recent Trader Joe’s shop & next week’s dinner plan

weekly meal planning menu


All of our dinners did not exactly go according to plan this week.


But it’s okay to deviate every now and again, especially when Subway is running a buy one get one free deal. I took advantage of the deal Tuesday night which gave my son a dinner he really wanted plus an extra sandwich (that he actually liked) to bring for lunch to school on Wednesday.

I was totally mother of year for a brief minute there!

Somehow I was running out of food by Wednesday (read: all bananas were brown and only two apples left) so I stopped at Trader Joe’s to restock some stuff. I even made a list which, if you know the layout of Trader Joe’s, sort of goes in order of the store. At least it started that way until I began adding random things towards the bottom.

shopping list

And in usual Trader Joe’s fashion, they were out of something. This time, it was fresh brussels sprouts which really hurt my feelings because I love roasted brussels sprouts and need them daily.

Trader Joe's Groceries

I didn’t follow my list exactly but at least I remembered to bring it with me.

So even though we didn’t stick to our dinner plan 100%, I still really like it as a framework and do find it eliminates some of the confusion and need for discussion about what’s for dinner 99% of the time.

weekly meal planning menu

Here’s what we are thinking for next week:

Sunday – Whole Wheat Skillet Lasagna / Meatless Meatballs

Monday – Roasted Harvest Veggie, Curried Avocado & Coconut Rice Bowls <- My favorite fall recipe

Tuesday  – Pizza Night

Wednesday – Copycat Subway Sandwich

Thursday – Leftovers or Stir Fry

Friday – out

Saturday  – out


*I am making the whole wheat skillet lasagna because I have ricotta cheese to use before it expires and I figure this Sunday is a good day to make it and then freeze it for leftovers. (hopefully I will share the recipe soon!)

*My meatless meatballs are just ridiculous and need to be made again just so I can freeze them to have on hand.

*My favorite fall recipe is always on my mind but it’s been forever since I made it. I am sort of hoping my son will like it too since it involves coconut flavors for the rice and the roasted fall vegetables (acorn squash, butternut, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts) are just so irresistible.

*Copycat Subway sandwich? For sure I can do that for my son. For me, the girl who really doesn’t care for a sandwich, I will most likely have a power bowl.

Oh, by the way, I started a meal planning board on pinterest.

Follow The Cookie ChRUNicles’s board *Meal Planning* on Pinterest.//

I try to add other meal plans to this board for inspiration as well as recipes I am considering in the weeks ahead.

Pinterest gets confusing for me, as much as I love it, because I have so many boards which seem to be organized but so many recipes can fall into so many categories that I really don’t know which board to pin them to first or if I should double pin them where applicable or what.

Insert that new upside down emoji face here. That’s how I feel with pinterest, and social media in general, sometimes.

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How do you handle pinterest if a recipe you like fits a bunch of categories?

Are you a Subway sandwich eater? Do you like sandwiches?

3 things you are doing this weekend?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

23 thoughts on “recent Trader Joe’s shop & next week’s dinner plan”

  1. My Pinterest board is a mess right now…I have one food category but once I try something, I either delete it or move it to my “tried it and loved it” board so I can remember. I just created one for Thanksgiving because I want to try out recipes on my blog and this keeps it organized better..but I need a better system!!

    1. I need a new system too I think, I wanted to do a board of recipes to try and then actually try them and then move their pin to another board but gosh that sounds rather time consuming and knowing me, I will never do it.

  2. I think I need to start coming to dinner at your house. Lasagna? pizza? All of my favorite things. I get really bummed when TJs doesn’t have my chicken because I drive a solid 25 minutes out of the way to get it and I eat it every day of the week. It’s my favorite and when they don’t have it, I feel like it throws my whole week off! I guess that means I need to learn to be more flexible…

  3. I used to be a HUGE Subway addict. I loved their chicken sandwiches, BLT’s, veggie subs, etc. And their cookies. But it’s been months since I’ve eaten there, and now I’d much rather have some sort of salad and fruit.

  4. I get so bummed when the grocery store is out of something I’m looking for, and it happens every week! One time they were out of cashews for 2 weeks which was so frustrating. I pin recipes on several Pinterest boards – some people only follow a few of my boards and then it helps me when I can never remember where I pinned something!

  5. I totally understand when meal planning goes out the window. It has kinda been that way for me lately. I love Trader Joes but I can never buy everything there so I usually only go once or twice a month for my favorite items.

  6. Sandwiches make up a ridiculous % of my diet. I have a fear of running out of bread lest I may find myself in a situation where I can’t make a sandwich (which would be tragic 😉 ) so I always have a back-up loaf in the freezer! It’s that bad. Also, there’s something about having a sandwich for dinner that makes you feel like you’re being a bit of a rebel mid-week!

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