Giant Slice Of Chocolate Cake & Other Random Stuff (TOL)

chocolate cake

thinking out loud

1) I had the most giant slice of chocolate cake for dessert the other night. Seriously, I think it’s the biggest slice of chocolate cake ever in my 38 years on this planet.

Have you ever seen a slice of chocolate cake this big? Do you know how I live for giant slices of cake?

We couldn’t even finish it, that’s how big the chocolate cake was!

chocolate cake

2) I just don’t know how I feel about J Lo and A Rod dating. You know they are now a thing, right?  It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s that I like him. He was always my favorite Yankee and the fact that he was always known as trouble never stopped me. I think it made him even more attractive < – and this is  just another reason why I will never write a dating advice blog. Who would I be helping when I can’t even help myself?!

3) My son and I realized that my new car (which is now dirty from the snowy mess, I can’t even talk about it) will most likely be the first car he ever drives when he gets his permit only three years from now.

How scary is that?  With each new car I get, I realize how fast the time is flying.

We went from rear facing car seats to forward facing car seats covered in cheerios to booster seats that I could easily transport to other cars. Then we graduated to being a big boy who could just sit in the back seat with a regular seat belt. Now he is old enough to sit in the front passenger seat and before I know it, I will be in the passenger seat and my baby will be driving my car.

I can’t even handle how time is passing so I just won’t think about it for now. This topic will be filed into the back of my brain where I block things out until I am forced to deal with them. Do you have a pile of things in the back of your brain that you block out too?

On This Day:

Every post on this date in my blog’s history revolves around food as I sit here in my own little food rut. You may have caught in the comments yesterday that nothing is really appealing to me these days. I don’t feel like cooking and don’t even know what to buy in the grocery store. It’s a little bit frustrating but I think after eating the same stuff day after day, year after year, food burn out is just bound to happen.

3/16/16: What I Ate Wednesday – Feels like yesterday.

3/16/15: Build Your Own Plant Based Power Bowl – Totally my go-to dinner method for the last five years.

3/16/14: Three Ingredient Pancake with Chia Seeds – One of my favorites! Such an easy recipe and delicious every time.

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Are you in a food rut? What do you do to break out of it?

If you didn’t write the blog you currently write, what other topic would you write about?

If you could have a giant slice of cake, what kind of cake would you want?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

16 thoughts on “Giant Slice Of Chocolate Cake & Other Random Stuff (TOL)”

  1. I had been in a food rut but did pretty well with making new recipes this week. But then I go and eat leftovers so many days in a row that I end up tired of certain meals. That’s so sad that your new car got dirty already from the snow:(

  2. I am from this post because we all go through the same stages with our babies. Life flies bye to fast and that’s why I don’t sweat it anymore just enjoy it!! That piece of cake is a tall skyscraper and looks AMAZING!!! We had dinner last night with my daughter and her boyfriend and I thought of you as I was perusing the menu and couldn’t decide what to order. I can’t come up with anything at home I care to make except thrown tog veggies and potatoes and out sometimes seems to much of the same too!!! We just got back from a week away and new restaurants with new options was a thrill. Can’t wait for warm weather to go back to the restaurant Salt. Loved all your recommendations. Stay warm–is it spring soon?

  3. My mom might have teared up when we were walking through Nordstrom yesterday because we saw a teeny tiny baby and she was all, “You were that small 21 years ago!” It’s a crazy thought to me, too. The biggest slice of chocolate cake I’ve ever had was at PF Chang’s years ago… and it was surprisingly amazing, but even being the dessert queens of the world (or at least Ohio), my mom and I couldn’t finish it.

  4. CARROT cake or chocolate cake. That cake looks like a mini cake in and of itself. Hmm…. When I’m in a food rut other bloggers can actually help me with some food inspo.

  5. It’s not such a bad thing to block things out of our minds when we don’t want to think about it as long as it’s not something we have to deal with right that second. It’s like the whole mentality of taking one day at a time. So yes, ha ha I do block things out of my mind all the time! I take great pride in being able to discipline my thoughts and emotions. If I let every little thing stress me out, I’d be so screwed.

  6. I really like your second question! I think if I didn’t write my recovery blog, I’d probably strictly right a book review blog. I do a monthly roundup of all the books I read, but I’ve already read 25 books this year. I’d love to dedicate an individual post to each one and write an in-depth review. That’s the dream.

    Happy Thursday!

  7. I’ve been craving carrot cake for some reason. On the plus side, I offered to host Easter this year (gulp) so I think I’ll make a carrot cake for dessert. Now I need to figure out how to cook a ham…minor detail.

    The time with the tiny humans does go soooo quickly. Just a few months ago, Ave was practically immobile and now she’s climbing stairs!!

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