Dropped Something On My Foot + Monday’s Meals

wild salmon


Oh, hey. It’s Wednesday again, just like that! I guess after this week we will start to feel like we are in the routine swing of things? Gosh I get so thrown off and out of routine after these holiday break weeks.

So I didn’t get a chance to tell you that I very randomly dropped a full bottle of shampoo on the top of my right foot while in the shower on Saturday after my long run.


How ridiculous?

This wouldn’t be a big deal except I dropped the shampoo bottle on my foot and I need my foot to run, among other important life things.

I get really nutty and protective when it comes to my feet and take major precaution to keep them safe and uninjured so dropping the shampoo bottle on the top of that really delicate part of my foot was really not okay!

I felt it on occasion throughout the day on Saturday and but then I actually forgot that the whole thing happened — until Sunday morning during Pure Barre in my living room when I looked down at my foot and saw it was swollen and bruised. Luckily, it didn’t hurt AT ALL but the sight of it and fear of causing real damage by running on it is what has kept me from running since Saturday.

I’m not one of those runners. You know, the runners who run through anything when they should probably back off? That’s not me. I run a whole lot but I know when I should take precautions. A swollen top of foot should probably not be run on, just in case. Why risk creating an injury when you can just take a few days to rest?

Sometimes I think that I shock people with my ability to back off easily. For example, my dad’s first response was, “you better not run on it!” – like hello – I know that! I am not stupid. In fact, I am pretty sure my foot is fine even today but mentally I am so scared of hurting it that I’m taking my foot to the doctor later today just to be super safe and told when it’s okay to run on it.

I totally understand that runners are stubborn. I am stubborn by nature. Stubborn is not the same as stupid. You may think you aren’t injured and something is just a little bruised. But see, running creates stress and impact and that could present a whole new host of problems that may not have occurred had you just let something rest and heal for a few days.

Okay, enough about my foot, time to talk food.

Monday turned into a rest day from everything which was really nice if you want to know the truth. I thought who I was resting my foot, sleeping a little late and staying in my pajamas until lunch time.


Since I slept late and didn’t workout in any way, I only had one breakfast. Weird concept for me! I like having a normal person appetite. 🙂

I found interest in bananas again by the way! It happened so randomly but one day last week I was like, oh I think I am in the mood to buy bananas again!


Peanut butter and cinnamon were added to the oatmeal.


I realized I hadn’t made a Dr. Prager’s Veggie Burger in a while! I paired it with roasted broccoli, spiraled carrots and the colorful carrot coins.

dr. prayer's veggie burger lunch


Look who cooked and ate wild salmon! My son actually likes salmon so I figured I should buy it for a change as a dinner option. I’m not a huge salmon eater but the health benefits of wild salmon are pretty spectacular so I decided I should eat it too. It made him happy actually that I was eating what he was eating so we decided salmon is a dinner I should make once a week.

wild salmon

Do I love salmon? I wouldn’t call it my favorite but I’m going to try to make it a favorite since wild salmon is really a nutritional powerhouse with benefits like rich in B vitamins especially B12, anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s, good source of protein and vitamin D, potassium, selenium, cancer-fighting properties, improves blood flow which can prevent blood clots, and strengthens the immune system.

Remember, I’m in no way vegan and I’m not classified as a vegetarian either because I will eat fish from time to time. 


Apple with peanut butter and chocolate, just like old times.

apple with peanut butter

On a side note, I updated my Mac to High Sierra. Since then, I am having issues with my photos. Anyone else? I can’t save photos unless they are coming from my phone photo library via the cloud and any editing I do on my laptop won’t save either. Please let me know if you are experiencing this too!

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Ever drop something on your foot? What did you drop and did you hurt yourself?

Are you a wild salmon fan? How do you like to cook it?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

7 thoughts on “Dropped Something On My Foot + Monday’s Meals”

  1. Sorry about your foot! I remember a few years ago I was cleaning the sliding door my shower and it came off the track and fell on my foot. I think the site of the bruising and swelling was worse than the actual pain! I got an X-ray and luckily it was fine but I took a week off of running. I am not always smart when it comes to taking time off running but for some reason when something doesn’t look right it helps me to know that it actually needs to rest and heal.

  2. I haven’t dropped anything on my foot in a long time but I did sprain it once and I still randomly get pain from it every once in a while. Feet are weird that way! I hope you aren’t injured!! It’s definitely smart you took time off just to be safe.

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