Recent Food & Fashion (Nordstrom Sale Continued)

acai bowl


Let’s talk food before quickly discussing the Nordstrom sale today, okay?!

I’m currently obsessed with the very basic yet delicious combination of pizza with salad.

I cannot get enough to the point where I’m talking myself out of picking up pizza every night for dinner to pair with a salad because I already have food in the house!

This was my pizza with salad plate X 2 the other night. We had grandma pizza from La Scala which is a top favorite pizza place on Long Island for me. I used to live down the block from La Scala but then we moved after my divorce so now I’m not always in that area. It’s not exactly far though, maybe a 10 minute drive? It’s totally worth it even when I have like five other pizza places right near me to choose from.

pizza and salad

If I’m not eating pizza and salad for dinner, I’ve been making melted mozzarella and tomato OR mashed chick peas and avocado on toasted Ezekiel bread. With a basic side salad. I thought I took a picture of those meals yet I cannot find them in my phone! I don’t know what happened, I’m so annoyed!

And oh, I’m loving the Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dressing. I’m totally behind on the Green Goddess dressing craze but I finally bought it and it’s terrific.

Trader Joe's green goddess dressing

Here’s a tasty veggie plate from The Little Beet. This time I chose the roasted broccoli (it’s so good with lemon!), a new roasted kale salad, and the Brussels sprouts salad.

little beet

An ACAI BOWL!! I haven’t had one I think since last summer.

This acai bowl was from Bango Bowls and I really liked it. It’s much better than Red Mango’s acai bowl and even better than the one I get down by the beach.

acai bowl

Would you believe that I couldn’t even finish it? Next time I may order a kids sized açaí bowl. Seriously, this was way too much, even for me.

acai bowl

Nordstrom makes the best lattes if you want my opinion.

I had one the other afternoon while scoping out the half-yearly sale.

nordstrom latte

Truthfully, I remain mostly underwhelmed by the Nordstrom markdowns, especially in the shoe department. Sure, there were a few designer shoes marked down but they were still pricey and honestly not worthy of reporting.

Only a few Nordstrom sale stand outs to share in addition to the links I mentioned in Friday’s post.

The sale on dresses seems to be a decent one. This Topshop Crepe Wrap Minidress is a nice staple.

I adore Ted Baker style and this Ted Baker Embellished Skater Dress is a great deal. They didn’t have my size in the store!

I have the Abercrombie version of this off the shoulder dress. Can’t go wrong at this price. Get a few colors!

Sweat shorts are a fixture in my wardrobe and these Chaser Love Shorts are perfect.

And last but certainly not least, MY FAVORITE JEANS are on sale! I didn’t see them in the store but found them online. 7 For All Mankind jeans fit me PERFECTLY, making them worth every penny. When your jeans are more comfortable than sweats or leggings, you know you have found a winner. I’ve been planning a post about these jeans for a while, just haven’t gotten around to it! They are life changing as they are SO COMFORTABLE and sit so well in all the right places. Not to mention, they look really nice 🙂

I’m the worst blogger because I never think to take proper pictures but I have worn my favorite jeans in some posts lately. I have both the ripped style and this other pair in a dark denim with no rips.  It’s all about 7’s B(air) denim – so super soft!

glitter sandals

splendid camisole

If you have any questions about the Nordstrom sale or need my help making your decisions, let me know!

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Are you an açaí bowl fan? Which toppings do you get?

Favorite brand of jeans that fit you the best lately?




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3 thoughts on “Recent Food & Fashion (Nordstrom Sale Continued)”

  1. I would love to find a pair of jeans that feel like sweatpants! I remember back when I worked at Bloomingdales I used to buy 7s but I stopped once I no longer got a discount.
    I miss NY pizza!

  2. PrAna Kara jeans fit me perfectly – I’m obsessed! I have never tried an acai bowl, if you can believe that. I’m not a huge frozen dessert person and the few times I want something cold, it’s usually a fruit popsicle.

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