10 Mile Race on Sunday!



Well, I am about to run my first race in almost a year this Sunday! I’m pretty excited about it which is a great feeling. You know I don’t race often so having this excited race feeling is making it really fun for me!

Although I did not train specifically for the City Manager’s 10 mile race, I have been making sure to taper this week. I have been following my taper week plan from last spring’s half marathon to ensure I don’t overdo anything. I know I can run the 10 mile race distance no problem so with an easy week, I should be good to go with plenty of energy.

The weather:

The weather for this Memorial Day weekend was not looking too good although the forecast is improving. I certainly don’t need abundant sunshine and warm temperatures anyway! Overcast skies would actually be perfect for the race.

The race takes place down in Long Beach which can give you a cool breeze since it’s by the ocean BUT provides zero shade which means it can be really hot and sunny too. I am really hoping for the cloudy skies, that’s for sure.


The plan:

We are dealing with a flat course with a portion of the race on the boardwalk. I will absolutely start out easy for a mile or two just like I would for a half marathon. Somewhere around an 8:00 minute mile will be just perfect.

Starting out too fast will only backfire and I know this. So once I ease in, I intend to pick up my pace and try to hold steady until mile 8 and then give what I have left.

The best part about a 10 mile race is that it ends at 10 miles!

When I ran this race in 2014, I finished right under 1:23. It was a super hot and sunny day for that race so hopefully I can go faster this year as the weather should be more forgiving.

I would think that if I am having a good day, 1:20 or less is doable but I won’t freak out if I am over 1:20 because I really don’t get hung up on these things. Just showing up and doing the best I can on race day is more than enough.

The fuel:

I always eat breakfast before a race (oatmeal and banana). I’ve gotten in the habit as of late of NOT needing a Hammer Gel for my long runs so I am a little curious to see if I feel the need to open one half way through this race.

hammer gel

Laura tells me that I can probably do it without the mid-run fuel but I plan to bring a Hammer gel with me plus some jelly beans as another option. Jelly beans used to be my mid-run fuel of choice. They are easy to pop into your mouth and may be just enough for me for this race. At least I will have the option!

I will check in early Sunday morning before I leave for the race to share my taper workouts from the week. Enjoy the long weekend!

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Any big plans for the weekend? Anyone else running a race?

How is the weather looking by you for the weekend?

Ever run a 10 mile race?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

10 thoughts on “10 Mile Race on Sunday!”

  1. You know, I have NEVER done a 10 mile race! I’d really like to try one day though. I can’t think of a single one in our area, but maybe they have one closer to the city. Hopefully your weather stays cloudy, and good luck! And have FUN!

  2. How early do you eat before a run? I have to eat like 3 hours beforehand or I have bathroom issues 😦 No fun!

    I’m doing a trail run with friends on Saturday and probably some hills on Sunday morning and then heading up to help my mom do a clean up at the family cabin. We are also celebrating my youngest’s 10th birthday. I can’t believe all of my kids will be in double digits! We’ll be 87-97 degrees this weekend. Oy.

    1. so I have a pretty tough stomach I think – I can eat fairly close to running so for regular runs, I can eat 30 minutes before and really be fine but for a race, I do eat probably 2 hours before? at least two hours. sometimes what I do is eat oatmeal 2-3 hours before the race start and bring a banana to eat right before just so I don’t get hungry. I actually don’t run well on an empty stomach!

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