Running Thoughts & Avoiding Apples (TOL)

chocolate caramel apple


thinking out loud

Running this week has been awesome and the complete opposite of last week. Isn’t that how it always goes, though?

Three things I realized yesterday while running 5 speedy miles on the treadmill:

  1. I can wear either pair of running shoes (my beloved Energy Boosts or Saucony Rides) and have a great run. In fact, both shoes work so well for me that I forget which pair is on my feet. Now THAT is how you know you are running in the right shoes if you ask me.
  2. Another benefit of running on the treadmill in the winter is that I am not left freezing cold for the rest of the day. Anyone remain chilled to the bone after outdoor winter runs even though you aren’t cold outside while actually running?
  3. I am turning 39 in June which means this will be the last year I can check off the age box for 35 – 39. This is not something I normally think about BUT I did briefly wonder if this is the year I should run the New York City Marathon if I am ever going to run a marathon. You know, before I turn 40. Something to think about even though in Tuesday’s post I made it clear that I don’t plan on running a marathon.

Was anyone going to tell me that this past Monday was known as “Blue Monday”??

In some ways, I am glad that I didn’t know in advance that this past Monday was the most depressing day of the year because I really didn’t need that in addition to it being Monday, on top of my already charming PMS. But still, why didn’t I know? Why didn’t you tell me to prepare to be blue?

I haven’t had an apple in about a month in case you were wondering. When I mentioned this to my friend Lisa, there was silence on the other end of the phone until she simply said, “you are just burned out. You need a break from what you usually eat because there’s only so long that you can cook, prepare and eat the same foods.”

She’s right. I am on an apple break. An apple with peanut butter was my night-time snack for a solid five years. Time for a change.

Although, searching for apples in the pictures here on the blog (goodness knows there are TONS) do bring up some tasty apple memories, like this chocolate caramel apple from Kilwin’s.

Maybe if I look at enough yummy apple photos I will get my taste back for apples. I mean, I hate to shy away from such a healthy fruit…but I just can’t help it right now!

chocolate caramel apple

On This Day:

1/19/16: 13 Mile Long Run Workout < – great way to keep you engaged when you want to run long but aren’t following a specific training plan workout!

1/19/15: Weekend In Pictures < – I remember baking those chocolate chip cookies as if it was yesterday! Mini chocolate chips are the best chips to use in cookies for even chocolate distribution.

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Did you know about Blue Monday? Were you extra blue because of it?

Are there any fruits/foods that you are currently not eating that you normally eat all of the time?

Are you running indoors or outside today?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

10 thoughts on “Running Thoughts & Avoiding Apples (TOL)”

  1. I did know it was blue Monday but with the day off it wasnt so bad. In my opinion this upcoming Monday will be the hardest of the year (no holidays or breaks for a while!)
    I go through phases with apples. Mostly because I forget to buy them! But lately Ive been remembering to buy them and I bring one to work for a snack every day.

  2. And I’ve actually been eating apples! I think I’m burned out on strawberries especially since they just don’t taste so good this time of year. And Monday wasn’t so bad but Tues was terrible so maybe I had a little delay. This time of year is just rough all around though in my opinion.

  3. I’ve been loving running outside lately; it’s been pretty sunny and warm after a snow storm earlier in the week. I’m so thankful for the sunshine. It’s such an incredible blessing especially in the middle of winter.

    And I know what you mean about not eating a certain food after you’ve eaten it for a long time. That happened to me with craisins. I ate them every day for about 2-3 years, but now I don’t eat them as much.

  4. I’ve never heard about blue monday before. Is it because January is such a depressing month? The suicide rate is quite high this time of year, I know. I’m not much of an apple fan so I can’t relate too much. I think it’s because more often than not I’ve bitten into an apple that’s kinda overripe or something, where it’s not juicy and just kinda fuzzy on my teeth.

  5. I eat apples almost everyday but it changes from day to day how I eat them. I mix up the variety of apple also to keep it interesting. Some foods I burn out on easily – like lentils right now – while others I can eat daily no problem.

  6. I didn’t know about blue Monday, but I was at Disneyland on Monday so it wasn’t so blue 🙂 I am having a crazy hard time getting up to work out in the morning, which I think has something to do with the dark and the cold.

    I go through salad phases and I am currently not in one 😉

    Today was short and quick on the treadmill followed by 30 min of strength.

  7. I like working out on the elliptical right now because I get to watch crappy, guilty pleasure, television.

    Also I tend to eat apples only in the fall and winter so my love is going strong right now. I also have some oranges and a couple of kiwi in the fridge. I’m a seasonal fruit girl, ignoring the year round berry consumption. 🙂

    Bananas + Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chips = Magic.

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