More Yoga Than Running This Week I Think!



This week saw an even split between running and cross training on the elliptical machine — three days of each if we want to get specific.

My right hip had been bothering me so in order to feel better, I chose to replace some of my runs with the elliptical machine, reduced my usual Pure Barre workouts and did lots of stretching and Yoga. I never felt any discomfort in my hip while exercising but figured the issue was an after effect from something I was doing.

I do not know when my hip issue started, where exactly in my hip I really felt it in order to describe it (it was definitely not my IT band) but thankfully, it is feeling SO MUCH BETTER.

In fact, once it felt better, it was so better that I forgot it was ever bothering me! Funny how that happens.

After reducing Pure Barre just about completely and bringing running back yesterday, I am leaning towards thinking that the tucking movement in Pure Barre may have caused my discomfort. While I am not 100% sure, I plan to keep the lower body portions of the Pure Barre workouts out of my routine for another week and will then rethink introducing those poses and if perhaps I will modify them for the future. Just to be safe.

I have been listening to the foot doctor too even since last week by making sure I am staying hydrated and keeping up with my stretching.

I am forever grateful for Michele’s post  from last year which is a compilation of her favorite at-home yoga practices. Her post is what finally got me interested in and able to practice yoga. I use her post as my reference even though my favorite is the Yoga For Runners: Pre-Run practice which I turned on just about every morning this week, both before and/or after my workouts.

workout recap

Monday –  Pre-Run Yoga & 6 Easy Miles

Yoga For Runners: Pre-Run before heading outside for 6 easy miles. I even stretched after my run!

Tuesday – Gym Day

Killer elliptical workout! I really felt my heart pounding and I was sweating like crazy. I did two sets of 30 minutes on the elliptical with some free weights in between for biceps and triceps.

Yoga For Runners: Post-Run after my workout.

Wednesday – 5 Miles Easy & Pure Barre

It was after today that I decided to stop doing the usual Pure Barre routines. I felt okay during it but later in the day my hip was bothering me. Was it from Pure Barre? Not sure. I don’t think walking Manhattan all day in sandals was the best idea either.


Thursday – Gym Day & Yoga

Another great elliptical workout followed by yoga.

Friday – Gym Day & Yoga

30 Minutes Elliptical plus free weights. I am definitely enjoying my gym days this week, it’s been a nice change of routine.

This is what my gym looks like – most mornings there are just a few people in there with me but no one at the time of taking this picture.


Saturday  – 12 Miles!

My hip had felt completely fine by Thursday so I knew I was okay to run easy outside. It felt great and flew by. I was surprised I had run as much as I did! I made sure to stretch before and after too.


Sunday – Yoga

We are off this morning for a long car ride upstate to visit my son’s sleepaway camp for an orientation. Have a Happy Father’s Day and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Do you practice yoga from home? Which online practices are your favorite?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Have you dealt with hip issues before?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

7 thoughts on “More Yoga Than Running This Week I Think!”

  1. So glad your hip is feeling better! I was thinking about that yesterday and wondering if you had been able to run. So weird that its probably from too much tucking in Pure Barre! I am sure I made my foot worse from wearing heels yesterday and dancing in flip flops. I also love Michele’s list of yoga videos and I check that post all the time for ideas.

    1. and I was wondering how the rest of your time here was and how the wedding was and how your foot was feeling! it’s amazing to me that my hip went back to feeling 100%! I am still being cautious though but was totally able to run and no discomfort at all afterwards! thank goodness.

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