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Dreary weather combined with PMS is not a good combination. At least not if you are me. I have zero patience and a short window for friendliness on a good day, you give me clouds and a week of PMS mood plus bloating, it’s best you steer clear. Or at the very least, do not call me.

If my phone rings, it’s a double WTF situation right now. Seriously. First it’s WHO the F#$% is calling me and WHAT the F#$% do they want from my life.

And then there’s my son. He’s okay and all but lately all I do is drive him everywhere and then take him somewhere else from there. And what’s with the traffic no matter the time of day or my location? Doesn’t anyone work 9 to 5 in an office anymore? I don’t, but someone must? I swear it feels like everyone is on the road instead of in an office.

Actually, let’s back up a minute to my son. He likes to piss me off whenever he can. I bought him this little bag of Barbara’s Snackimals the other afternoon, thinking what a nice little bag of cookies to surprise him with when he got home from school.

I should have known better.

First, I shouldn’t have announced that I bought him a bag of cookies. I should have let him discover the bag in the kitchen on his own.

Telling him that I bought him a bag of cookies which I thought he would like opened up a serious can of worms for him to attack me.


It went something like this:

Me: Oh, I bought you a cute little bag of cookies today!

Him: (first smiles an evil smile) Let’s see these cookies. I’m sure they are something organic.

Me: Whatever, at least I thought of you.

Him when seeing the cookies: Most mothers when they announce to their children that they bought them cookies mean Oreo’s. These are Barbara’s Organic Snackimals.

Me: You used to like them and just because they are organic does not mean they aren’t good! And they are chocolate chip! Fine. Don’t eat them.

Him: Makes faces and more remarks at me while eating the whole bag.

Trust me when I say he is no different now than when he was little. At three years old, I surprised him with a Candy Land coloring book when picking him up from preschool. He looked at the coloring book and looked at me and simply said, “This? This is what you call a surprise?”

He’s out to get me. Always has been.

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Who else has the dreary, rainy weather for days in their area? Does it affect your mood?

Anyone else hate when their phone rings?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

9 thoughts on “Double WTF Situation (TOL)”

  1. Oh, I hate it when my phone rings. Loved the story about your son. It reminded me of the time we took our boys to Niagara Falls. My middle son took one look, and said “Huh! I thought it would be bigger.” NIAGARA freakin’ FALLS!!! Kids!!! Gotta love em.

  2. I hate it when my phone rings with unnecessary calls and that happened a couple times this week and totally messed with my mood. In winter we have long stretches without the sun and while I don’t mind it at the time, my mood is much better when there’s sunshine.

  3. I hear you–I hate when my phone rings. The last few calls weren’t even legit–one was a voice mail from a wrong number (a jail no less, asking if I would accept a call from inmate # whatever it was–I don’t know anyone in jail or at least I hope that I don’t) and another was one of those automated systems telling me about hotel reward points or some such useless thing.

  4. Isn’t it crazy how we now don’t like when the phone rings because you can just text instead? Although I agree that I hate when my phone rings and I’m too busy to answer. Why can’t the person just text me so I can quickly respond and not be stuck in a conversation?!

  5. Hehehehe omg everything resonates so much. Especially the frickin’ phone. How does it always ring precisely when I sat down to eat or when I turn on a workout video. Like come ON PEOPLE. And your son LOL, of course he eats the whole bag while he complains about it. TBH I’m totally sure I’ve done that to my mom hehe.

  6. Your son is too funny! I am so over this weather. I’ve had to do so much driving this week and there has been non-stop traffic. I always wonder when people actually work because no matter what time I leave in the morning there are so many cars out. Yesterday I was on the road at 6am and there was already traffic.

  7. I keep my phone on silent 98% of the time so that way when it does ring, I can’t hear it. It’s wonderful.

    PMS plus bad weather plus a teething child equals hell. Your son cracks me up, although I’d probably be less patient than you if he were mine. Ave is only two and already pushing all my buttons. She’s cute but she can be so sassy. Sigh.

    1. girls are so SASSY! Boys, at least mine, are a little different in terms of how they push the buttons but my son has been pushing mine since before he’s born lol. Always with a smile on his face too.

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