PMS, My Race Decision & Trader Joe’s (TOL)

Trader Joe's food shopping


So I can usually rely on my level of PMS as a pretty good indicator of how good/bad my actual period will be when it arrives.


This month however, my PMS indicator totally failed me.

I had a really gentle and polite week of PMS. I knew I was in PMS mode but I wasn’t in a necessarily bad mood and only felt like a sausage stuffed in my clothing for a few hours on Sunday.

Why I woke up on Monday with a decent level of dull aching cramps (not the kind that can kill me but they were noticeable even while taking Aleve) and that overall ill feeling which all lasted until about 9:00 am Tuesday morning, I don’t really know!

I wasn’t expecting it based upon my level of PMS!

My runs both Monday and Tuesday (okay and even Wednesday) were affected by how I felt but it’s totally okay since I am definitely not running the half marathon next weekend.

Yeah. I made my decision.

I was about to list you all of my reasons for not running the half marathon but what it boils down to is simply this:

I really don’t feel like running a race right now.

Obviously, if I truly wanted to run this half marathon, my list of reasons for why it’s feeling like an inconvenience at the moment would not stop me. I would find a way to squeeze the race in to my day because I would want to make the race happen.

But I don’t truly want to run the half marathon, therefore I am not going to run the half marathon.

This is sort of like my dating after divorce post that I wrote about a year ago, same concept but different topic.

We make the time to do what we want to do.

When we don’t want to do it, we find an excuse and a way out.


In my head I thought that maybe I would share a Trader Joe’s food shop post tomorrow since I haven’t in a really long time but then my schedule for food shopping got all thrown off and I ended up going last night with my son.

Major mistake.

Every time I take him, not only do I end up spending more money but he tries to sneak random items into my cart only to have me apologizing to the cashier to say, even after she rings the item up, that no, we don’t actually want that gallon of chocolate milk or those licorice bites or the bin of cookies.

Trader Joe's food shopping

Do you see the red licorice in the right corner? Neither did I until the cashier rang it up.

The cashier was constantly ringing those Trader Joe’s register bells last night while yelling THREE BELLS as if no one could hear the bells coming from our area, drawing even more attention to how often a manager or whoever had to come over to void the purchases.

Then as I am bagging and yelling at my son for causing a scene, he tells me that the only scene is me since I am the adult and the adult is the one the finger is pointed at, not the kid.

He’s just a kid he tells me now, even though he was riding high on the purpose of his Bar Mitzvah only two weeks ago that technically made him a Jewish man.

By the way, do you see the bag of chia seeds in my shopping cart? It was finally time for a new bag after I stopped buying the chia seeds months ago when they spilled out all over my pantry! Chia seeds are a great addition to oatmeal, not just because they are high in anti-inflammatories but because they expand and add major volume to your bowl of oats.

Random Thoughts:

I am terrible with my social media accounts lately. Juggling between my own and the accounts I run for work just isn’t easy that I find I never open my own twitter or even my own Pinterest anymore.

Old but good song stuck in my head this week -> Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez

My Islanders are not playing very well right now which makes going to Brooklyn to see them even more of a dreaded schlep.

Anyone else watch 90 Day Fiance or am I the only one? I am addicted.

On This Day:

11/3/15: How To Add Variety To A Repetitive Workout Routine < – I forgot about this post! It explains how I make my workout routine interesting even though it can seem repetitive.

11/3/14: Cardio Burn Elliptical Workout < – I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical on Monday!

11/5/13: My Vegetarian Diet Plateau < – I definitely go through phases still where I think I am reaching some sort of plateau on a meatless diet, wondering if it still works as well as it did when I first gave up meat and poultry.

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Any new Trader Joe’s finds lately?

Do you watch any of the shows on TLC? Please say 90 Day Fiance?

Does your PMS ever act as a good indicator for how your time of the month will be?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

33 thoughts on “PMS, My Race Decision & Trader Joe’s (TOL)”

  1. It’s smart to skip the race if you’re not feeling it. You are right that we definitely make time for the things we want to make time for!
    I was really struggling with social media for awhile but now that I am actually doing it more for work I feel like I remember to check my own accounts too. I go through phases with pinterest and lately I just haven’t been that into it.

  2. Firstly, good for you that you made a decision about the race based on your true desire for nstead of pushing yourself not something that is not required. Your a truly seasoned runner and whenever you run or in what situation is based on personal desire at the time. Also, I was about Trader Joe’s because my son use to do the same exact thing to me and that bell makes the situation so obvious. It brought back memories. We had the same thing usually in Whole Foods too!! shopping for food alone was a must at that age lol. Your so chill and the thought of the bell ringing and you in the middle is beyond words. My daughter and her boyfriend love 90 days fiancé. We watch it with them and die of laughter!! We also have sworn off cooking. My husband is really the chef and decided no more. I make a brunch/lunch and that’s about all and that my capabilities and patience will allow. Btw, we have tried all you recommendations and lived them all you were spot on!!!

    1. I need to know what they think of anfisa and Jorge out in California and the girl who went to morocco! lol. quality television. although I love the jewish couple from last season. they are so cute….I think it’s totally fine to not cook! I hardly do it lately myself. which restaurants did you go to recently out here?

  3. Not quite the same as a kiddo, but my other half came shopping with me the other week & he does the same thing, just keeps tossing things in the cart. Nothing too crazy, but the impulse buy section sucks him in every time. Tons of trail mix – and then he eats in all in ONE DAY!

  4. I have the same problem when I shop, except it’s Dan who puts in random stuff not a kid. He always tries to hide it under other things so I won’t notice it. Sneaky! I think it’s smart of you not to run a race if you don’t feel like it..there’s always going to be another race to run!

  5. Those Trader Joe’s trips sound quite fun… :o) And I love how you made that decision about the half marathon; if you’re just not feeling it, then it won’t be nearly as fun!

  6. Ha ha I love how random your TOL posts are. That’s pretty brave of you for buying chia seeds again. I remember reading about how you spilled them everywhere and I gasped and clutched my heart in horror for you. Oh, and as a veggie, do you eat eggs?

  7. No new TJ’s finds–BUT have you ever tried that licorice that your son tried to sneak in? I don’t eat ANY licorice but the TJ’s red, because it’s Austrailian licorice and beyond delicious!!

  8. I haven’t been great with my social media this last little while either, and I totally blame it on PMS. I didn’t feel it so much physically, but emotionally it totally drained me. And my stomach is totally killing me right now, so I definitely feel your pain. Literally.

  9. Not so much a new TJs product, but they recently started selling GoMacro bars at the Tjs in Charlotte..not sure if they have been in other stores. I’m obsessed with them so I am happy I don’t have to get them at Whole Foods at a more expensive price anymore!

  10. I actually also decided not to run the same half marathon next weekend! At first, I was beating myself up about it but then was like, you don’t want to run this race and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. So thank you for also talking about your rationale, I think it can be so hard sometimes to distinguish between not wanting to when you should and not wanting to and it being fine/good for you.

    1. races are totally optional – we don’t have to run them! I think it’s fine that you decided not to run this race, if you don’t feel like it, then why do it? We can still run when we want to and still run that morning, just choose our time and location and pace rather think about the logistics of a race.

  11. 90 Day Fiance is absolutely outrageous. Catching up on episodes right now actually! Also love Married at First Sight … Check it out!

    Trader Joe’s – Sriracha hummus … Sweet potato tortilla chips !

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