Fashion Finds! (Dior, lululemon & Forever21)

fashion finds


I was due for another fashion finds post!

Unfortunately my run with finding great buys at the Gap has ended for now as I haven’t seen anything worth buying lately but I did find a few other things at other stores worth sharing! I am including Dior makeup and skin care in this post too. 🙂

fashion finds


I am on a mission to convert you all to becoming Dior Addicts. At the very least, I am hoping to convert you all to makeup loving and skin care conscious people.

Dior makeup trial

What I bought recently:

Hydralife Lotion To Foam Fresh Cleanser – One of Dior’s newest cleansers, it goes from liquid to foam as you pump. I really like it so far! It’s super gentle and smells nice too.

Diorshow Mono Eye Shadow – I like to fill in with these single eye shadow palettes when I run out of specific colors in my other palettes but want to still work with the colors I have remaining. It’s usually my base color that runs out though! Please trust me when I tell you that Dior makes the best eye shadows and are worth the money.

Diorshow Khol Professional (eye liner) – I first experienced this chubby type of smooth, coal pencil when I had my makeup done for the Bar Mitzvah. It goes underneath the upper eyelid but doesn’t irritate or burn as you do it! The pencil comes in a few colors but I like the black for enhancing the lash line and popping out your eye color.

From Dior’s site about this Khol eye liner:

A kohl with an oversized tip and unprecedented glide for two application techniques. A creamy formula enriched with a soothing ingredient.

Apply like a classic kohl, on the inner rim, for greater intensity and depth. Can also be applied as a base over the entire mobile eyelid, under eyeshadow for bolder color and professional hold.


It’s always surprising when I say that I do not shop for workout clothes often. I really try to make what I do have last for a really long time as I prefer to spend my money on the rest of my wardrobe and accessories (and the makeup addiction above).

However, I did pop into lululemon the other day just to see what I was missing.

lululemon lost in pace

Has anyone tried this Lost in Pace shirt yet? It appears similar to my favorite Run Swiftly shirts only with a looser fit, especially at the arm.

lost in pace

I can’t say that I really need more shirts for summer running but I do need new running capris and possibly shorts as we head into the warmer weather.

See also: lululemon favorites

Forever 21:

I love the deals at Forever 21! What I usually do is find a clothing style that I am interested in at other stores and then check Forever 21 as they usually sell something similar at a great price.

I bought this Distressed Denim Pocket Shirt because I liked the length as compared to the old one I had in my closet. It was time to update my denim shirt because the styles have changed!

Off the shoulder tops are a huge trend right now. I recently bought two at Forever 21 for like fourteen dollars each (!!) but I can’t find them online. They sell a ton of off the shoulder tops though so here’s the link to that page. Many of the tops are similar to what I found in the store.

You just can’t beat Forever 21’s pricing and the quality is decent if you ask me. I have never had an issue with any of their clothing in terms of washing and durability.

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Have a great weekend!

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Are you due for new workout clothes for the spring and summer? What do you need?

3 things you are doing this weekend?

What’s on today’s workout agenda?



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11 thoughts on “Fashion Finds! (Dior, lululemon & Forever21)”

  1. I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 in forever, maybe I am missing out! I can’t wrap my head around spending more than a few dollars on makeup products. I am scared to go to a makeup counter because I feel like they will convince me to spend way more than I am comfortable with!

  2. I used to be SO into makeup and would buy it all the time, but in the past year I pretty much stopped wearing it. I do miss some parts of it (like opening pretty new packages) but it gets so expensive!!! I’m still all about skin care though so I’ll have to check out Dior for that. I love their sunscreen 🙂

    1. if you have any questions about their skincare, just ask! I’m pretty well versed with their products. I know what you mean about getting expensive although foundation and eye shadow along with the blush and mascara really can last a long time. I can’t remember when I last bought a new foundation (easily 6 months ago).

  3. Well makeup and woman fashion aren’t really my thing, Haha, but my little sister LOVES makeup so I will pass this along. All the Gaps in my area have closed down so I thought they were all gone but I see you still have one.

  4. We just got a Forever 21 up here, and I just went there for the first time yesterday. I bought Katie a hoody that is the softest material I’ve ever felt and she loves it! When I brought it up to the till it rang in as $7.50. Crazy, eh? Woohoo!

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