Thinking Out Loud 11/19/15



I just had one of those moments where you not only realize today is Thursday but you realize tomorrow is already Friday!

thinking out loud

If you are a really fast eater who is looking to slow down, try holding your fork or spoon with your less dominant hand.

I burned my left hand the other night while taking something out of the oven which left me standing with my left hand under running water and only my right hand free to feed myself. I am normally a fast eater and also a lefty who is capable of doing many things with her right hand but clearly eating is not one of them.

When you can’t stand the clothes in your closet, you reinvent your look by getting a fresh head of highlights and new black boots for the winter season.


I am all out of place and looking lost in the running store the other night before dinner. I saw my reflection in the mirror and I was like, who the heck is that?!

I felt like an imposter if you want to know the truth. As if I didn’t belong in the running store, as if I needed to shout to the employees I am really a runner! I don’t know who dressed me today!

I did spot some winter workout long sleeve tops that I may need which reminded me that I am super late on this year’s winter workout apparel favorites post but hear me out — I haven’t bought anything new and it’s hardly been cold here (see above photo for the evidence as I am wearing a black sweater over my shirt instead of a winter coat) so I have yet to be wearing my winter running stuff enough to talk to you about it.

Is it just me or do you find yourself taking secret selfies in front of random mirrors several times in the days following a hair cut or highlight session?


I heard this song yesterday during my run and I think I need to add it immediately to my playlist.

pandora radio

Please tell me you remember this song from Footloose? From the scene where Kevin Bacon was racing on the tractor?

Good thing I don’t live near a farm because I would live in fear that my son would think to go racing on tractors with his friends when I am not around to keep him off of such a contraption.

Instead I live my life more like Back to the Future these days, completely in fear of being taken out by a hoverboard.

I still can’t believe I bought this silly thing for my son and to make it worse, he makes me ride it around the house so he can take videos and pictures on his phone of how pathetic I am.


I can run, I can’t roll. This thing is hard!

And because we all enjoy an after hours text from my son, here’s a string of them from the other night:


Lesson for all of us – no matter how many times we try to tell someone how to do something, they aren’t going to do it that way until they feel that way is their way. The change has to come from them when they are ready.

I reluctantly gave up on torturing us both about his homework (read: I yell about it until I am too tired and go to bed).

If he wanted to be a night owl about his homework, that was his problem to figure out. As smart as he is, he needed to learn that homework needs attention, at a normal hour, in order to get done effectively.

Last week I said his after hours texts are his to do list, now I think they have become a diary and confessional.

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Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂


Are you a lefty or a righty?

Fast or slow eater?

Favorite 80’s movie?





Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

39 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 11/19/15”

  1. I’m a lefty and can’t eat with my right hand! Totally frustrating and I’m sure I wouldn’t enjoy the food. Meanwhile, I use scissors perfectly right handed, probably because there were never any left handed ones at school! And your hair looks awesome!

  2. I am a righty and can’t do much of anything with my left hand! I am usually a slower eater, except when I am really hungry.
    Recently I was talking to someone about how tight my right arm/shoulder gets from holding a mouse on that side all day long, and I tried switching to my left hand. Well this is super tricky and I just ended up reaching across my desk with my right hand anyway! Its so tough to change our ingrained habits.
    Your son is too funny. I think it will be awesome to remind him of this stuff when he is an adult:)

  3. Lefty here! It’s so funny you have a cute term for that over there. The US wins at coming up with those. I think I’d actually heard that eating tip somewhere else before but while I’m a fast eater I also am usually very hungry so it wouldn’t work for me, haha.
    While I sadly haven’t run in a long time I can totally relate to your feelings in the running store. I’m a dress kind of girl so must definitely look odd getting all excited about running tights in the store :D.

  4. Equally uncoordinated in both. Seriously. I’ve seen the eat with your less dominant hand trick in magazines before. Along with eat with chopsticks. That makes soup very difficult indeed. As for those rolly thingies, they annoy me so much. I’ve seen people walk their dogs, push their babies in strollers… seriously?

  5. We need to talk about this hoverboard thing… remind me! And I absolutely do remember that scene from Footloose and am now singing that song in my head… thanks 😛 And while I don’t necessarily have a problem with eating too fast, I definitely don’t eat overly mindfully. Maybe I ought to try the hand swap to see if that will help. Or try eating with chopsticks — that’s nearly impossible.

  6. The pic on you on the hoverboard is hilarious!! That reminds me of something I would do to my mom growing up…not so nice. I always see those around and I kind of want one…but when I actually see people with them outside I think it looks lame. I would probably keep it inside which would be a waste of money! I guess I can officially say I’m too old for something 😦

  7. I’m a righty, and horrible at using my left hand. Like, really bad. We thought for a hot second my son was a lefty since he was using it a lot, but it seems like he’s a righty now. Also, your son’s texts kill me. I definitely agree, no matter how many times my dad told me I needed to work on XYZ, it would never click until it was ME saying it.

  8. I’ve seen those hoverboards, and they look HARD. I think I would want to start with a skateboard first. Don’t ask why I’m going to learn snowboarding this winter. ;D

  9. I always thought I needed to slow down my eating, but everyone else must have sped up because I eat much slower than most of my friends/family. I think it’s because I’ll eat a large portion but it takes awhile, I put my fork down to talk or if I’m alone and reading the news or a blog, read some.

  10. I’m a righty, and eat way too fast – so looks like I’ll be using your tip and trying to eat with my left hand from now on! And who knows… maybe I’ll become ambidextrous

  11. HAHAHAHHA his text! So perfect. Your son is the greatest. I love that he takes pictures of you on the hoverboard thing too. We have one in the office and everyone always plays on it. I’m too afraid I’d fall off…

    And real clothes in a running store– YEP. I feel way overdressed.

  12. I love your new boots, they’re beautiful! Oh and I absolutely remember that scene from Footloose, I love that movie. Bonnie Tyler has been firmly on my running playlist for years 😀

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