Beauty Favorites Winter 2016

beauty favorites winter 2016


I realized that it had been a while since l last did a beauty favorites post!

beauty favorites winter 2016


I like to use a few different shampoos and conditioners each week. I also like to rotate the products I buy so when I ran out of Kerastase last month, I quickly picked up this combination as a change of pace:

RUSK sensories brilliance Color Protecting Shampoo

RUSK sensories brilliance Color Protecting Leave-In Conditioner

RUSK is a great product which I seem to always come back to using. I go for the color-care lines since I highlight my hair and I like that the conditioner is a leave-in spray (I spritz it in after my shower).


Shiseido was the first real skin care line I used back in my early 20’s when I started taking my skin care routine seriously. While I still jump between brands and use products from Dior, right now I am back to using all Shiseido skin care products for my face.

My daily moisturizing regimen:

IBUKI Softening Concentrate – Like a toner, I apply it after washing my face and before the Power Infusing Concentrate. Supposedly it preps the skin to better absorb what you apply next.

IBUKI Eye Correcting Cream – I just switched to this eye cream product from a different Shiseido one simply because I felt like trying something new. Reduces dark circles, puffiness and lines.

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate – I have written about this product before. I received it first via sample and immediately saw the results in my skin! I am currently on my second or third bottle. Worth it. Makes your skin look radiant and even-toned – no redness.

Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream – Been using this moisturizer for a long time now, both morning and night and in the summer too.

*While I do use a Shiseido face wash sometimes, I mainly use the Daily Cleanser from the Whole Foods 365 brand which I discuss in this post.

Coconut Oil is the greatest moisturizer for my body ever! I use it all of the time, especially for my feet and it moisturizes like no other. I am totally due for a pedicure but in the meantime, slathering my feet with coconut oil before bed and sleeping with socks on is doing the trick just fine 🙂


I mentioned this eye shadow palette from Stila last week.

Stila eye shadow

I still use my Dior Eye Reviver palette (listed in this beauty favorites post) but I like mixing up my colors for some fun.

Dior Cheek & Lip Glow: I love this product!


I am on my third bottle. It gives you such a nice and natural pop of color (cheeks and lips!) which comes out slightly different on each person who wears it.


Guerlain – I use this foundation year round.


In fact, at first I thought it was just a tinted moisturizer but it’s not! It’s a light weight foundation with a hint of glow. I also use Dior Star foundation but not as often at the moment.

Eye Concealer/Primer:

Dior Fix It 2 in 1 Prime & Conceal



I quickly, and I mean quickly, fell in love with this new Dior Fix It 2 in 1 Prime & Conceal stick. I knew that I would when I spotted it recently so I finally bought it over the weekend.

The Fix It stick does the following: (From Dior’s website)

With targeted application on the face, Fix It fills pores, erases fine lines and corrects pigment imperfections for a flawlessly even complexion.

Applied around the eye, Fix It helps erase dark circles and smoothes skin texture for more restful-looking eyes.

On the lips, Fix It evens out color and fills grooves for optimal lipstick hold and color impact.

Flawless correction.

For more of my beauty favorites, check out these posts:

Dior Favorites < – I still use these products on a daily basis.

Skincare Favorites June 2015 < – More in-depth info on the products I still continue to use!

Coconut Oil Hair Mask < – Using coconut oil for things other than cooking is just genius.

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There are no affiliate links in this post. I just wanted to make it easy for you to find what I love 🙂

Which beauty products are you currently loving?

Do you like to switch up your shampoos?




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29 thoughts on “Beauty Favorites Winter 2016”

  1. Can you be my personal consultant? I need someone who will make me use moisturizer and eye cream! I’ve gotten very lazy in the skin care department lately! The one thing I do use is coconut oil on my hands in the winter – otherwise they actually bleed.

    1. Yes! In February we can go to walt Whitman (not Roosevelt! lol) and see my friend Jill at Dior. Plus check out some shiseido (it’s a little cheaper and really good). I love this stuff so I am happy to help.

  2. You know I’m going to pick up that Dior concealer the next time I head into Sephora 😛 I’ve actually been in the market for a new one, so I definitely want to check that one out. And I need a new eye cream as well. None of the ones I’ve been using have really been impressing me all that much. Or maybe I’m just getting old 😆 Oh, and we -need- to go makeup shopping when I come visit you this summer 😀

  3. Ohh I need to join your high end bandwagon! I’m creeping my way up there with the mid-range stuff, and I can already tell such a major difference in quality and my skin. My favorite foundation lately is from Cover FX. I really want to try their custom cover drops next 🙂

    1. I try really hard to save some money where I can (like the whole foods 365 cleanser) but for the rest of the stuff, for me at least, my skin does better when I spend some money (I need to worry about paraben and allergies etc). However, Shiseido is really reasonable and a little goes a long way. Dior is more for their skincare so using Shiseido is a better bet for still a great product. And it lasts a long time!

  4. I need to try coconut oil for my feet and hair! I’m currently loving Sephora’s foundation – it blends so well, even better than the Make Up Forever foundation I was using – and Urban Decay lipsticks. The Dior concealer looks incredible – I was using Smashbox BB concealer but I’m on the market for a new one and should give the Dior one a look next time I’m at Sephora.

  5. I actually just started using Lush face products and am loving them. They have a great tea tree oil spray/spot treatment, and I’m really loving their Imperialis moisturizer for combination skin. It doesn’t help that they don’t test on animals/don’t use animal derived ingredients either and their products are all natural!

  6. I love coconut oil! I bought a huge tub of it from Costco, but then during the summer it must have tipped over in my bathroom cupboard and melted all through the cabinet and floor, soaking through the ceiling below. Whoops! I switched to almond oil, which is nice too. I love the smell of coconut oil though. I think I’ll switch back.

  7. I am so awful about skin care. And things that don’t work in my favor for me to change that is I have really good skin (not meant as a brag just that I am turning 35 this month and expecting sooner or later I will all of a sudden NEED to do something). If I can wash my face at night and moisturize I consider it a victory 😉
    I did finally try BB cream and have to say it is amazing. And also bought a serum for overnight..But I also basically never use it. This is why I can’t buy nice things.

  8. To be honest, I have not heard most of the brands and products you have mentioned in the post. May be becuase they are not available to my country and even if they are, they are restricted to certain stores. I agree about using coconut oil for skin and hair benefits but other than that I can’t say much. I think the best is to select a brand or a product that suits your skin and hair and stick to it for reaping the benefits. Most of the skin and hair problems are caused by treating your skin and hair like a guinena pig.

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