8 Weekend Things To Tell You



1. I made it a full week without stepping inside a Trader Joe’s store but of course they didn’t have everything I needed which means I have to go back.


2. If you are looking to order my salad from the Cheesecake Factory, it’s called the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad.

bbq ranch salad

But, I order it without the chicken and I skip the dressing too. I used to order the dressing on the side. Then, over the years, I gravitated away from the ranch dressing to the Skinnylicious vinaigrette but most recently, I stopped the dressing altogether because it was messing with the awesome flavors of the salad ingredients.

The onion strings combined with the black beans, corn, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado need nothing else. Trust me.

3. As you learned about me last week, it’s more about the ice cream toppings and chocolate-dipped cones than the actual ice cream for me.

I think there is some frozen yogurt under all those crunchies.

ice cream cone

4. We went out to eat after kickboxing on Saturday and I was treated to an oatmeal party for one. I now feel the need to set up an oatmeal breakfast bar in my house because lots of toppings in cute little cups are really fun.


5. Not totally sure I love this shade of OPI polish for my toes (the bottle on the left) but I couldn’t figure out what color to get so this is what I ended up with.

opi nail polish

6. Yesterday’s Long Run:

A new pair of Energy Boosts = My feet feel home again.

adidas pro compression

In my head I was planning for 13.1 miles with an easy-paced start, a fast-paced finish and a cool down at the end which is exactly what transpired.

Quite often we need to tell ourselves to ease up on the pace so that we don’t run faster than planned but then there are days like yesterday where I had no choice but to run easy-paced in the beginning because I really couldn’t move much faster!

My legs were feeling a little tired which left me wondering how the heck I was going to speed up towards the end.

Based on my splits, can you tell at which point I took a gel?


7. I am trying out some new fueling strategies for next month’s half (more on this in later posts) and yesterday’s Hammer Gel in raspberry definitely served it’s purpose!

hammer gel

I started taking in little bits at the hour mark which was after mile 6 but right before mile 7 and it was an almost instant effect. I couldn’t be happier with how this gel worked for me.

8. My weekend ended the best way possible…

hershey bar cheesecake

Sometimes you just NEED a serious slice of chocolate cake so you find yourself back at your favorite restaurant for the second time in three days.

Totally hit the long run insatiable hunger spot 🙂

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Is your Trader Joe’s always out of something?!

Favorite oatmeal toppings?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

28 thoughts on “8 Weekend Things To Tell You”

  1. That cake…..mmmmm I recognize that plate, I know where that is from, and I am so glad you went for it! We had red mango yesterday, nearly sent you a pic hahaha, but I thought you get enough of those. It IS more about the toppings though! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Funny you mention that the TJ’s was out of something, because I had a conversation with the cashier there yesterday about that sort of thing. Apparently, people come in all the time looking for things that are discontinued (and have been for some time). We usually are very lucky or very unlucky: either everything is there, or nothing is!

  3. Great job on your long run! I love it when I take a gel and can immediately feel its effects. That’s so awesome! I know what you mean about TJ’s..it seems like they’re always out of cilantro which drives me crazy!!

  4. Back in the day, I would eat the bbq ranch chicken salad at CF in all it’s glory and get really ill from it but it did not ever stop me from ordering it again!! It probably still would be my favorite if I had it now, yum!

  5. I like that nail polish combo! I always go darker on my toes and lighter on my hands.
    I dont think I have been going to TJs long enough to notice if they are always out of something. So far I havent had that problem!
    Hammer gels are one of my favorites. This reminds me that I need to order more gels this week, I only have 1 left!

    1. I have to get more of the hammer gels, I definitely liked it. Maybe I will try another flavor but the raspberry was good. I always go light on my fingers and dark on the toes! I hate to see the chips in my nails!

  6. I haven’t been able to get my cauliflower rice at TJs in months! Best oatmeal topping, PB2, honey, and cinnamon 🙂 Had an easy 7-8 miler this am. And for some reason, I have a lot of RUNGER today 🙂

  7. Mmmm, so many yummy desserts in one post! That oatmeal bar is the cutest thing I ever did see. I love peanut butter and banana on my oatmeal. Frozen berries are also really delicious.
    Today calls for a 5 mile tempo run and some yoga. I have today off so it really doesn’t feel like a Monday:)
    P.S. – I love your nail polish choice:)

  8. Glad you got in a killer long run. And enjoyed that slice of cake. I was really craving one yesterday but I also had my sights set on the ice cream donut sandwich. I go to TJ’s once a week because it’s so far away so when they run out of my chicken, I get so so mad because it means I have to drive the 25 minutes back again another day to get it. Still the best grocery store out there.

    1. Definitely enjoyed that cake! I needed it 🙂 I agree on TJ, it’s my favorite but ugh, when they are out of something it’s so annoying! I am lucky to live within close distance to a few of them but I am tired of spending my extra time in the grocery store simply because they didn’t have what I needed.

  9. I love the idea of setting up “bars” for my food, but then I don’t want to deal with cleaning up all the little bowls I used 😆 I DO want a dessert bar at my wedding, though. And I’m all about the toppings when it comes to ice cream as well, which is probably why vanilla is my favourite — perfect base for whatever you want to toss on it.

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