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I really appreciate the cuff over mittens on my lululemon Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip top for keeping my fingers warm while I am running as the temperatures begin to dip — that is until I am in need of the bathroom and proceed to go flying through my front door unable to peel the blasted cuff over mittens off of my hands fast enough to pull my pants down to avoid an accident.

And now that I am thinking about wetting my underpants, can we talk about underpants for a minute? I am always so busy telling you that I hate when my jeans or black pants fit differently while lately, I swear it’s my underpants that are fitting me the worst!

They are bunching up, sitting in the wrong place, rolling down, moving around and making me crazy. The only kind I like at the moment are the lululemon Light As Air and I only own two pairs which means it’s time to seek out the sale pairs and stock up.

They are pretty pricey ($18 each) but on sale they are $9 and that’s really nothing when I think about the fact that my sanity has no price tag.

I don’t care how sunshine and unicorns life is, if I am not comfortable in my clothing, the day is just doomed.

I went shopping the other day for tops because I hate every top hanging in my closet < – can anyone else tell that this a PMS week?


Purchasing one out of the six tops is considered a good shopping day these days.

My son doesn’t understand when I tell him to feel bad for his mother because she has nothing to wear and that’s why she is often wearing his sweatshirts.


Go buy some new clothes he hollers at me, as if buying new clothes is simple? Do you see that was a typical male response?

His male-infused response reminds me of a past Thinking Out Loud post when I was dying of menstrual cramps (seriously, I am surprised I lived) when he looked at me and said, “What is YOUR problem?”

Oh it’s so simple for boys to get dressed. Just pick a random pair of Adidas pants, some sort of t-shirt, maybe a sweatshirt or even better, just wear what the woman of the house laid out for you. No big deal.

Yes, I understand that I work from home so I don’t really need to care how I look but suppose I run out to the store and run into the president? Or worse, an ex-boyfriend? It’s happened to me you know, the whole run-in with the ex-boyfriend when you least expect it.

At the grocery store. In front of the cauliflower.

Uh huh.

I planned hypothetical run-ins with this particular ex-boyfriend FOR MONTHS…what I would say, how it would go, never imagining that it would happen on a random Friday afternoon at the grocery store in front of the cauliflower where all I could muster up was something about brown spots on the cauliflower and too bad since I would have liked to roast some.

True story people, true story.

And I wish I had a great sequence of late night texts from my son for this week but all I have is evidence that he uses me in place of his own personal To Do list and alarm clock.


Kids today claim to be so tech savvy so I can’t understand why he texts me his lists at ungodly hours (yes, 10:30 is obscene in my mind) instead of making use of his phone alarm clock and google calendar.

He must like when I shout orders at him in the morning. He tells me my voice is the worst thing he has ever heard when I am telling him what to do in the morning but clearly he likes it.

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Don’t forget to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂


Have you ever run into an ex-boyfriend when you least expected it? Did you at least like what you were wearing?

Do you use an alarm clock? Is it your phone alarm or regular clock? I have never used an alarm in my life!

PMS week- what do you crave?








Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

23 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – PMS Week”

  1. At this point I’m not sure I’d recognize an ex boyfriend if I saw one! But at the grocery store even running into a neighbor throws me for a loop, so that would be weird 🙂 Also I was about to suggest the lulu underwear until I saw you mentioned it – I had the exact same underwear problem and then finally went for the lulu! I feel like we’ve talked about this, lol.

  2. I live in the same building as one of my exs, so yeah… we’ve had a few run-ins. The worst was when I was waiting to get on the elevator and the doors open to him and what I’m assuming was his new girl at the time. I couldn’t not get on at that point, but it was definitely all sorts of awkward and I was trying super hard not to laugh. I’ve been sticking to the stairs since then. Even if I’m wearing 4-inch heels 😆

  3. le sigh totally feel you on nothing fits. Especially when it’s that glorious time of the month. Uuuuugh! BUT I will tell you that Moving Comfort underwear are the BEST rundies ever. And I really like wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts whether I’m pmsing or not lol I just have zero fashion sense. Oh-and I have a ten year old boy so I get it. Lol

    1. The joke of it for me is that everything fits I just decide I hate it all or that it’s not right or I just don’t like it as much as I did yesterday, especially during PMS! I should try those moving comfort underwear, thank you!

  4. I have lots of awkward running into ex’s stories. There’s one who moved to Texas and somehow I STILL run into him. We’ve always gotten along and are still friendly so it wasn’t a big deal thankfully! Still random how he lives across the country and I still see him.

  5. I totally resonate with those weeks when nothing in my closet is something that I want to wear. You have a pretty good/humorous attitude about it, and I always think that your text messages with your son are pretty fun. It’s great that you both communicate so much, as I know that I treasure it when I have an open relationship with my parents.

    1. I am so happy someone thinks we communicate well, half the time it doesn’t feel that way to me! lol…I am funny I suppose about my wardrobe because after being this impossible about my clothes for basically my whole life, what’s my choice? 🙂

  6. Boys have clothing so easy. Now that I started my job getting dressed every day requires clothing laid out the prior night, so I don’t have to wake up ten minutes earlier. Also, I just learned you can silence your phone for certain hours so I silence mine from 9:30pm to 5:30am when my alarm is set for 5:45 🙂

  7. The last text your son sent is cracking me up. I hate everything in my closet during PMS week as well, except for wrap dresses. I wore those all the time in college and grad school when I felt sick because they are so comfy. And now that I’m remembering them I really want to get them out to wear, although they’re not quite PNW freelance writer style.

  8. Your son’s texts are so funny 😀 Yep, I bumped into my ex-boyfriend as I was coming out of a supermarket with lots of plastic bags in my hands, wearing a tracksuit, a rain jacket and no make-up… thankfully he was mid-stag party so was the merry side of sober, was delighted to see me (temporary memory loss I reckon!) & didn’t even seem to notice my shabby state! We had a great chat! Oh, and I nearly always hate everything in my wardrobe & have nothing to wear, not just a pms thing 😀

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