Catching Up + Forty Carrots + Fashion + The Plaza

forty carrots frozen yogurt


The days are totally slipping away from me! Ugh. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there’s really nothing I can do about it. Some weeks I have more time to think about and write posts and some weeks, I just don’t. I feel like I said this last week too. Ah well. Just a reminder, in case you are looking for me! I’m here.

Anyway, let’s catch up a bit!

First with some food.

I had these delicious steamed vegetable dumplings the other day.

vegetable dumplings

There was also a mandatory stop at Forty Carrots while at Bloomingdale’s for frozen yogurt. Even though my Long Island Bloomingdale’s locations both have frozen yogurt, it’s more of a mandatory stop while at the city store. I don’t really have a rationale for this, it’s just how I operate.

forty carrots

I love how they put the toppings in the middle of the yogurt so that they don’t fall off the top. Trust me when I say, there’s nothing better than walking all of the floors of the store (especially the second floor!) while eating this giant yogurt.

forty carrots frozen yogurt

A few fashion favorites…

I needed a new pair of classic black pants. I did not want stuffy trousers or even a skinny pant. I wanted something a little more chic, yet still classic. These Joie Mariner Joggers were exactly the style I was looking for!

Also from Joie, these cargo pants on sale with cute ties at the ankle.

New from Bailey 44 is this ruffle neck top. I want it.

This Aqua Ruffle Strap Bodysuit. 100% mine.

The Plaza.

Tuesday night in the middle of the snow, sleet, ice, slush mess, I was at The Plaza for the launch of the Edwardian Room event space. Pretty sure The Plaza will always attract me, even in the dead of winter. Did I ever tell you about the time I stayed at The Plaza for my first wedding anniversary and we had to leave in the middle of the night because my now ex-husband got sick with a bad stomach virus? I was in shock at first — BUT WE ARE AT THE PLAZA. CAN’T YOU JUST BE SICK AT THE PLAZA? I guess not. 


So the cool thing about virtual reality for the event industry is that you can tour a venue without even being there. Let’s say, for example,  you want to get married at The Plaza (I mean, who doesn’t want to get married at The Plaza?!) but you live outside of this area.

You can virtually tour the ballrooms and layouts and actually feel as though you are there! Even without the VR headset (do you like my Oculus Go?) The Plaza has the VR widget on their website which lets you tour the space from your home. Check it out here (scroll to the bottom of page).  Virtual reality is taking over the world and it’s super cool, even for non-tech savvy people.

I consider my “coworkers” more like friends. We have such a good time together.

.plaza vr

Lots of delicious food at the event. I got a few pictures of the sushi but none of the hors d’oeuvres being served. Oops.



And a quick shot of some of the desserts. I was busy holding plates and stuffing my face that more specific photos didn’t happen. I grabbed everything chocolate. And maybe a creme puff?

plaza dessert

And that’s been my week basically so far.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a flashback to my baby’s first Valentine’s Day. Baby Gap always had such cute little things like this Hug Me onesie.

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Do you have a favorite iconic hotel?

Ever stayed at The Plaza or been to a Plaza wedding?

Favorite frozen yogurt or ice cream flavor?


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