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beach day



I shared a Trader Joe’s Favorites post on a Tuesday this week when I usually do Favorites on Friday. In the back of my mind on Tuesday, I knew that post would make me feel weird and thrown off by this morning!

While I don’t have a traditional Friday Favorites post for today, I do have a funny story and a few other Friday things I wanted to tell you about.

You know my friend Dina by now, right? And remember we work together?

Okay, so. 

^Picture of us from the beach this summer! Why does summer have to be over?!

Dina texted me the other morning to see if I could jump in quickly on a conference call and sent me the join link. I replied sure, but asked her (via text) if I was going to be live on the call (like a FaceTime type thing) because I wasn’t dressed.

It was still early in the day, I had just blown out my hair and was just in a t-shirt < – perks of working from home. She texted me back that no, I would not be seen.

I said again, are you sure because I’m really not screen appropriate right now. Sometimes I join calls on various links that suddenly pop my face live on the screen. She assured me again, no.

Well, I signed into the call and she was correct, I would not be seen. However, she left out that I was texting her WHILE SHE WAS SHARING HER SCREEN WHICH SHOWED EVERYONE ON THE CALL THAT I WAS TEXTING TO SAY I HOPE NO ONE CAN SEE ME BECAUSE I AM NOT DRESSED.

Uh huh. I might as well have popped up in my t-shirt at that point.

If you do screen shares, remember to turn off your text notifications!

In other news from the week, I love these protein multigrain bagels from Stew Leonard’s.

protein bagels

I haven’t a clue what gives them protein to be called protein bagels but I will drink the Kool Aid and believe I am getting protein from them because they are delicious. I like these bagels toasted with mashed avocado or I use them to make pizza bagels.

pizza bagel

We had Ralph’s Ices one night and it was a major disappointment. I always order the candy bar fudge (which is Snickers fudge, they changed the name) but this time, it was seriously lacking in Snickers pieces. I should have returned it.

Ralph's ices

We did our job as Islanders fans at Modell’s this week. You see, if Rangers jerseys are on display, it’s our duty as fans to cover them all up with Islanders jerseys.

Don’t mess with us.

Islanders jerseys

And because I love a good quote…


Have a great weekend. 🙂

Do you have a funny story related to screen shares or conference calls like this to share? Did it happen to you?

3 things you have planned for this weekend?


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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

12 thoughts on “Funny Story & Other Friday Things”

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe everyone saw your texts to Dina. Hopefully you were able to laugh about it. 3 things on my agenda for the weekend – a 5 mile run, outlet mall shopping, and a relaxing night at home tonight. Have a great weekend Meredith!

  2. I’m a total sucker to any C.S. Lewis quote – he phrases things in a way that really catches your attention and sticks with you. We’re re-reading some of his books and his writing blows me away every time. Three things this weekend: Oktoberfest, a run, and Ryan’s birthday celebration!

  3. I once taught a seminar on CS Lewis and have to stop myself from overstating his quotes on the blog g P.S. here’s my horrible tech story: I forward an email to a friend complaining about a co-worker and then she “replied all” sent MY response and HERS to that person! Ick.

    1. I definitely do get dressed even though I work from home but I was not dressed yet for that call! I wasn’t expecting to be on the call otherwise I probably would have made sure I was dressed and ready just in case I popped up live unexpectedly lol

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