Barbie Pink + What’s On Sale + Sunscreen!

Stoney Clover tropical

I giggled a bit when I realized I’m about to buy myself a bead drawer jewelry kit. Although, making bead bracelets is likely more understandable at my age (hi, about to be 42) than playing with Barbies. Don’t kid yourself into thinking I didn’t browse the Barbies on the Target website. I would totally sit on the floor right now to play with Barbies. I think it’s an excellent quarantine activity (and on the healthier side than deciding I will take up drinking – I’m really not a drinker) considering I still can’t go to get my nails done, shop at the mall, or dine out at a restaurant.

Gosh, it’s the perfect time for Barbie to be in her Barbie pool, isn’t it? Now that I’m the adult of the house, I would even add water to my Barbie pool because as a kid, no one wanted to allow my Barbies to actually have water in the pool. Would you like to know why? The water might spill. IT’S WATER, who cares? Like, I can appreciate how my parents hated my glitter headbands in the house but why couldn’t Barbie have some water in her Barbie pool? My cousins were allowed to have water in their Barbie pool but the pool could only be used outside. Again, IT’S WATER. Like a cup of water. Not a full-on amount of water like in a water table. That I can understand. My son’s water table from when he was little would not have been allowed in the house. At least not at the same time as him in the house with water in the table.

So the new hibiscus color in the Stoney Clover Tropical Collection is referenced as similar to Barbie pink. Totally up my alley. Of course, I customized a few options to share with you. I spend my free time using the Stoney Clover customizer tool. Doesn’t everyone?

Stoney Clover tropical

On Sale This Week:

I think I’ve told you already that I LOVE this mini pom crossbody bag for summer.

This is a perfectly pretty wrap skirt for the pool or beach.

This mini dress style for summer is so me. As is this dress. I want them both.

I’m obsessed with this two-piece tie-dye set.

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National Sunscreen Day

You must know by now that I’m a big advocate for skincare and included in skincare, is sunscreen! I research the ingredients and only use products that are high quality and safe for the skin. Don’t be fooled – just because they sell it, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. You can read my post from way back in the day regarding Facts About Sunscreen.

Sunscreen for my face:

I’ve said it over and over but I’ve using Skinceuticals Physical Defense SPF 50 for years now. I wear it every morning to run and use it for the beach/pool too.

Then there’s Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40.This is the summer sunscreen I recommend for under makeup as it also acts as a makeup primer on your skin.

For my body, I go with either Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50 or Bare Republic Mineral Sport Sunscreen SPF 50 which you can grab from Target. Target is running 25% off sunscreen products in honor of National Sunscreen Day so stock up now!

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Have a great weekend!


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