TOL -sunglasses, watermelon & faulty running gear

selfie highlights


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A fresh head of highlights and I feel like a new person. Only thing is, I forgot to do the picture check in the bathroom of the salon to ensure things looked okay and instead did the picture check in the car which wasn’t the smartest idea with my sunglasses on since the lenses are tinted which then tints what I see.

selfie highlights

But I always have my sunglasses on so whatever I see through the tinted lenses is how I view everything in life so I suppose this is normal viewing for me.

Prescription sunglasses will cause you to forget that you have sunglasses on your face even when you are indoors until someone thinks they are witty and says, Hey, is it sunny in here? People always think they are funny with their comments but news flash! You aren’t funny. At least not to me. I am not easily amused BUT I am easily annoyed.

Although, I am not easily annoyed this week which is weird since it is my PMS week! I have totally been waiting for my more than usual people annoy me mood to kick in but it just never did for this month. If you need to chat with me, this is your week! I am all ears!

I really like watermelon at room temperature. Like when you first bring your watermelon home from the store and immediately slice it up? That’s my favorite watermelon eating temperature. Apples though, apples need to be cold and crisp. I can’t do room temperature apples unless I am completely desperate and even then, I have rules: only granny smith apples at room temperature. Not that I really eat any other variety of apple anyway, cold or warm.

So yesterday morning I spotted a black pair of Gap Fit capri pants in my running drawer. Why not wear these pants for a change for my run? I never wear them but I don’t remember why I never wear them so let’s just wear them for a change! It’s only 4 miles anyway, what could be so bad?

Oh right, there’s no back zippered pocket. No front pocket either. No pockets at all which meant nowhere to put my key other than my hand. And oh right, these Gap Fit capri pants tend to slide down as I run so now I have to tuck in my shirt to bulk up the waist. Yeah, only 4 miles felt like forever.


Oh and I had the pleasure of holding my lululemon headband along with my key for those 4 miles because this particular headband, for whatever reason, always slides off of my head while I run which is why I NEVER wear it. Go figure I chose to give it a shot the same day I gave the Gap Fit pants a shot. Never again!

But at least the sun was shining! Gosh I really appreciate the early morning sunrises this time of year. It makes up for all of the dreadfully dark (and cold!) winter mornings when I would whimper my way over to the treadmill.

What’s on your workout agenda for today? I am planning to run 8 miles but not so sure on the specific workout during those miles just yet. Have a good one!

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Don’t forget to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂

Where do you put your key when you run?

Which headbands do you wear for your workouts?

Room temperature or chilled fruit? Which do you prefer?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

26 thoughts on “TOL -sunglasses, watermelon & faulty running gear”

  1. I always try to get shorts or pants with a pocket, that is definitely my favorite place to put my key while I run. But some of my tops also have little pockets and one of my flip belts has a little key hook.
    I prefer all my fruit at room temperature! I have this one really sensitive tooth and I can’t handle anything thats really cold.

  2. If strawberries are too cold they hurt my teeth, anything else has to be cold. Bananas are exception but I guess that’s obvious. I go through that running scenario every time I wear a different bottom without fail. Although now when I complain about having to hold something I remind myself I just ran Boston holding a water bottle!

  3. Chilled fruit, and frozen bananas. I’ll even put bananas in the fridge for a bit to get some chill in them! I think it is from years of eating grocery store things, so you just start to equate chilled with fresh, you know? I need new sunnies. I don’t think mine survived the move, aka they can’t be found.

  4. Is frozen an option? Because I think I prefer frozen over all other temperatures of fruit… at least when it comes to things like mango, berries, pineapple, bananas, etc. I’m not quite sure how I feel about frozen melons… I prefer those just cold. And workout pants without pockets?!!? Shenanigans.

  5. My key always goes in a zippered pocket or waistband pocket–I would be beyond annoyed if I had to carry it. And I never wear headbands because no matter what brand I try, they always slide back on my head. I must have a weirdly shaped head or something. I’m fine with room temperature apples, but my berries/melons need to be cold!

  6. I need to go back through my wardrobe again and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit right. I hate when I’m on a run and a headband slips or pants fall down. So annoying. I don’t like carrying anything while I run at all, so that would really irritate me.

  7. I have Gap Fit capris and the vertical seam in the back doesn’t line up with my bum crack; it’s off to the side a bit and it actually makes me insane. I had to give them away. ARGGHHH

  8. I have a pair of Gap Fit capris and I can only wear them for strength training or Pilates – they slip down way too much on me as well when I run! Sp annoying. I like room temperature melon also and my apples either need to be cold or warm. Actually, most food needs to be warm for me unless it’s a brutally hot summer day.

  9. I always loop my key through my shoelaces. It actually works really well for me, since none of my workout pants seem to have pockets. I guess I like most fruit cold but it really does depend on the fruit. Peaches, for example, must never be cold, only room temperature.

  10. Oh, yes, I know that feeling of those running pants that just really don’t work. At least you’re looking on the bright side of the run. Yay for sunshine!!! I’m not sure I’ve ever had watermelon at room temperature. Now you’ve made me want to try it.

  11. I wear oiselle distance shorts that may not be the most flattering but holey pockets! I also just bought the lululemon stuff your bra…I think it might be life altering.
    But I am kicking myself for going down the lulu rabbit hole a couple months ago goodbye money!

  12. Sorry the Gap Fit pants didn’t work out. Are they worth keeping just to chill in?
    And ugh on the keys. Basically my #1 running fear is dropping my key during a morning run and getting locked out of dorm until someone wakes up at like noon.

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