workouts from the week 10/26 – 11/1

Halloween candy


Oh, hello. Anyone else up early due to the time change? Are you thinking about eating your leftover Halloween candy for breakfast?

Halloween candy

The time change used to bother me, especially when my son was little because he would wake up even earlier than normal and normal was horrendously early to begin with. Now though, I am simply thrilled to have some extra morning light for my runs!

My workouts this week started off kinda bleh but my long run yesterday was awesome in every way. Happens sometimes right? I did my best to go with how I felt, just knowing that listening to my body and taking it easy when I felt I needed to would pay off in the end.

Let’s take a look…

weekly workout recap

Monday – Yoga & Gym Day

I needed an easy workout morning. Why? I don’t know, it’s just how I felt.

I skipped Pure Barre in favor of yoga followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.

I threw in some strength training with the free weights but what I do with free weights doesn’t exactly qualify as a strength training workout. At least I don’t think so. I was never very good at the weight lifting stuff.

Important thing to note: Most of my “strength training” comes from Pure Barre.

Even though Pure Barre focuses on body weight exercises and 3 lb weights, I am actually stronger and better able to lift the 10 and 15 pound free weights when I am in the gym. This just goes to show that body weight exercises and using light weights, high reps and those little isometric holds really do work to increase your strength. It doesn’t always have to be heavy weights.

Tuesday – 8 Miles (4 on treadmill, 4 outside)

I was doing so well with my treadmill runs but lately I can’t stand them.

I gave it some thought and realized that this does happen every year around this time; my body needs longer warm up minutes and not just for outdoor runs!

If I push the pace too quickly on the treadmill, I feel it in my lower legs. I thought I learned this lesson last winter! I tried to keep it easy but went too fast between miles 2 and 3 which left me with that ever familiar treadmill inducing shin splint feeling into my right foot.

Lesson learned -> take longer to warm up on the treadmill.

Wednesday – Pure Barre Studio Series DVD & 4 Miles

Back to Pure Barre this morning! 4 miles outside which I barely remember.

Thursday  – 8 Miles

Should I even be surprised that it took me ALMOST 4 MILES to warm up today? I just couldn’t find my groove until the half way point of this run, even though it was warm outside. I think the up and down temperatures are confusing to my body!


Friday – Pure Barre Pure Results / NO RUNNING

I skipped the usual easy run which I like to do after this particular Pure Barre workout because I was feeling pretty tired all day on Thursday and I didn’t want to overdo it, even though I woke up feeling refreshed and much better.

Saturday – 13.1 Miles

Now this was a fabulous run. The weather was perfectly crisp and I was full of energy.

I thought about following my negative split workout but a little over half way through the run, I was feeling so great that I dropped that workout and just kept going at what turned out to be my race pace.


Sunday – Rest day watching the New York City Marathon!

Good luck to all runners this morning! Last year in honor of the marathon, I shared a guest post from my dad regarding his memories from his first New York City Marathon back in the 80’s. If you missed it, click here – it was a great post 🙂

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Does the time change affect you?

Did you have candy yesterday? What kind?

Runners- how do you strength train?

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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

8 thoughts on “workouts from the week 10/26 – 11/1”

  1. Just saw this pop up as I mill around my apartment getting ready, very lazily, for a morning run before I come back to clean up and head out again as a volunteer at the Junior League’s marathon cheer station this afternoon. The time change affected me oddly – I’m so glad it is light out at 6 instead of 7 for weekday runs, but today I could have slept in even extra, and it just wouldn’t let me!

  2. Everytime I ready your posts, it reminds me to do Pure Barre! Schedule with my pumpkin just doesn’t match at the moment but one day! You are so organized with your workouts, I love it! I taught so much last week that I didn’t workout much myself but getting back on track this week!

  3. Great job on the Half!

    I’ve gotten so much better about cross-training but am still trying to find a strength-training routine that works for me. I’ll swim at least once a week (twice or maybe even three times depending on how my body feels) and that’s been great for me.

    Have you tried Bikram yoga before?!

    I loved the hot yoga studio I was going to in D.C. and I felt like it was the perfect strength routine for me. I can’t seem to find a studio I like in Chicago!

    1. I haven’t done Bikram – most yoga actually makes me dizzy so I stick to some basic poses from a few online videos that I have learned to like to keep myself from feeling sick. But I know people swear by the hot yoga!

  4. It usually takes me a few days to adjust to the time change, but I am excited for some more light in the mornings! I will probably be ready for bed and 8pm tonight:) We have quite a bit of leftover candy! I had some reeses yesterday..not sure how long the rest of the bag will last for!

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