A Few Things On My Mind!

whole wheat margarita pizza

thinking out loud

1 – My son leaves for his teen tour next week!! Packing him up for his teen tour isn’t quite as complicated as packing for sleep away camp but it’s still a packing challenge, even if I’m not hoarding 20 pairs of everything! There’s a large inventory going on over here and I’m not even sure if we have everything yet!

In some ways it’s great to have a boy because he could care less what and how I pack for him but in some ways, it would be nice if he showed some interest in his things so that I would have some assistance. Although a girl would be much more difficult, and even more expensive with what she would want to bring, so I’ll stop complaining right now. And hey, at least his toiletries don’t include tampons, hair dryers, and makeup. Boys have it so easy and they don’t even realize it.

2 – I have this long list of things I want to do around the house while my son is away but something tells me I won’t get to any of it. In my head I’m calling to have the carpets cleaned, cleaning out the pantry, the fridge (and the freezer!), his room, and every closet and drawer in the house. If I get the carpets cleaned and do just one closet, or just the kitchen, I will be satisfied. Actually, I should simply focus on his room. The kid seems to live inside the center of a tornado disaster area. I do not know where he gets this personality trait from? I am super neat, and his dad was even neater than me. So why does my son’s room always look like a bomb went off? The only neat thing in his room is his bed, because I make it. Just picture a nice, happy bed surrounded by chaos.

3 – Please know that I thought of you all when I stopped for pizza last night. This is the whole wheat margarita slice from Mario’s. I think I’m in love. Why cook when you can have pizza?

whole wheat margarita pizza

4 – I do not have the time that I used to have to read blogs but when I do catch a few, Who What Wear is always on my list. Loved this post from the other day about Kendall Jenner Making This 90’s Hobo Bag Popular Again. I’m all about investing in classic bags. I have the bags in this article and have been using all of my ever-classic investment handbags throughout the last 20 years! While some people shy away from spending top dollar on a bag, I beg to argue that it’s always worth the investment. Once you own a classic bag, you have it for life!

Flashback: Remember a little while ago when Heather was in the gym with Kendall and the Kardashians in Cleveland?!

5 – It’s raining this morning which is fine because I’m not even planning to run. I had my hair blown out on Tuesday and I would like to preserve it so Pure Barre two mornings in a row will do the trick. I’m finally understanding why the old ladies go to the beauty parlor every week to have their hair done. As I approach my own old lady status, it’s much nicer (and makes me so much happier) to have my hair blown out for me, rather than do it myself. If you don’t understand or still don’t want to spend the money when you can do your own hair, my guess is that you are younger than me. Once you hit my age, trust me when I say that the appeal and necessity of having someone else blow out your hair becomes a critical, routine expense.

On This Day: 

Just one for today from June 21, 2017: Lots of Salads + Last Night’s Celebration Dinner < – crazy to think it’s been a year since my son graduated middle school! Time flies. 🙂

Are you running today?

What did you have for dinner last night?

If you have kids, what are they doing this summer?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

4 thoughts on “A Few Things On My Mind!”

  1. I feel your pain with packing–My kids are both at camp now–but packing stresses ME out—LOL—They barely pay attention. While gone (today) their carpet is being ripped out and being replaced with tile. Love getting stuff done like this when they are gone….so much easier!!! Will hit up a few other cabinets/closets with old games/costumes etc that can be dumped.

    Where is the teen tour this time?

    Fish on the grill last night–so good:))

    Leaving now for Orange Theory!

    1. HA – how funny we all do the same thing! So much easier to get this stuff done when they aren’t home. I hope they are having a great summer so far! My son is headed west this year :). I’m very jealous and hope he has a blast! Enjoy Orange Theory – I still haven’t tried it but need to!

  2. I’m a sucker for a good slice of margarita pizza and that one looks so good!! Dinner last night was a smoothie and tortilla pizza. Slightly odd combo but it worked.

    Today is just an easy 4 mile run so hopefully the sun comes out later so it’s not a wet one.

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