Face Masks and Lounge Sets (Friday Fashion Favorites!)

tie-dye face mask

Well, I would never have imagined a year ago, six months ago, or heck, even three months ago that face masks would be a thing in my Friday Favorites. I mean, no one ever thought we would be wearing a face mask (not in a bazillion years or my wildest imagination) but they are here and they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

We already know that I’m OBSESSED with the tie-dye face mask with beads from Stoney Clover. And it seems, according to what I see on Instagram and in my blog analytics, others are obsessed too. If we have to wear one, it should be pretty and special.

tie-dye face mask

^ Happy to be back shopping in stores!

However, Stoney Clover is currently in the process of restocking the tie-dye face masks but they have other options which I’ve mentioned recently. I grabbed a new pack of solid face masks with HEART BEADS last week at the East Hampton store. STOP RIGHT NOW, I know! It’s all too cute. The beads add that extra level that makes wearing a face mask totally okay with me. Although I miss my lipstick.

stoney clover face masks

If you wear your hair down, you won’t always see the beads. But we know they are there. 🙂

The mask itself is super comfortable and breathable too.

face mask

Come on, tell me you didn’t wear these heart beads in bracelets as a kid. Or even now since bead bracelets are back in style for all ages.

Stoney Clover face mask

I like to place this face mask on my wrist once I get outside from leaving a store and it looks like a bracelet. Just love it.

face mask heart beads

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Other fashion finds from the week:

Forever 21 has a face mask lounge set which includes a comfy top with matching shorts and a face mask. You can view the rest of their “cute but casual” line here. OMG need these tie-dye ringer shorts. Just saying. So many good options to choose from!

So as you already likely know, lounge sets are trending and are definitely going to stay popular in the fall and winter.

I’ve mentioned a few lounge sets from Bloomingdale’s in the past but they are on sale right now so it’s worth mentioning again. You can totally wear them around the house OR out of the house. That’s what makes them so great. I like this Love is Love Set or this color option too. And here’s the pink and gray version.

This Star Seeker Set isn’t on sale yet but for top and bottom, it’s a great price. Oh, but this Slouchy Tee & Lounge Pants Set is on sale!

I found these tie-dye satin jogger pants at Target. They are in the pajamas section but something tells me you can totally wear them out of the house. Anything casual goes right now!

Also from Target, tie-dye chiffon hair elastic is pretty.

And quickly from lululemon We Made Too Much section, they have two vinyasa scarf colors on sale – black or pink! Grab one if you don’t have one yet. I feel like everyone should have  vinyasa scarf. Also! They still have some belt bags left on sale. There’s the On The Beat Belt Bag and event cheaper (only $19!) the All Hours Belt Bag.

Ok, just one more item from the lulu sale – the Sundown Sweater Wrap. It’s still pricey but I feel like you can wear it everyday which makes it worth it. The Ballet Slipper pink is so pretty! Would match my nail polish. 🙂

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Have a great weekend!



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