Workout Recap 10/2/17 – 10/8/17

pure barre on demand thighs and seat


Brief workout recap for today!

It was a bit of a PMS week which left me feeling a little off at times in the morning. Sometimes PMS does nothing to affect me but this time, I had that sweaty/hot feeling while drinking my coffee and felt overheated before I even left the house. When this happens (which it did more so towards the end of the week), I go easy rather than try to push it. It worked out fine actually for this week because I was able to run while talking on the phone with friends. It’s always nice when I can talk to them on their way to work to catch up!

I also didn’t get as much Pure Barre into my week as I normally like to do so hopefully this week is a better one for that.

workout recap running pure barre

Monday – 5 Miles/10 Min Pure Barre

I started my run assuming I was just running a 30 minute workout but then my friend called exactly at the 30 minute mark so I kept running another 2 miles while on the phone.

Then I came home to try a new 10 min Pure Barre On Demand workout for thighs & seat – I really liked it!

pure barre thighs and seat

Tuesday  – 7 Miles

I didn’t even plan to run 7 miles! Here’s what happened. I started with running Laura’s latest 30 minute fartlek workout. I loved this workout and it brought me to around 3.5 miles at the 30 minute mark.

I cooled down to 4 miles, then kept going to 5. At 5 miles, I felt like going to 6. At the 6 mile mark, my phone rang so I stayed outside while running easy and talking until 7. So there you go, 7 miles.

Wednesday – 30 Min Running/20 Min Pure Barre

I ran a little over 3 miles until l hit the 30 minute mark at my front door. Then I combined two new 10 minute Pure Barre On Demand workouts, one was arms & abs and one focused on back.

Thursday – 6 Miles

Easy run while talking on the phone for most of the time.

Friday – 4 Miles

Easy run while on the phone again.

Saturday – 11.5 Miles

This run was nice. Although it was foggy and incredibly humid, I was happy to be running and started out fairly quick. I didn’t have a planned distance or anything so I kept going until I felt like stopping which brought me right around 11.5 miles.

Sunday – Pure Barre

I definitely didn’t get enough Pure Barre in this week so a good 45 – 50 minute workout will be perfect for today.

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How was your week in workouts?

Does PMS affect you some months and then not others?

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