Summer Running Weekly Workout Recap

Long Beach boardwalk


It’s hot, it’s humid — it’s summer in New York. As I said last week, I’m enjoying the early morning running weather even though it’s hot.

Yesterday’s boardwalk run was most certainly hot and sunny but still really great. Can’t beat the views…and people watching. It’s nice to see people again.

Long Beach ny

I should really do a post on what I bring with me for boardwalk runs. Maybe I’ll put that together for next week. Obviously it involves a Stoney Clover pouch.

Stoney Clover clear travel pouch

Monday – 3 Mile Walk

Tuesday – 6 Miles

Super humid but overcast, time flew by during this workout that I made up when I started running. I think this is what it looked like (I lose count of the intervals but I’m pretty sure it’s what I did!)

10 min warm-up + 6 X 5 min effort/2 min easy + cooldown to 6 miles.

It was after this run that I craved the toasted bialy with vegetable cream cheese (mentioned in Friday’s post).

bialy with vegetable cream cheese

Wednesday – 30 Min Pure Barre/Walk

Thursday – 6 Miles

Another sweaty one but a good one! Here’s what I did:

1-mile warm-up

2 miles .50 mile hard/.25 easy

2 miles .25 mile easy/.75 hard

1 mile cool down

Friday – 4 Miles

I was able to run a few easy miles before the Tropical Storm rain started.

Saturday – 30 Min Pure Barre/3 Mile Walk

It wasn’t raining this morning as I thought it still would be from the storm so I was able to get outside for a walk.

Sunday – 7 Miles

7 miles on the boardwalk this morning! (1 mile as a warm-up + 5 in the middle with effort + cool down mile).

boardwalk run

It was hot and sunny, with a continuous wind when heading west on the boardwalk. The wind was gone when heading east but the sun was STRONG.

I started too fast but chose to just run with it because if I slowed down on purpose at that point, I knew I wouldn’t pick it back up again. (I was in the low 8’s  for a few miles but gradually went up to 9 min/miles).

Take note of the orange netting that ropes off every other bench for social distancing purposes. The boardwalk (and beach) were more crowded yesterday than last weekend, likely because Saturday was not a beach day.

I was still really careful to not be near anyone when running. Obviously, you pass people and there are people around you overall but I ran on my own. Certain parts of the boardwalk were tighter at times with walkers but I just cut into the bike lane area to move further around them.

Long Beach boardwalk

Have a great week!






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