Week In Review: Summer of Freedom

cauliflower pizza



Friday night’s teen tour pick up was really the unofficial end of my summer of freedom. While there are still three weeks left before school starts, summer as I knew it (and as my son knew it) is now over.

As you already know, my son did a six-week teen tour that had him away Monday through Friday and home on weekends. He was busy exploring places like Boston, Cape Cod, Hershey Park, Amish Country, Lake George, Maine, Montreal, Toronto, Virginia, Williamsburg and New Hampshire. They went to lots of amusement parks, beaches, and local attractions while staying in nice hotels. He made a great group of friends while experiencing the “best weeks of his life.”

Although I checked his location often (he shares his location with me from his phone), I let him live his summer while I did the same.

location tracking

The phrase, you are only as happy as your child, is so very much valid. Knowing he was happy and safe (I really trusted the staff for this teen tour), I felt so happy AND FREE to enjoy my summer to the fullest extent possible. Even though my son was away at sleep away camp last summer, that was a different experience. Not only was I busy planning a Bar Mitzvah, the overall timeframe was shorter, I didn’t see him on weekends and he didn’t have his phone with him. 

As a divorced mom, I felt an extra level of freedom this summer. It’s not so easy for me to get out all of the time or to even attend work events when I have them.   I don’t have another parent in the house and honestly, my son does not spend any scheduled time at his dad’s house these days so it’s basically on me to always figure things out. To know my son was so happy while away, I was able to come and go as I pleased without guilt or worrying about the logistics.

My routine fell into a nice place for six weeks. Run -> Work -> Go out. I think on some level, I felt as though I was in my 20’s although I don’t really know for sure since I was married at 23 and had a baby at 25. Is this what life in my 20’s would have felt like?

My friends knew I was on a mission this summer to take full advantage of my freedom. We all basically had the same summer of freedom with our kids away at camp but no one thought I was serious when I said I would be out every night!

I wasn’t letting this last week get away from me either. Even when I was tired Monday night (and it was raining), we went out for dinner. Tuesday I rolled out of the house at the last-minute basically in pajamas for sushi and then Wednesday we went to View.

view oakdale

View has become my favorite outdoor dining spot in the summer.

view oakdale

I am going to miss dining outdoors this winter!


We ordered that Dancing With The Devil brownie dessert I told you about last time we went to View. I must replicate it already at home, I know I can do it! I just have to figure out the ratio of peanut butter cups, Oreo’s and chocolate chip cookies that are packed inside the brownie. This time it seemed like a high amount of peanut butter cups in relation to everything else in there. I am not complaining.

brownie dessert

Did I mention we made a stop at Adventureland to ride the new rollercoaster? I last did something like this in 2013. As a parent, there’s something so fun about going to an amusement park as if you are the kid.


Thursday was another gorgeous night so we went to Refuge because I was craving the cauliflower pizza again.

We people watched from our table outside by the bar while eating guacamole.

And then it was salad and cauliflower pizza sharing time.


I’m obsessed with this cauliflower pizza.

cauliflower pizza

I made an attempt at returning to normal food shopping at Trader Joe’s. Not so sure I bought much of substance in terms of getting back into the routine of making dinner for my son but I did buy Vodka Sauce for a change.

trader joe's

The weekend is now a blur. My son was home and busy making his own plans which meant coordinating around his schedule. The back to school conversations that needed to happen (like school supplies and volleyball practice) were shot down because he’s not ready to discuss it.

This molten chocolate cake Saturday night did happen though (while my son was off with his friend) so for a brief moment, I still thought it was summer.

molten chocolate cake

For the record, I did not have a bite of that Oreo cheesecake. I don’t like cheesecake! And who orders cheesecake when there is clearly molten chocolate cake on the menu? 🙂

I’m linking up with Meg’s Week In Review , have a great week!

week in review

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How many days/ weeks until your kids start school?

Which would you choose: cheesecake or molten chocolate cake?

What are you going to miss most about summer?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

16 thoughts on “Week In Review: Summer of Freedom”

  1. Cheesecake or molten cake is tough but I think the molten cake wins! I know I could make a cheesecake at home but I don’t think I’d be able to make a molten chocolate cake.
    I’m going to miss the sun and warm weather! I love fall because I can still be outside without freezing but the sun doesn’t stay out as long.

    Have a great day!

  2. Definitely chocolate lava cake! 🙂 Also, I would LOVE that restaurant the View too, because there is just nothing like a gorgeous outside view at a restaurant. 🙂

  3. OMG I love people-watching! When Andrew and I went for dinner the other night, we were seated in a lounge/bar area in a half circle booth type thing and I convinced him to sit beside me so we could look out at the room and it was SO FUN!!! I have no shame. LOL

    I had my 3 kids 90% of the time when Jason and I first split up, for the first few years. When they’d leave to go with his family on summer vacation for 10-14 days, I really struggled. It helped to know they were happy and safe (Jason and his family are amazing) but I felt so displaced. Or that my identity was all of a sudden empty, or undefined, or something. But now, looking back, I realize that it was good for me to practice letting go of my kids like that because it was super important for me to regain my footing in my own identity not just as their mom but who I was, who I am in ALL aspects of my life. Divorce is hard, for sure, but there are aspects of it that although feel so dark in the moment can actually bring about some light.

    1. you would have had a field day with us the other night while people watching. don’t ask lol. and yes, I felt that way too at times when my son would be away (when he was younger). last summer was a little harder because he didn’t have his phone at camp so I didn’t know if he was happy or what but this summer was totally different. We both really enjoyed ourselves and I was happy knowing he could call me if he wasn’t ok and since he rarely called, it meant he was having a blast.

  4. My hat is off to single moms. So much work! I’m also jealous of the delicious looking food and the roller coaster! I love going to amusement parks without kids, but let’s face it, that doesn’t happen often. Haha!

  5. That must have been do nice to have a few weeks to be on such a relaxed schedule! I’ll just say that in my 20s I didnt have much money so any time I went out was just spent drinking cheap beer. And now that I have more money to do nicer things I just don’t have the energy to go out (even to dinner) more than once a week!

  6. Ohhh was that cake from the French Workshop? I always wind up at Martha’s and do not go in there enough if it is!
    You’ve also been having a wonderful summer! I’m a little jealous my friends are all in the city or NJ and as I want to explore LI getting anyone to come out and join me is basically a no, but have been wandering on my own!

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