NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon Training Week #2

running path


Overall this was a terrific week of running. I bounced back to running real quick after being sick which was a little surprising actually but I am not complaining.

My legs felt fresh and renewed for just about every run which maybe had something to do with the chillier morning air, lower humidity and oh, all of those French toast bagels.

I am enjoying the half marathon training plan so far. Remember, I am using the same plan Laura gave me for the Long Island Half Marathon so I am pretty familiar with the workouts and really like getting the chance to run through this plan again!

One thing lacking right now is the pre-run yoga that I was so good about for so many months. How does it happen that I can go from doing something every single day and then completely forget about it?

Monday – Pure Barre & 5 Miles

I wasn’t so sure that I was ready for strength training after being sick so I went with just one Pure Barre Tone in 10 Workout: Arms & Abs.

5 miles easy outside in the gorgeous fall morning weather. My pace was perfect for an easy run (avg. 9:30) and my legs felt great and refreshed.

running path

Tuesday – 8 Miles

The plan for today was 5 miles easy with the last 3 miles going from moderately hard to hard.

It was a misty rain but I didn’t mind. I felt terrific! My legs felt fresh and they were turning over the way I remember they should. All these post-sick carbs are working wonders.


Wednesday – Pure Barre & 4 Miles

Pure Barre from home

I went with the Pure Barre Studio Series but cut out the ending part of ab work because I was short on time.

Thursday – Tempo Run

2 mile warm up + 2 x 15 min at temp pace + cool down

I actually ran this one indoors on the treadmill but I have no complaints, it went really well!

I kept the warm up easy (between 6.3 – 6.8) and then played between 7.6 – 8.0 for the 15 minute intervals. It was a great workout!

Friday – Pure Barre & 3 Miles

Why does running only 3 miles always feel like an eternity out there?

Saturday – 12 Miles

On the plan was 7 miles easy followed by 4 miles of 2 x 2 minute tempo pace/2 minutes easy plus cool down.

I was due for my period and was happy to see I didn’t wake up with it but I kept it in mind while running as this little window of time in the month for me tends to wreak havoc on my workouts. Luckily this run flew by fairly quickly without that heavy foot feeling I tend to get at the height of PMS.

I brought a Hammer Gel with me but really didn’t want it. I have to start getting myself used to taking in a bit more gel than I have been so my stomach doesn’t freak come race time.

Sunday – Rest Day

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown. Happy New Year to my Jewish friends!

Half Marathon Flashback:

A year ago this weekend I ran the Great South Bay Half Marathon which feels like yesterday. If you are interested in the recap, here it is.

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Are the leaves falling by you yet? We hardly have any on the ground!

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Is today an off day or a run day?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

10 thoughts on “NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon Training Week #2”

    1. I mentioned at the top of the post that I am using my training plan from my last half which I got from training with laura. I included the link to her site as well in case anyone wants to work with a running coach.

  1. Glad you bounced back so quickly from being sick! I havent been outside much since getting back from CA last night but its definitely cooler than when I left and its rained nonstop. Im thinking the leaves will probably be falling very soon! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

  2. Best thing I ate all weekend was the Funfetti cupcake I bought for myself today at my favorite bakery. It’s been a busy and exhausting weekend and I needed a little pick-me-up 🙂

    1. I took the classes in studio regularly for a while until switching to mostly the DVD’s and online workouts from Pure Barre two years ago. I still pop into the studio sometimes but I am really happy with the at home workouts! I have written several reviews if you want to check them out – they are under the running tab at the top of the page.

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