Escape The Room NYC + Dinner At Stanton Social (plus links)

stanton social


Before getting into today’s post, I must say that I can’t believe I mixed up my dates for the On This Day section of yesterday’s post! I must have thought YESTERDAY was December 8 when I included the peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes recipe when in fact today is December 8 which means I skipped the December 7 sweet potato latkes originally posted on December 7, 2015. Am I making sense here? Is it odd to realize I used to share a lot of recipes? Either way, please check out the recipe for the sweet potato latkes (also known as potato pancakes) because it’s a good one and perfect for this time of year.

Moving on!

Yesterday I was in the city for my company’s holiday fun team activity and dinner. While I work remotely a majority of the time, our team is really special and unique in that we are actually a super close-knit group. We may work across several time zones (and countries) yet I swear, you wouldn’t even know it.

My friend Dina and I headed into the city to meet up with two of the girls in our New York office along with our CEO who was also in New York for the day. I made Dina drive because my patience for traffic is at an all-time low lately so I was able to take this pretty picture (no filter!) of the skyline.


The plan was to attempt to Escape The Room. Have you tried to Escape The Room?!

We had a blast attempting to get out of an 80’s themed den-styled room. It was really fun! I think that I loved that the theme was 80’s so all of the music, decor, and even the clues revolved around my favorite decade.

escape the room NYC

The riddles and clues were not easy to solve at all. Even though we were starting to really piece things together, we didn’t find all three keys in time. We were told by our guide (is that what I call him? I don’t even know) that this 80’s room was a super hard one to escape and that most people do not get out within the 60 minute time frame.

After the Escape The Room experience, we moved on to dinner at Stanton Social. What a great restaurant on the Lower East Side! The food is served small-plates style so we ordered like ten different dishes and shared them over funny company/personal stories. It’s a shame the entire team couldn’t be with us but maybe one day we will all be in one place at the same time!

stanton social

stanton social

Of course I loved the mini donuts for dessert.

mini donuts

And now it’s Friday!

I pulled a few good links from the week to share today, have a great weekend. 🙂

Running Workout Round Up For The Off-Season  via Mile By Mile Blog

Winter Running Guide: Tips, Gear & Workouts via This Runner’s Recipes

Understanding Iron Deficiency In Runners And Plant-Based Solutions via Run To The Finish

Best Vegetable Lasagna via Cookie and Kate

Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Milk Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies via Cookies And Cups

Vegan Cowboy Cookies Mix In A Jar via Vegan Richa

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Have you ever tried an Escape The Room experience? Did you escape in time? Did you enjoy it?

Any fun plans for this weekend?

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