I Almost Really Hurt My Foot (Workout Recap)

workout recap

I almost really hurt my foot Wednesday night and it was the scariest runner feeling as many of you who have dealt with injury know. This was the closest I have ever been to an injury that threatened to keep me off of my feet but luckily, I am okay!

So what happened?

Let’s see. I randomly vacuumed my house Wednesday morning which lead to me randomly banging the darn vacuum into the left side of my left foot. While it hurt for a second and I wanted to cry, I went on with my day like no big deal.

Later in the evening after sitting on the couch for about an hour, I stood up and somehow stepped down wrong with my left foot, cramping the right side of the arch causing crazy pain.

Between the left side which was hit with the vacuum combined with the radiating, cramping sensation that would not release in the arch, I was in severe pain for about FOUR hours. I could not walk or lay down and I panicked like you can’t imagine.

It was the quickest turn of events because I was just fine! Yet suddenly, I could not walk and my foot hurt so super bad for so long that I realized I may be injured and this sudden injury may keep me from running.

I texted Laura for guidance (I am forever grateful for my friendship with Laura. If you aren’t reading her blog/considering her as your running coach, please think again) while calling my best friend/next door neighbor/savior in life Meaghan at 10:00 pm.

Meaghan arrived with a Lidocaine patch and checked out my foot as I sat there in my pajamas saying I CANNOT be injured and no, I am not going to the emergency room.

I prayed to the Running Gods to PLEASE MAKE MY FOOT OKAY. Please let me fall asleep and wake up feeling so much better. I promise not to run in the morning and will take a couple of days off even if it feels better, just please make it better!

Thankfully the dull muscle aching pain went away and I was able to sleep.

I woke up and felt 95% better. I was able to walk and there was no swelling to be found. Although relieved, the panic and fear of injury left me even more incredibly grateful for my ability to run like I do each day…and also scared to try to run without seeing the doctor.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not run to doctors, in fact, I am way behind on my check up appointments. But my feet are another story. They must be looked at if something isn’t right!

The pain had been so sudden and severe that running on it, even if it felt better, scared me. I didn’t want to further hurt myself if something was really wrong.

The Foot Doctor squeezed me in Thursday afternoon.

He examined my foot and said it was okay! He took X-Rays anyway to ensure things were kosher and then told me what he thought may have happened:

I do not drink enough water for the running that I do. Cramping is often caused by dehydration. I know this, have had this problem before and have been thinking about it lately as I drink more coffee than water.

This time of the month can also be a factor. Changing hormones change our needs as well as how we feel and react to regular routine. We also require more water at this time of the month – both during PMS and during our periods.

Without enough water combined with changes in hormone levels at this time plus the amount of running that I do, the cramping can be more severe. Ever notice some months your menstrual cramps are worse? You are probably a bit dehydrated. Drinking more water on a regular basis absolutely helps to lessen those terrible uterine contractions.

The bang with the vacuum may have caused me to alter how I was walking. While the vacuum didn’t injure me, I may have been compensating for that spot on my foot which may have caused me to step down differently.

My muscles are very tight. He told me I must start stretching again with my stretching tube thing before I run.

Also, Pure Barre (and yoga) while both amazing for the body, can be cramping (lots of on the toes work in Pure Barre) especially if I am running the same day and not drinking enough water.

He told me I could return to running on Saturday and yes, I listened.

No way was I messing with the chance of really hurting my foot. I felt 100% Friday morning but was not going to be stubborn. It is absolutely not worth risking a real serious injury!

What a relief to be better! It all happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to think this post through any sooner but I am happy to be able to share it with you now. 🙂

As for the rest of the week in workouts, let’s take a quick look:

workout recap

Monday – 7 Easy Miles & Quick Pure Barre

Pure Barre Tone in 10: Arms & Abs

Tuesday – 8 Miles (fartleks)

It was super humid and warm for 6:00 am (already 70 degrees) but a few miles in, I hardly noticed. I ran 5 fartlek miles, speeding up and slowing down randomly between lamp posts on my running path.


Wednesday – 5 Easy Miles & Pure Barre

Pure Barre Tone in 10 Combo:

  • Full Body
  • Thighs & Abs < – hardest one every single time!
  • Seat & Abs

Thursday – Rest!

Friday – 50 Minutes Elliptical, Free Weights & Pure Barre cool down

I didn’t want to jump back into a full Pure Barre routine just yet so I chose the Tone in 10: Back & Cool Down workout which is more stretching than anything.

I do so many of the Pure Barre at-home workouts that I think the girls on the screen are my friends by now.

pure barre tone in 10

Saturday – 10 Easy Miles

I felt like I was tip toeing during the first mile! My foot felt 100% normal but I was nervous anyway. It was nice to be back outside!

I listened and stretched before my run and got back to yoga with  Yoga for Runners: Post Run.

Sunday – Yoga

I am taking the stretching thing seriously!

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Have you ever almost injured yourself?

Do you have a nice water bottle that you love? Which one is it?

Best thing you have eaten so far this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “I Almost Really Hurt My Foot (Workout Recap)”

  1. Not sure if I’ve ever almost had an injury, unless you count every day when I randomly bump and twist things, lol 🙂 I had weird nerve pain in my toes last summer but I think that was from wearing flip flops, which don’t really agree with me. So glad it turned out to be nothing and you can run! Definitely do that yoga – great for the feet!

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