Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition Will Look Different This Year!

whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes

It’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day breakfast tradition time!

If you have been reading for a while, you know that my son and I have a very special Mother’s Day breakfast tradition. It’s a really big deal for us. Well, a really big deal for me. I’m not sure that my son cares as much as I do, I think he totes along for the food. That’s fine, one day he will appreciate the tradition. And me.

So the story goes like this. On Mother’s Day in 2010, when my son was 6 years old and up at the crack of dawn as most kids are at that age, I suggested we go out for breakfast in an effort to do something different for Mother’s Day. And there you have it – early morning Mother’s Day breakfast tradition established.

diner pancakes

It’s now 2020 which means this will be our 11th annual Mother’s Day breakfast tradition. The only issue is, we can’t actually go out to eat this year. Who could have ever predicted this would be our current situation?

We have revised our breakfast plan and decided upon takeout from Premier Diner.

I didn’t start my blog until January 2013 which means I do not have pictures from the first three years of our breakfast tradition. However, I do have Mother’s Day breakfast recaps here on the blog since 2013! Let’s take a look at them today, okay?!

As you may recall, we bounce between two breakfast locations:

maureen's kitchen coffee

Sometimes I want to add a new Mother’s Day breakfast spot option to our choices but my son doesn’t allow it.

Who am I kidding though, it’s not like I am one for variety. As it is, either place we choose, I only choose between two breakfast items:

  • Baked Oatmeal
  • Whole wheat blueberry pancakes

It’s always a tough decision!

So let’s look back at my choices over the years since Mother’s Day 2013.

Mother’s Day Breakfast at Premier Diner  2013

I remember stopping for our Mother’s Day breakfast at Premier Diner before taking my son to Hebrew school. This was still three years before his Bar Mitzvah!

I’m sure it was a tough decision for me but I went with the whole wheat blueberry pancakes. YUM. These pancakes are always so delicious.

Mother's Day breakfast premier diner


Mother’s Day Breakfast at Premier Diner 2014

Baked oatmeal this time! I definitely tossed my options back and forth for two weeks before ultimately deciding what I would order for breakfast.


Mother’s Day Breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen 2015

We made the decision to go to Maureen’s Kitchen for Mother’s Day this year for the first time in our breakfast tradition history. I remember we sat at the counter and watched them make all of the pancakes. I like doing things like that.

Maureen's Kitchen

I had the baked oatmeal. I’m still unsure who serves the better batch of baked oatmeal. I used to say Maureen’s Kitchen but Premier Diner’s baked oatmeal is so good. It’s really a tough call.

baked oatmeal

My son’s pancakes were so pretty.

Maureen's Kitchen Pancakes

Mother’s Day Breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen 2016

If I recall correctly, I wanted to go to Premier Diner but my son chose Maureen’s Kitchen. Instead of baked oatmeal, I ordered the whole wheat blueberry pancakes. Premier Diner makes better whole wheat pancakes for sure. Don’t get me wrong. Maureen’s Kitchen is like one of the best places EVER for breakfast. But, the whole wheat blueberry pancakes, at least on this particular day, were not even close to as good as Premier Diner. I hate to really say it out loud (because Maureen’s is just so delicious for everything) but it was true.

maureen's kitchen

Mother’s Day Breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen 2017

Back to Maureen’s Kitchen! I should mention that we get to Maureen’s literally when they open at 7:00 AM, otherwise, you are going to wait if you arrive a minute later!

Baked oatmeal this time!

baked oatmeal from Maureen's Kitchen

Mother’s Day Breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen  2018

Maureen’s yet again! I’m fine with it although I did try to go to the diner. My son is big on selecting Maureen’s. He loves the whole experience.

maureen's kitchen breakfast

His pancakes deserve the extra picture. How pretty!

maureen's kitchen pancakes


Mother’s Day Breakfast at Premier Diner 2019

I was so happy when my son agreed on going back to Premier diner for our breakfast. I do love Maureen’s but I really enjoy the diner’s whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes with the side of egg whites and bananas.

whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes

I’m really going to miss my unlimited mugs of coffee this Sunday on Mother’s Day. That’s one thing you can’t get with taking out! However, since we aren’t rushing to beat the crowd to sit down, I think we can leave a little later in the morning to pick up our breakfast. Now that my son is older, he sleeps much later and I have learned to not like to rush out the door so I do appreciate the extra time in the morning. I will definitely have a recap of breakfast to share next week!

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