Urban Legends & On This Day (tol)

sno caps

thinking out loud

Sometimes I leave the television on as background noise while I am working. I don’t actually hear much of it while I am typing away but on occasion I pick up a line here and there.

The other day I caught Kelly Ripa discussing how she has a fear of parting with jeans from her closet just in case one day they come back in style.

Welcome to my world Kelly, welcome to my world.

I know I have rambled on endlessly about jeans in terms of how their fit can change as our bodies change but I also have the same fear as Kelly, the fear of parting with jeans in case they come back into style. Recently I made the decision to donate something like six pairs of jeans that I had been hoarding but there’s one pair in my closet right now, a pair of Seven jeans from 2009, that I cannot release.

These Seven jeans have zero stretch and a boot cut leg which is not at all what I choose to wear anymore BUT I am just not ready to give them up! What if one day I want to wear them and they are gone?! Thank you Kelly for understanding me.

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Do you believe in Urban Legends and haunted stories?

I sort of do and can’t get past googling about these two streets in my area that I had to drive on over the weekend. Here’s an article about Mt. Misery Road and Sweet Hollow Road, two roads I had to drive down in the complete dark because there are no lights.

These roads are not only dark but twist around up hills through what feels like woods and at a certain point, become one narrow lane. The roads are even disorienting as you drive (especially in the dark!) and I promise you I will never drive so deep into the area of those roads again, especially after reading the articles about how haunted they actually are!

How do you feel about Sno Caps?

Do you love nonpareils like I do? Sno Caps were my movie theater candy of choice for a really long time  and my favorite frozen yogurt topping from the toppings bar for years.

Now I see that Target has Sno Caps available in the baking aisle! I don’t recall seeing them in the baking aisle before? Am I wrong? Am I out of touch with baking? That’s possible too. I don’t bake very much these days but I still plan to make my oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies for Thanksgiving.

sno caps

On This Day:

I find it funny that I started up this On This Day topic a few weeks ago as part of my Thinking Out Loud posts only to land today on November 17 which would have been my 15 year wedding anniversary.

For the last three years, I have written meaningful posts about what my anniversary means after divorce but this year, I really have nothing deep to say.

My wedding was amazing and I was a beautiful bride (all brides are allowed to gloat, okay?) but for the first time, I have no profound thoughts or feelings aside from still saying that I would choose my Lazaro wedding gown all over again.

wedding dress

This is a good thing. I never allowed this date to loom over me as a negative and right now, it doesn’t loom at all. It’s just another day although it is worth remembering because it was once special which means it’s a good excuse to eat cake.

I think that the Bar Mitzvah plays a role in my emotions this year but I cannot put whatever I think I am thinking into words so instead here are the posts I have written over the last three years in reflection.

11/17/15 –  <- I love this post about my anniversary after divorce and what it means.

11/17/14 < – I’ve always had a positive attitude and yes, everything happens for a reason!

11/17/13 <-  I will always remember that I took a spin class at 8:00 am the morning of my wedding day!

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Are you hoarding jeans in your closet too?

Do you believe in urban legends and haunted stories?

If you have been married, would you still choose your wedding dress?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

12 thoughts on “Urban Legends & On This Day (tol)”

  1. I don’t like to hoard anything, and there have been lots of times that I regret getting rid of something. Jeans especially! SO, maybe I should start holding on to all of them, just in case 🙂

    You did make a beautiful bride! You look just like Renee Z in that shot.

  2. I guess I”m not hoarding jeans, because I only have one pair, but I probably have some other clothes that I don’t need any more.

    And I don’t really believe in urban legends; some times they can make fun stories, but… :o)

  3. Whoa your dress is MAGNIFICENT. Honestly. It’s like…sacred. Breathtaking. You should have been in a magazine! I still like the one that I chose too! Very simple and elegant.

  4. I have way, way, way too many jeans folded up in my closet… some of which probably don’t even fit anymore. Also, that’s super creepy about that road. I started reading that article and had to stop because my imagination was getting the better of me. It’s why I can’t watch horror movies lol.

  5. I got rid of most of my jeans while ago…and I have realized that I really don’t wear jeans very often. Now I have 3 pairs, but I wear them like once a month.
    I vaguely remember hearing about Sweet Hollow Road but Im not sure if I ever drove there!

    1. you probably passed sweet hollow road right off of 110 but you don’t want to drive too deep into the area. it’s right by round swamp road and crestwood, just up the hill on other side of road, that’s where it gets scary!

  6. i used to listening my backgound noise (music or TV noise) and doing something else at the same time, haha. My jeans arent fit me now, i think of donating them. Any way, you looked beautiful in white.

  7. I’m definitely hoarding jeans and of course that favorite sweatshirt I should really pitch but can’t bring myself to do it.

    I’ve never seen the SnowCaps in the baking aisle before…I’m fascinated. This must be a new thing.

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