Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Thank you all for your comments, social media shares and emails regarding yesterday’s post.

I am so glad that my blunt way of going about such a personal and important topic was so well received. It seems as though many of us have dealt with amenorrhea at one point or another to varying degrees and the truth is, as runners and fitness enthusiasts, it’s always a slippery slope of making sure we are at balance with our energy in vs. energy out.

As a female runner, what I eat matters a whole lot, not just because I really like food but because running means I must eat more in order to keep up with myself, especially when my mileage goes up. We should probably talk more about this in greater detail but not today because today is Friday and my brain is fried.

Instead, let’s look at my favorites from the week and I will work on some follow-up amenorrhea posts when I can think straight!

Friday Favorites

1. The Fresh Market!

Is it wrong to tell you that The Fresh Market is my new favorite grocery store simply based on their multitude of FREE fresh fruit samples?


I must admit I stop in a few times a week for an afternoon snack. I can’t help myself. Cherries, peaches, cantaloupe and pineapple always on display!

I sometimes feel bad about this but hey, it doesn’t say limit one piece per person per day or even per week. And sometimes I even buy some fruit to take home with me so it’s all okay, right?

2. My favorite hair product at the moment:


When I had my hair cut and highlighted back in June, my stylist told me to try this Saphira Rejuvenating Styling Cream in order to protect my hair from the highlights and blow drying. This product helps restore the proteins and keeps the ends of the hair nice and smooth, eliminating that breakage/frizz appearance. Um, it really works!

I just use a small amount when my hair is wet, before I blow dry. If I am not blow drying that day, I still put some in when my hair is wet and it dries real nice and smooth (but I have really straight hair so I can’t say for sure how it would work for your hair if you let your hair air dry).

3. English Muffins With Peanut Butter:

english muffin with peanut butter

The other day I told you that I went a day without oatmeal and I think it’s quite possible that I may skip it on a more regular basis at breakfast time in favor of this English muffin+ peanut butter + blueberries combination. It just hits the spot in the right way when I first wake up.

I mean, I always knew this, I lived on English muffins with peanut butter for breakfast for seven years straight but then somehow got hooked on oatmeal. I am hoping to find some sort of breakfast balance between my two favorites.

By the way, I think I prefer english muffins to toast, especially before I run. Toast with peanut butter doesn’t satisfy me the same way that an english muffin does, anyone else with thoughts on this?

4. My Dessert Of The Month For July arrived on Wednesday!

Remember that I told you one of my birthday gifts last month was enrollment in the dessert of the month club?

July’s delivery arrived and while I don’t love this month’s dessert, it is still so super exciting to anticipate the arrival. Such a great gift!

Dessert Of Month

I don’t know, cinnamon walnut just isn’t my thing. It isn’t bad per say, it’s just not chocolate and dessert to me is chocolate. They should have made it a crumb topped cinnamon walnut cake, that I could have learned to enjoy.

5. This Guy…

I like him. And not just because he enrolled me in the Dessert Of The Month Club.

Jeff and me

We have fun together and tonight will be no exception, especially since our fun is centered around a town that has Kilwin’s, Torta Fina Bake Shoppe and Cold Stone Creamery all on one street.

If you are wondering how I will pick between all three dessert spots, I haven’t a clue. I have been thinking about it all week and may need something from each place. 

I am loving those sunglasses you see me wearing -> if you missed my two posts about my experience at Pearle Vision, click here and here. Both posts have $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaways!

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Toast or english muffin?

Who is running long this weekend? How many miles are you planning?

If dessert was being delivered to your door, what would you want the most?








Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  1. You guys are too sweet! So happy for you 🙂 Dessert of the month club is enough I think but I know there’s so much more 😉 My brain is fried too, my girls and I are heading to Target today because Fridays often mean retail therapy.

  2. What a cute pic of you and your guy! Adorable and you look really happy 🙂
    My long run this weekend is a 70 minute run. I’ll be visiting my alma mater (Penn State) so I can’t wait to run around campus!

  3. I’m all about that English Muffin… lightly toasted with grape jelly… yes please! Maybe that’s what I’ll have after my long run (14ish miles)! I would totally want cupcakes delivered.. maybe Baked By Melissa sampler so I could have a bunch of flavors to choose from! Hope you have a fabulous weekend – I’ve never been to a Kilwins… what makes it so special (I love Coldstone!!)

    1. I only really know Kilwins as special because sarah loves it (picky runner) It’s an ice cream/dessert shop with really good fudge. I can’t decide what I will have! Have a great weekend and a terrific run.

  4. I’m 110% on Team English Muffin. An English muffin or oatmeal with PB and blueberries has been my go to breakfast this summer. Nothing like melty peanut butter in those nooks and crannies. My run will be with my little sister who’s prepping for cross country. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Awwr! You two make one good looking couple 😀 And bonus points to him for the whole dessert thing. I’ve been craving chocolate like crazy lately, so I’d probably want to see some kind of chocolate cupcake. And English muffins over toast, always. Especially when almond butter and jam are involved.

  6. Cute picture of you two! You guys look good together. 🙂
    I agree – dessert IS chocolate. No exceptions. I wanted some salted caramel ice cream one night last week, and I bought one that said CHOCOLATE salted caramel and it was on sale for less than the usual one I buy (which is dairy free – both of them), but it WASN’T chocolate! It was just vanilla “ice cream” with chocolate SHAVINGS! NO NO NO!!!! It just didn’t satisfy.
    I usually do toast, but I do love english muffins…and your picture looks so good that I just might buy some tonight to eat in the morning before my “short” training run – 10 miles. haha. (it’s cut back week before 19 miles next weekend, so it’s “short”) lol

  7. I would ALWAYS rather have some sort of chocolate dessert. Hands down. I think I would have been slightly disappoint with that cake as well.
    I do love English muffins. There is just something about those nooks and crannies, you know?

  8. We all will know it’s true love when the ‘display’ picture becomes that instead of the red mango 😉

    (this comment makes no sense to anyone else lol!) Have a great weekend Meredith and stay away from the watermelon.

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