have a short week (and school starts here too!).

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

3 thoughts on “A Summer Of Boardwalk Runs + Weekly Workout Recap”

  1. As someone who has now been in a serious long distance relationship for 6 months (holy crap) I feel ya. It can really suck. Which makes it especially important to appreciate those little things that make us happy. Not that your running schedule is a “little thing.” I am continually amazed at your ability to pound out a 10 miler like no big deal after several straight days of 5 miles. Like wow, does your son know his mom is Superwoman?

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