Cravings, Chopt & Out of Apples! (WIAW)

grilled mozzarella and tomato on ezekiel roll


Just a quick note before we get to the food today — there may be some issues with my site over the next few days.

I didn’t notice anything weird but Dreamhost emailed me to tell me things are weird and that my plug-ins have all been disabled to determine the problem.

What problem?! I don’t see a problem!

So while we may not notice a problem and I am still able to sit here typing, I see that spell check is unavailable, I can’t view my stats, links to my social media accounts will be missing, SEO can’t happen and my inbox is currently loaded with spam comments since the plug-in that weeds out the spam comments on an hourly basis is disabled for now. I bet I can’t even load pictures properly either.


Anyway, moving on to What I Ate Wednesday. Let’s take a quick look at what I ate yesterday!


Pre-Workout: The usual early morning coffee, water and small bowl of oatmeal with banana. Unpictured, oops.

Post-Workout: I made a version of my three ingredient pancake, adding Skoop B-Strong and blueberries (which you can’t see, they are inside the pancake).

protein pancake

How’s this for a water to coffee ratio?! That teeny cup of coffee is decaf too!

 starbucks coffee and water


I had a recent craving for grilled mozzarella cheese and tomato on a toasted Food For Life Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Burger Bun. The only part of the combo that I had in the house was the cheese so off to Fairway I went for tomtatoes and the buns.

Grilled mozzarella cheese and tomato on some sort of bagel, bialy, toast or roll was my standard lunch for at least two years straight not too long ago. I should just eat this every day again so that I don’t have to think about what to have for lunch since you know I can’t stand lunch.

grilled mozzarella and tomato on ezekiel roll


My son loves going to Chopt so when he asks randomly to have a meal there, I don’t say no since it’s a salad place. I don’t love the price at Chopt but I am liking the salads I get a bit more each time.

Chopt salad

In the mix:

  • Romaine & Spinach
  • Hearts of Palm
  • Tomatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Avocado
  • Butternut Squash
  • Charred Onions

I asked for a side of both the lemon tahini and the tzatziki dressing.


Last week I said I was tired of apples with peanut butter. This week I am back to apples with peanut butter and freaked out last night when I realized I ate the last apple. How did that happen?!

apple with peanut butter

Good thing I have a lot of watermelon in the house. I have been eating a ton of watermelon in between meals so instead of slicing up apples if I get hungry, watermelon it will be until I can get to the store!

I have to be in the city later today so food shopping isn’t happening. Hopefully tomorrow!

Click here to see what everyone else is eating today!

What have you been snacking on lately?

Favorite type of peanut butter? I am wondering if maybe I will try a new one.

Which meal can you eat for several days at a time without getting tired of it?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

45 thoughts on “Cravings, Chopt & Out of Apples! (WIAW)”

  1. When I saw the size of that salad I was wondering how much it would cost! I love places that allow you to make your own salad or have fun combos but they end up being so overpriced. There is a deli near work that has a huge berry salad I like for $14. I wish there was a way to pay 1/2 price for 1/2 the salad!

  2. What have you been snacking on lately?
    Have you tried Blissful eats granola? So good! Eating that with milk and sometimes nut butter is da best!

    Favorite type of peanut butter? I am wondering if maybe I will try a new one.
    NUT BUTTER NATION! 😀 And Bliss Nut Butters. They are SO good!!!

    Which meal can you eat for several days at a time without getting tired of it?
    Yogurt with any topping!

    Your post looks good even though you’re having problems! Hope they are resolved soon!

  3. Yum I love apples and peanut butter- my fave is a local farmers market blend or Justin’s honey peanut butter. Fruit is my go to snack lately- or candy. Or peanut butter filed pretzels!

  4. That sandwich looks delicious! Still haven’t tried the Ezekiel bread and feel like I need to!

    Favorite peanut butter you can get anywhere – Skippy Natural – Crunchy version!
    But if you’re at TJ’s – I love the salted crunchy almond butter

  5. I’ve been doing lunch on repeat for a long time for the same reason – I don’t like thinking about it. Right now it’s a huge chocolate smoothie with [usually] an ABJ sandwich. Seriously so good and I’d happily eat it for breakfast and dinner too.

  6. Ha ha you’re so funny! You hate lunch. HA! It’s an awkward meal for sure. Tomato and cheese looks great though. When I was a kid my mom would pack me the same sandwiches for school day after day after day and then once in a while she would pack me a sandwich made with sliced marble cheese and sliced tomato on white bread and I LOVED it. I miss that. I think I’ll eat one today!

    1. I don’t know what it is but lunch is just not a meal I enjoy. I don’t want to think about what I want, usually don’t want anything but a breakfast meal and sometimes, that’s not enough or right because I am hungry. I know I make no sense.

  7. I’m all about make your own salads at places like Chop’t because you can put more ingredients in that you actually like than you get at a restaurant. I still love my homemade salads best though. I HATE lunch so much and it’s been a real struggle this week. I eat salad for dinner generally so I can’t have 2 salads every day. Today I didn’t even bother bringing lunch so I’m just going to grab a grilled cheese from this little cart thing downstairs. I need to get creative!

    1. I think this week it’s okay to not plan lunch since you are still adjusting to where you are! It’s a tough meal to plan because what if you aren’t in the mood for what you bring to work? I know I owe you an email!

  8. I’m loving watermelon right now! So refreshing after a hot run. I’m not a huge PB person, I almost always go for almond butter over peanut butter and my fave is Justin’s vanilla almond butter!

  9. I love that your son asks to go get salad! Gotta love that. Every time I go to ‘Bucks I ask for a Trenta ice water – it’s free, and they have good water! (I’m in NJ, so I don’t do tap water. Nope.)

  10. Lunch bugs me so much. I generally just throw a bunch of stuff on spinach, call it a salad, and then pack snacks in case it wasn’t enough or what I actually want by lunchtime. Suuuch a great strategy, obviously.
    Favorite PB is a tough one for me, since I’m generally just a nut butter addict, but I really love Krema/Crazy Richard’s if you’re just looking for a plain one. For flavors, I adore Wild Friends and PB&Co. 🙂

  11. Lately, I’ve been snacking on honey crisp apples with almond butter YUM. I don’t even like the same thing every day, but with this, I make an exception. For several days at a time, I can eat my mom’s pasta with stewed veggies and tomato sauce, omg so good. And my fave peanut butter is definitely Santa Cruz organic dark roast creamy. I get it from Whole Foods 🙂

  12. I can never pick a favourite peanut butter as it’s kind of like picking a favourite child 😛 I currently have four jars of peanut butter on the go (as well as a bunch of other nut butters) but my natural dark roasted peanut butter is probably pretty close to being my fave!

  13. Hmm I haven’t been snacking as much lately. I guess I just haven’t been really in the mood. For meals I could eat tomato & mozzarella in some form or another every single day. Literally would not complain at all about it! I’m also a big sandwich fan so those are a pretty good lunch standby for me!

  14. I’ve been eating oatmeal with a banana for my first breakfast for weeks now and I haven’t gotten tired of it at all. In fact, I kind of like having something warm for breakfast.

    I love your lunch time sandwich. I may need to recreate that.

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