June 5th, Tush Issues & Birthday Cakes

spin bike in bloomingdales


I have been having random comment reply issues. If I haven’t replied to your comment (including some comments on last week’s posts), I do apologize.

thinking out loud

Have I mentioned that my birthday is Sunday? Yes! June 5th!

Since my divorce, I have dated a lot of men (stories for another time) but three of the more important relationships during the last seven years have involved guys with ties to June 5th:

Guy #1: His daughter’s birthday = June 5th

Guy #2: He was engaged twice before dating me, both girls birthdays = June 5th

Guy #3: His two best friends have the same birthday = June 5th

What is this about? Am I a magnet for men who are drawn to Gemini girls born on June 5th? Or, am I attracted to men who are closely associated with my birth date? I think I need to call my psychic. Yes, I have a psychic, another story for another time.

I am about to be 38 years old.

Me? Late 30’s? This doesn’t even make any sense.

Although, maybe it does make sense. Maybe I am not as young as I think. I decided the other day when I realized I have been digging through my lingerie drawer for my bikini cut briefs rather than my usual thong underwear, that yes, perhaps I am getting old.

Please send me some granny panties because my tush is getting finicky with the warm weather and cannot handle such closeness to my shorts.

And be careful what you wish for in your fitness goals because all of this Pure Barre seat work which gives lovely definition between my thigh and seat now leaves me with an increased likelihood of sweating in that defined leg to seat crease.

Basically, if I don’t have some sort of bikini brief covering more of my tushy, I am uncomfortable and sweaty in all the wrong places.

Come to think of it, Pure Barre or not, do older women even wear thong underwear? I bet not.

I bet as we age, we revert back to the pack of panties from Fruit of the Loom. And Dear God, please don’t let me become that grandma who wears a Moo Moo of a house dress as her comfy clothing.

At what age does one make that switch from youthful loungewear to the floral printed zip up house dress? Can’t I always wear my tie-dyed sweatshirts and Butter sweatpants or one day does it just happen that the flowing floral house dress is the better option?

It’s all downhill from here.

Once you start reaching for the fuller cut panties, you know you are aging in the worst way.

It’s only a matter of time now before I begin inching away from the trendy section of Blooomingdales and over to the Eileen Fisher department followed by selecting St. John suits for all of my formal attire.

spin bike in bloomingdales

Random but who remembers when I rode a spin bike in Bloomingdales?

Even worse, once you start writing blog posts about your underwear and tush issues, you know you have reached your late 30’s because you have zero issue holding these discussions with anyone who will listen, not caring what they think.

That’s what they say about your late 30’s, you just don’t care.

I still really care about my birthday cake though.

Somehow I got it in my head that this year I was going to bake my own cake which is just plain silly when I think about it now. I love to bake for others but I really don’t want to be cooped up in my kitchen baking myself a cake when I could be out doing things. I deserve to relax, don’t I?

So now the question is where is my birthday cake coming from or do we just pick a restaurant for dinner that has terrific dessert that meets my standards.

Or do I just suck it up and bake my own birthday cake. This is a big decision you know. One that can’t be taken lightly as the right birthday cake sets the tone for the year, sort of like picking the right named nail polish for the week. We can’t mess this up or we are doomed.

Birthday cakes on my mind:

I have been wanting to make a piñata cake ever since having one last year on July 4th.

pinata cake

I pinned this Pinata Cake recipe a while back and can’t stop thinking about it especially since it involves pretty m&m’s and chocolate frosting.

I have also considered this Ultimate Layered Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake for a long time as well as this Confetti Ice Cream Fudge Pie with M&M’s.

But I really like a basic chocolate fudge cake which I made a few years ago for my dad’s birthday. With cookie dough of course because everything is better with cookie dough.


Ugh, I can’t decide!

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I have a lot of questions today!

Do you bake your own birthday cake?

Favorite cake to have on your birthday?

Should I bake my own cake or buy one or have dessert in a good restaurant?

Do you have underwear issues like me?

Do you know anyone born on June 5th?

When is your birthday?





Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

44 thoughts on “June 5th, Tush Issues & Birthday Cakes”

  1. That is so weird about the guys with ties to June 5th! I know alot of people with June bdays but I think you are the only person I know with a bday on the 5th! (I guess Ill see when the day comes and who Facebook reminds me has a birthday that day). I also get picky about my underwear, especially in the summer when it’s not. I feel like as soon as I hit 30 I stopped caring, lol. Or it might have been before then. Umm those cakes all look amazing!

  2. Hah- too funny! I think you have been by only June 5th-I seem to be drawn to crazy virgos (Jonathan and my mom). When I wear a thong Ella tells me my underwear is too small lol so maybe I am getting too old also lol!

  3. Yup I’m a control freak who must provide my own cake 😉 But more importantly happy birthday! Ugh, we must set a date to get together! And very weird about the June 5 ties. My sister would be all over the astrology of that. Also you are not getting old and I haven’t worn thong underwear in YEARS!

    1. invite your sister for our next lunch date! I am control freak about my birthday cake, as in, I must order it and pick it up from the store but gosh I don’t have the energy or time to bake my own!

  4. You need a pinata cake. Make it happen. You could even make it in the shape of bikini underwear, if you so choose! But that make be a little weird to cut into and then have a profusion of things. Ok scratch that idea…

  5. I vote for baking your own cake. That way you get exactly what you want…once you decide what that is of course 🙂

    I’ll be 38 on Oct. 10. Not sure how I feel about inching that much closer to 40…eeeeek!!! I LOVE cake with LOTS of frosting pleeeeeez! So hard to pick just one fave but I love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Oh and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting!

    And I agree that everything is better with cookie dough 🙂

  6. LMAO from this post. I know a lot of June bday’s but none on June 5. My husband’s is July and he shares his day with a lot of people. Order a great cake and rock the day out of the kitchen. You have to much celebrating to do to be n the kitchen. Have an awesome bday! Btw, tried some of the restaurants and you were spot on–they were great food and fun venues. We will try them all eventually.

  7. Do you bake your own birthday cake?
    Birthday cakes are a definite challenge, because they take a good deal of work, but it’s so rewarding to make your own. So we make our own probably 1/2 the time and buy them the other 1/2 of the time.

    Favorite cake to have on your birthday?
    MMm… I really love ice cream cake, and I also love carrot cake or a big chocolate cake.

    Should I bake my own cake or buy one or have dessert in a good restaurant?
    Hmm.. I would love to see you make your own cake, but no pressure. If you find baking to be relaxing, I would say that making a cake is a good idea. If it’s stressful, cake at a restaurant is always a good option!

    Do you know anyone born on June 5th?
    I don’t know anybody born on June 5th except for you!! 🙂 I hope your birthday is so restful and wonderful!

    When is your birthday?
    July 3rd!

  8. Each year I say I’m going to bake a birthday cake and I never do. It’s fun in theory and then you get exactly the cake you want, but then you have to spend your birthday baking and cleaning! Although those cakes with M&Ms look worth the time and effort!

  9. I am running my first full marathon on your birthday! Ahhh!

    Also, my mom is in her early 60s and wears Hanky Pankys so no age-related undie rules apply as far as I’m concerned 😉

  10. THIS IS THE BEST POST. I’m 38 too, yo. And I don’t wear bikini briefs EVER, unless I’m wearing them to look sexy (cute little lacey ones or something) to bed. I will always and forever wear a thong, because I refuse to have panty lines. I have the most sensitive arse in the world, but I am stubborn. But the one thing I’m open to is the zip-up floral housedress. Omg I’d love one of those with a deep inner pocket that fits a screw-top bottle of wine.

    1. I had to click over from my email to respond to this comment. you always make me laugh and now you just jazzed up the house dress image in my head. you would totally make the zip up house coat stylish with your wine lol. and thong underneath. we are making aging fun!

  11. Ha, can we just talk about how guy #2 was clearly a red flag. He was starting a collection! and for panties – do not tell me that starting to choose the full panties means I’m old. After my second was born, I have no even looked at a thong. And I’m only 25! Noooo!!! Does it help that my undies are marketed towards 15 yer old girls and have ice cream cnes and mermaids on them…?? (VS Pink)

  12. For what it’s worth, I totally would never say that you’re in your late 30’s. I get what you mean about getting older and just not caring, though. That’s how I feel, even though I have a handful of years left until I get there. And I vote for buying a good cake. I like the idea of baking your own in theory, but it’s a lot of work. And just getting dessert doesn’t cut it for birthdays. Besides! I know how much you like the one from Coldstone 😀

  13. I’m with you on the underwear. I just turned 37, and I can’t stand to wear anything other than cotton bikinis. Thongs are completely out of the question–I am not about to be uncomfortable all day just to wear cute underwear. Also, I refuse to wear shape wear like Spanx–that has got to be so uncomfortable. The day I have to put that stuff on to wear a fitted dress will be the true admission to myself that I am old.

  14. Hahah this post! I’m basically already a grandma but I do prefer thongs over anything else. They’re just more comfortable to me! As for cakes… hmmmmm I like the piñata cake. And the cookie dough cake. And all the cakes. I just really love cake hahaha

  15. My birthday is July 26! I like to pick what I want in a cake (or just ice cream) but in my CT hometown there is an awesome gluten and nut free side shop at our local bakery and they make really good cupcakes and cakes, so since they opened when I was 21 I’ve requested the funfetti, my fave 🙂 This year marks my quarter century and I am doing it with funfetti no matter what!

    1. oh that sounds really good right now. Why aren’t your posts popping up in my newsfeed? Did you change anything? I was just looking for a post from you when I saw your comment. I have to figure this out.

  16. All those ties to June 5th are just crazy!

    I gave up on thongs somewhere in my mid 20’s when VS came out with all the cheeky and brazilian cut underwear. I just do not need a thong up my butt, unless it is for panty line reasons…but so much more comfy in a fuller cut.

    I don’t really like the cake part of cake, I am all about frosting so my bf got me multiple types of cupcakes for my birthday this year so I had many frosting options.

  17. I’m totally with you on this one and the importance of the quality of the birthday cake! I always have this dilemma… do I make it myself and ensure it’s a really good one or do I leave it to the possibility that someone else might make one for me, thereby risking none at all? It’s not that I mind not having someone else make one for me but either way it would be easier to know and that way there’d be no risk of going cakeless on my birthday. But social etiquette always wins out 😉

  18. Hah! What a great post.

    You should absolutely bake your own birthday cake. Then you can make it however you like! I prefer funfetti with cream cheese frosting … Or something with peanut butter frosting … Or just all cake.

    Happy early birthday and have a great weekend celebrating!!

  19. I gave up thongs years ago, although I like to pretend I’m stylish in my boy short underwear. 🙂 I still have a few thongs in the drawer and I’ll wear them if the outfit calls for it, or I’ll just go commando. It’s easier.

    Happy Soon to be Birthday. Go relax and let someone else make the cake.

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