Recent Eats & My Famous Cupcake Truffles

cupcake truffles


My blog statistics indicate that my readers LOVE to see what I eat. Knowing this, I tried to remember to take pictures of what I ate this weekend whenever I could. Although I missed a few bites, here’s my Saturday and Sunday in food!

I love coming home after my long run to oatmeal in a jar. I prepare it before I leave for my run so it’s ready and waiting for me after I take a shower.

Run – > Shower – > Eat.

oatmeal in a jar

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last had a bagel so I went over to Stew Leonard’s to get us a few to have in the house. My son had the sesame bagel with cream cheese before his hockey game and of course I had the French toast bagel.

Stew Leonard’s French toast bagels definitely have my heart in a major way which maybe has something to do with the dusting of powdered sugar.


I wasn’t that hungry before my son’s hockey game but I knew I would get ravenous while he was playing if I didn’t eat something so I had half of a French toast bagel with eggs and jelly before we left and another half of the same combo when we got home.

eggs on a bagel

I stopped for Dunkin Donuts coffee to drink while watching my son play hockey even though I already had a few cups of coffee earlier in the morning. It has just become a habit for me to hold a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup while watching him play.

dunkin donuts coffee

My son had a Bat Mitzvah Saturday night to attend so after dropping him off at the party, I went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

This is the fajita salad where they serve you the salad and bring the fajita toppings on the side. I ordered the Portobello mushrooms which was the vegetarian fajita option plus a side of guacamole.

fajita salad

HUGE BLOGGER DESSERT FAIL! We shared a brownie sundae and a slice of chocolate cake and I was way too interested in what I was eating to stop to take the picture. I am sure you can understand. 🙂

My son and I had lunch with my dad on Sunday at Town Bagel which wasn’t as crazy packed as usual which made me wonder if everyone in the area was either running the marathon or spectating the marathon.

While I prefer Stew Leonard’s French toast bagels over Town Bagel’s French toast bagels, I do really like Town Bagel’s version of a multigrain raisin bagel especially alongside a good chopped salad.


Has anyone else noticed I rarely bake anymore?

I know! It’s so out of character for me!

I don’t play around in the kitchen baking cookies and goodies much at all anymore. I guess I just fell out of the routine and sort of lost the interest in spending my time baking.

But then I realized that I hadn’t made my famous cupcake truffles in like FOUR YEARS so this weekend became the time to whip these chocolate covered cake balls up once again.

Creating these cake truffles are quite a process especially when I take them to another level by making them appear like little candy cupcakes.

cupcake truffles

Maybe one day I will do a full post on how to make these cake truffles. There are so many flavor combinations that you can create and it’s not even like they are hard to make, they just require a few steps and some time to assemble.

By the end of the process of making the truffles look like cupcakes, I always just roll a few of the cake balls in melted chocolate…and then hide them in the freezer from my son because they are so addicting he will eat them all at once if available.


I am excited to run this morning now that daylight savings will bring me an earlier sunrise! Have a great Monday!

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How was your weekend? Did you watch/run the marathon?

Which do you prefer – cooking or baking?

Favorite post-run meal lately?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

20 thoughts on “Recent Eats & My Famous Cupcake Truffles”

  1. I am so excited for the earlier sunrise today! I have been terrible about taking pictures of food even though I meant to take pictures at dinner on Saturday. Those cake truffles look amazing! I love the idea of hiding a few in the freezer- it’s always nice to come across something like that later!

  2. You’re the same as me as I could never eat before my shower after a run either. I have to get out of my sweaty clothes STAT. I hate cooking SO MUCH. I’d way rather bake! I’m a chocolate chip cookie queen!

  3. I absolutely love cooking AND baking, but cooking is more necessary (can’t live on cookies alone) and takes less time, so I do it more. I’m looking forward to the holiday season for a lot of reasons, but especially because of all the baking I’ll get to do!
    Those bagels sound heavenly. And I can’t eat before showering after a workout. I need to feel clean when I eat and being all sweaty is not conducive to that at all.

    1. they are so super good! I think I am making them for my friend’s party this weekend. I only do it on super special occasion because they are a lot of work but they taste delicious and look so cute 🙂

  4. Omg they look so cute! I loved the sound of them when you were talking about them, but seeing them just takes it to a whole other level. You should totally do a post about them. And I think I’d have to say that I prefer baking… mostly because I like eating the product of it a lot more 😛

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