Higher Mileage Week (weekly workout recap)

brooks launch

Happy Labor Day and long weekend!

Last week was a slightly higher mileage week for me, and really great running week for me overall. I say this because my mood for running was extremely high — I wanted to run more than my usual so I made sure to do just that. My running mood can be really fickle (must be the Gemini in me) so the fact that I chose to run 5 DAYS THIS WEEK is rare, and exciting when I want it to happen.

My Pure Barre workouts are still slightly lower than average. As I say each week in these recaps lately though, I’m not worried about it. I will get back to longer Pure Barre workouts any week now and most definitely as soon as the mornings are even darker and the weather outside becomes less inviting.

Just a quick little note: With the start of school for my son on Wednesday combined with me needing to be in the city most days this week, I may miss my usual posts here on the blog. Have a great week, just in case!

Monday – 6 Miles

Gorgeous weather had me eager to get outside this morning! My phone rang as the 3-mile mark chirped in my ear (and right when I was finding my groove) but I slowed to chat with my friend for a mile anyway before picking things back up again.


Tuesday – 5 Miles

I don’t remember very much from this run. Uneventful I guess?


Wednesday – 45 Min Walk/25 Min Pure Barre

Thursday – 5 Miles

Good effort in those middle miles today with some fartleks in the mix.


Friday – One Hour Walk/20 Min Pure Barre

Saturday – 5 Miles

Basically, today was the perfect easy run.


Sunday – 4 Miles/15 Min Pure Barre

Very unlike me to run 5 days in a week BUT I felt like running again today, so I did. My cousin and I had almost decided to run a 5K today but we changed our minds last night. So, it was kind of already in my head that I may run a few miles today which may be why I woke up and chose to run.

4 miles

After my run, I combined 3 Pure Barre workouts (arms, thighs, seat).

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