running & pure barre: feeling all over the place!

some mornings are rough


I feel like my week in workouts was all over the place. Or maybe they weren’t all over the place, I just personally feel all over the place this time of the year.

I don’t feel as though I have much structure or plan to my workouts right now although I do think that’s perfectly okay. In fact, as all over the place as I feel, my runs this week were actually great!

I’m hitting paces easily and holding steady in the 8’s much more often I think than I was for a while there.

I’m also still beta-testing the on demand Pure Barre workouts and totally loving the variety. Most mornings I try a new to me Pure Barre workout and lately, I really like the 5 minute options. There’s just no excuse for not squeezing in 5 minutes!

pure barre online workouts

For now I guess my plan will be to just keep plugging along with my runs and Pure Barre workouts day by day until I pick a Fall half marathon. From there, I will determine when I will begin training with Laura and if I want to do a month of base building training with her before that.

Monday – Birthday 6.25 Miles/Pure Barre

It seems I usually run 10 miles on my birthday but I knew that wasn’t happening today. I didn’t have the time and wasn’t about to bend over backwards to squeeze it in – not important enough.

Instead I ran a little over 6 miles and then chose two 5 minute Pure Barre workouts when I got home.

I spent the afternoon and evening in the city for my birthday which you can read about here if you missed it! Between walking the city streets and shopping my way through Bloomingdale’s and Saks, I actually managed over 6 miles on my feet. This brownie sundae was extra delicious after all of that walking.

brownie sundae

Tuesday – Recovery Day From My Birthday

I was so tired from yesterday’s fun that I just couldn’t do anything! I tried to do a Pure Barre workout but turned it off within two minutes.

some mornings are rough

Wednesday – 6 Miles/Pure Barre

I slept really well last night but still didn’t even want to wake up when it was time to wake up! Somehow I got up to run 6 miles followed by two 5 minute Pure Barre workouts. One for seat and one for thighs.

Thursday – Pure Barre/30 Minutes Running

I didn’t know what I felt like doing today. Longer run? Longer Pure Barre workout? I ended up with a 40 minute Pure Barre workout and then headed outside to run for 30 minutes.

For the first 3 miles, I gave a good effort which had me finish in 25 minutes or so which left me time for a cool down. I finished with 3.50 miles on the dot.

Friday – 7 Miles/Pure Barre

Normally I run a little less on Friday mornings but I really felt like a solid hour of running in the sunshine. The humidity was low which I know won’t last much longer!

7 miles

After my run, I had time for a 5 minute Pure Barre workout for arms.

Saturday – 10 Miles/Pure Barre

I ran a little over 10 miles in the bright sun at a great, fairly consistent pace. I didn’t feel like running more than 10 miles today and felt as though a solid 10 was even better than a slower, longer run. I came home and decided to do a Pure Barre 10 minute workout for thighs & seat before getting in the shower.

I couldn’t fit the whole screen of splits but my pace easily stayed right within range the whole time.

10 miles

Sunday – Pure Barre

My plan is to choose one of the 50 minute Pure Barre workouts. Maybe a Pure Barre Pure Results that I haven’t tried before.

In case you are interested, I’ve previously reviewed two of the Pure Results workout:

Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on seat)

Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on thighs)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Have you been following a specific workout plan or just winging it lately?


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4 thoughts on “running & pure barre: feeling all over the place!”

  1. It sounds like your running has been going well! I finally feel like I am back to having some structure now that Im running and strength training again. I did a quick run/walk through Eisenhower park this morning!

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