Pure Barre + Washing My Hair + Weekly Workout Recap

pure barre on demand

A few little details to note from last week’s workouts:

Pure Barre

I’ve bounced between Pure Barre before running and Pure Barre after running quite often over the years. I can’t say which order I prefer more — it really depends on the phase I’m going through and time of year. Last week, it really worked for me to start with a Pure Barre workout before heading outside to run (or walk). Starting with Pure Barre helped me to wake up and warm up while passing those last bunch of minutes until the sun was up enough for me to run outdoors.

pure barre on demand

Washing my hair

 This post that I saw on Instagram the other day cracked me up because it’s SO MY LIFE. Not only do I try to plan my hair washing around my plans, but I try to plan when I wash my hair or go for a blow out around which day I run. This is not an easy task and takes quite a calculation! The frustration level is quite high when you wash your hair on a day you didn’t really ruin your hair with sweat but do it because you have plans that night but know you will sweat your hair up by morning when you run. Thankfully, I am very happy to swap a run with a walk which does help in preserving my blowouts. Priorities, people, priorities. 🙂

washing hair routine




Monday – 15 Min Pure Barre (arms)/5 Miles

I squeezed in 15 minutes of Pure Barre while waiting for the sun to be up enough for me to run outdoors.

Tuesday – 10 Min Pure Barre (seat & abs)/30 Min Run

Wednesday – 20 Min Pure Barre (arms & abs)/40 Min Walk

I walked plenty in the city today in addition to my morning workout time. I attended Bizbash at the Javits Center followed by dinner and a walk around Hudson Yards. In case you are interested, here’s the Hudson Yards Observation Deck thing. On my walk to the Javits Center from the parking garage, I found myself looking right at it. 

Hudson Yards

This was the view from dinner. I didn’t go on the Observation Deck but you can see it out the window of the restaurant.

Hudson Yards

Thursday – 60 Min Walk

I was way too tired from my day in the city yesterday to think about running this morning. A nice walk for an hour was perfect.

Friday – 10 Min Pure Barre (thighs & seat)/30 Min Run/30 Min Walk

Saturday – 6 Miles total (3-mile run/some walking/some running)

I thought I would run longer but ended up on the phone from the second I walked out the front door. It was windy, so once I hit 3 miles, I figured I would just walk to make the phone call a little easier. Once I was off the phone, I went back to running but not sure of the specific breakdown between walking and running.

Sunday – Gym Day = 4 Mile Treadmill Workout

I felt like running on the treadmill today as yesterday’s run wasn’t exactly too taxing for me since most of it was walking. My workout plan in my head was for 30 minutes. However, I switched that over to a 4-mile workout once I hit the 30-minute mark as it wasn’t much longer to complete the 4 miles..

  • Minutes 1 – 5: Warm-up
  • Minutes 5 – 10: 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy
  • Minutes 11 – 20: 1 min hard/1 min easy
  • Minutes 21 – finish: 2 min hard/1 min easy

My easy minutes were at 6.5 and my hard minutes were anywhere between 7.8 – 8.3. I really did not push myself to maximum effort, which was good to know. Even with all of my easy running, I am still right where I always was with my speed and effort levels. I could have gone faster, could have held the faster speeds for longer periods of time, and could have continued the workout if that’s what I would have felt like doing.


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