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I felt terrible that Amanda, (our Thinking Out Loud host) had to deal with major website issues this week. I tried my best to help her through the disaster (when your site is going nutty it is truly a disaster) but I am borderline useless around computers. At least I think I am, sometimes I do shock myself when I hear words like migration, widgets and VPS coming from my mouth.

I don’t totally understand what I am saying but really, does anyone? Including the tech people, do they even know? Based on Amanda’s experiences this week, it doesn’t sound as though they do.

I have two cans of Trader Joe’s organic pumpkin sitting behind the peanut butter in my pantry. Was I saving them for something that I forgot to make?

I purposely bought my new Thorlo socks in pink not only because I like the color but because the bright pink helps the socks to stick out in the pile of laundry sitting in the dryer. I am the worst at removing the clothes from the dryer. I prefer picking what I need out of the dryer on an as needed basis, leaving the rest in the machine for another time.

The dark, dreary and snowy days of winter often leave me craving a good hockey game. I sometimes find myself with the feeling of wanting to go to an Islanders game at the Coliseum, walking through the parking lot really quickly because it’s freezing outside, seeing my former college to the left, the start line of the Long Island Half Marathon up ahead and then sitting in the familiar seats with the smell of the pretzels mixed with popcorn mixed with beer. But I can no longer have this experience since my team left me and moved to Brooklyn. It’s not the same going to Brooklyn. It’s just not. Makes me sad.

#TBT to when I was Newsday famous with my top story trending Islanders article last spring. That’s my not-so-little-anymore boy in the picture with Sparky! Click the image if you missed my article and care to read my thoughts on the Islanders move to Brooklyn.

Islanders article in Newsday

I am considering a midday run one of these days. Otherwise, I will never run outside again. Well, at least not in the near future. While I did get outside yesterday morning for a 5 mile run, it’s going to be so bitter cold now that the temps combined with the ice on the ground is not going to work early in the day at all.

Can I do a midday run? Midday as in 10:00 am or 11:00 am? I really don’t know. I like running early and getting it out-of-the-way. I feel my best running in the early morning and I never know what my day will bring, if I will even have the time to spare. But I may give it a try. Just once.

It’s been six months now since I had greek yogurt. Pretty sure that going this long without tasting plain greek yogurt means that should I ever decide to go back to eating it, I will need an adjustment period back to the taste and texture.

I just don’t like tea. I can’t drink caffeinated tea at all, especially green tea, because it makes me dizzy. And decaf tea? It’s not my cup of tea (ha, I am so funny. Well, I think so anyway). Coffee is more my cup of tea. While I do slightly enjoy Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief tea variety, I really prefer coffee as my hot beverage of choice.

We are still listening to my old CD’s in the car like I told you last week! This week my son has picked my Billy Joel Greatist Hits Volume III.

It warms my heart that his favorite song is We Didn’t Start The Fire.

Billy Joel CD

Tell me if you think these are the reasons why he likes this song so much:

When I was pregnant with him, I used to play We Didn’t Start The Fire in my car (from this actual CD!) everyday under the assumption that he could hear it and it would make my baby smart since it’s all about history. He actually LOVES history since he is a little boy. And is quite smart too 🙂

When he was a newborn and cried all night long (literally – all night), I would sing this song as I paced the house with him in order to stay awake and sort of focused. The words were engaging to me. Maybe he remembers the tune? Is it possible he heard me through his screams?

It’s almost Friday, I am ready. Long weekend ahead!

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Does your laundry sit too long in the dryer?

Is it getting bitter cold where you live right now? What temperature is your cut off for running outside?

What’s for lunch today?

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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

37 thoughts on “Totally Just Thinking Out Loud”

  1. I’ve been drinking the kava tea – funny you mentioned it! I actually am a tea person for afternoon and night. I also considered a midday run for the same reasons but I’m also realizing now that my kids are off from school all next week so that won’t work! And there’s no way I can do that for a long run. Saturday morning is going to be rough!

  2. I am really crazy about getting my clothes out of the dryer and folded as soon as they are done! I hate when I forget about them and then have to dig for something. I also hate when stuff gets wrinkled from sitting in there too long. If Rob was in charge of laundry we would be living out of the dryer and that would drive me crazy, so I just do it so that it gets done.
    This morning it was 18 degrees but 5 with the windchill. There were only some points where it was awful when the wind was hitting me in the face really hard, otherwise it wasn’t too bad. Not sure I would want to be out there for a long run though!

    1. i am just way lazy with the dryer. i don’t even know why! It’s not like me! Although no matter how i put it off, it feels like i am always doing laundry….It’s going to be so cold this weekend – I am hoping to run outside tomorrow but it’s not looking good.

  3. The only time that our laundry lies around is if I leave my workout clothes handing for too long. But we also don’t have a dryer to leave stuff in. I would say that, regardless, we would be good about taking it out–our college and roommate days are still not that far behind us!

  4. I’ve been obsessed with Billy Joel for the past few months. Dan’s always been a big fan, and I didn’t realize that he sang so many of my favorite songs. He has such a different sound in each song so I always thought they were all different singers! I mean come on..We didn’t start the fire and New York State of Mind and For the Longest Time!? All Billy Joel!? That’s crazy to me!

  5. So things were looking up for us in terms of winter for a while there, and then last night it had to go and snow. Nothing serious, but enough to make a mess out of things and cover the ground in a nice blanket. And the worst part is that temps are going above freezing tomorrow meaning we’ll be drowning in a slushy mess. Also, I feel like my techie issues are starting to taper off, but I’m afraid to let my guard down in case they come back 😆

  6. I just don’t like tea that much either. If it’s the afternoon and I’m meeting someone for coffee I’ll have it so up I’m not up all night, but I just prefer coffee.
    I leave our laundry unfolded in baskets. I do not like folding laundry and will ignore it until I need a laundry basket again. I’m so bad about some aspects of housekeeping…

  7. Ha, I have a pile of laundry in the dryer as we speak and have been picking clothes out each morning. I hate folding laundry! The cold front hit D.C. today, and I’m still up in the air about doing my 9 miler indoors Saturday morning. I don’t want to, but I hypothermia would also suck!

  8. It’s 5 degrees here today so runs happen on the treadmill. Good thing about that, my podcast listening is on point! Lunch today will probably be the rest of my ugali with bananas, honey and walnuts. Comfort food for this day 🙂

  9. 😦 I think I’m probably the most illiterate person when it comes to website issues. I use so much Google. O_O And you could use that pumpkin to make pumpkin bread or pumpkin peanut butter? It’s actually really warm here right now, and I’m so thankful that God is using that sunshine to melt all the snow into the ground.

  10. During my elimination I went a few weeks without greek yogurt (no dairy) but I jumped right back on the bandwagon, albeit with a cap of one a day, a few days a week, instead of multiples! I would so use that pumpkin and that peanut butter right now to make an out of season dessert. It’s freezing, I deserve pumpkin bread 🙂

  11. Callum was colicky. And I’m talking like, REAL colicky, not the colicky that some people say their kid was just because their baby fussed a little more than normal. When you say your son literally screamed all night long, then I know we both understand what colicky really is. It’s bone-crushing. The sleep deprivation alone, and then adding on a non-stop screaming baby, and we have no idea how to comfort him, or make it stop?! AHHHH those days were hell. The song I’d play for him and sing to him over and over was Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” It had the perfect beat to bounce and walk to. I still play it for him and he kinda smiles knowingly at me. Ahhh kids.

  12. I’m terrible with computers as well so I understand both of your pains. I’m glad my blog is relatively small and low key that it doesn’t have growing pains.

    I need to actually get my laundry out of the dryer now but I’m feeling lazy.

  13. Make pumpkin bread!!! I’m the worst with laundry but my roommates will take my stuff out when they need it do instead it sits in the basket…I don’t mind doing it, but putting clothes away is another story.

  14. I love doing laundry, weird I know. BUT when I moved a little over a year ago my place doesn’t have a washer dryer and I cannot get behind the whole hang at the laundromat – so it returns to me folded…and usually sits around for a day or two before being put away.
    This week has me defeated for outside running. I did Monday but that has been it. And probably running on the treadmill this weekend as well. I woke this morning saw a real feel of 9 with 19mph winds and just was like, no way in hell. Where is this early spring?!

  15. My laundry doesn’t stay in the dryer long I can help it! But my boyfriend leaves it. All. The. Time.

    And it’s freezing here! I’m in Wisconsin and it’s 10 degrees without windchill. Running outside is a NO WAY. Which sucks haha.

    And lunch was an apple, Turkey sandwich, and pretzels! So kindergarten…

  16. I’ve been running inside all week long … WAY too cold outside! Not worth it.

    I want frozen yogurt for lunch … But it’s too cold outside … And I refuse to go anywhere! I thought the groundhog predicted spring was happening?

  17. I just listened to a PBS podcast that says babies get a lot of their food tendencies from foods eaten in the womb and their early years so I suspect your Billy Joel listening and singing had an impact.
    Also my eight grade history teacher made us memorize that song so it’s got a special place for me too.

  18. I’m with you on the whole tea thing! I have tried to make myself like green, peppermint, peach tea, etc. But, cannot seem to enjoy it! The only tea I like is black tea with lemon. Coffee is my hot beverage of choice 😉

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

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