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I spotted a runner a few nights ago as I pulled into my neighborhood and suddenly became intrigued. I had the urge to run too.

It was about 6:30 pm, not that humid and still sunny outside. It seemed like such a great idea, even to me, the strictly morning runner.

Why not go for an easy run? I wasn’t planning to do anything else at home and I didn’t run in the morning – what a great idea!

Until I parked the car and got out, realizing my legs were stiff, my stomach was full from dinner and I was so tired that just walking from the car to the front door seemed like a marathon.

So much for that.


My dad suggested I drive the amount of miles I normally run when I run long just so I can see the distance I am actually covering since my mileage perspective as a runner is completely skewed.

Here’s what I learned:

Should I find myself stranded and hungry out in Commack, NY, I now know that I can run to Red Mango in Woodbury, NY and maybe, on a good day Roosevelt Field mall.

And, if I ever find myself in the mood to run 26.2 miles, the city is not out of reach by foot! How cool is that?!

Okay so in all seriousness, we just don’t realize how far we are running, especially when we run our typical routes. I normally run a routine neighborhood loop and loop running leaves you completely unaware of actual distance even if we are counting the miles as they go by.


The other day on instagram I shared a picture of my sneakers which I need you to remember is not the same thing as my running shoes.


My feet know the difference. These Saucony Kinvara’s may technically be sold as a running shoe but for me, they are sneakers. This means they are comfortable and cute for walking the mall but don’t agree with my feet when I run.

Sneakers are for leisure time and fashion statements and my running shoes are strictly for running which is all about comfort as related to performance.

I’ve got it down to a science right now in my closet.

running shoes

Adidas Energy Boosts – My go-to favorite running shoe worn for races, long runs, hard runs, speed runs.

Mizuno Wave Enigma 5’s – These break in more and more every day! Short runs, recovery runs, easy runs.

Hoka Cliftons – Slowly starting to wear out but I still wear them each week for short runs, recovery runs, easy runs.

Saucony Kinvara – Mall walking, cute outfit wearing and I think I wore them on a plane once. Or twice.


Tuesday morning I got all annoyed while running on my path because it appeared there was a dog up ahead without a leash.

I veered off the path to avoid the dog while cursing the owner of the dog who couldn’t take the time to leash his dog until I realized out of the corner of my eye as I ran parallel to the path that it was not a dog I was approaching, it was a knocked over orange cone.

running path

And this is another reason why I should probably wear my glasses while I run.

Speaking of glasses, did you catch my recent Pearle Vision posts? If not click here and here <- both posts offer $100 Visa Gift Card giveaways!

Instead of wearing my glasses when I should, I am one of those people who wears their sunglasses indoors and in elevators.

elevator selfie

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!

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Are you a morning or evening runner? Are you able to do both easily?

Which shoe is considered your “sneaker” and which is your “running shoe”?

If you were hungry, what restaurant would you run to first?







Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

26 thoughts on “Running Out Loud”

  1. I also mentioned in my post today how I can’t run later in the day…I have done it before but its so hard for me to get moving, plus with the heat lately I think I will just stick to early morning runs.
    Thats pretty cool how far across LI you could run! Sometimes I think about how I could technically run to work because its only like 10 miles away but there are really no safe paths to get me there. Plus, no showers.
    I was so happy when you said you have “sneakers” and running shoes. Not everyone says sneakers but I think it must be a NY thing maybe? Rob calls them tennis shoes, which doesn’t make any sense to me, ya know because who is playing tennis? And other people have given me weird looks when I have said sneakers.

    1. is this like the whole sprinkles vs. “jimmie’s” debate? I knew some people called sneakers tennis shoes but I didn’t know they didn’t refer to sneakers as sneakers throughout the world?! Why tennis shoes unless u are playing tennis lol. I am picturing my old K Swiss “sneakers” which I wore when I used to play tennis.

  2. A long time ago I wrote about thinking trees are people and that sort of thing while running so I completely get the dog/orange cone 🙂 I agree that driving the distances we run is always odd and I can never believe I’m actually running that far!

  3. When Annmarie and I were running in LA there was a knocked over cone in an underpass that she thought was a body. That was actually kind of funny. My Sneakers are my Nike Frees and my running shoes are my Newton Kismets and Nike Pegasus 32s and Nike Zoom Elite 8s. I just retired for good my old purple Kismets but sometimes I would use them as sneakers as well–the minimalism and drop helps with my calves.

  4. I prefer to run in the morning but I usually only get up to run for my long runs on weekends or if its a million degrees during the week. I actually need a new pair of sneakers (well I call them tennis shoes) but my running shoes are Mizunos Wave Inspires.

  5. The only time I ever ran without glasses was pre-sunrise runs because I didn’t want to put my contacts in that early & I hate running with glasses. It really wasn’t a good idea.

    I guess it’s a good thing I no longer run that early in the morning!

  6. I think I’m a morning and evening runner. For a while I would only run in the evening, but lately I’ve been waking up and running before work. They both have benefits for me so I’m glad I can do both easily!

    I definitely know what you mean about us underestimating how far we run! When I’m using GPS and I see we have 13.1 or 26.2 miles to go, it always surprises me how far that is. I always say “we just have a marathon left to drive” which always drives dan crazy 🙂 I also like to convert distances to kilometers for fun which always confuses him when I give directions!

  7. I’m totally a morning runner… putting my run off until after work is beyond difficult for me. It’s always a struggle for me to get motivated and get my butt out the door. I’m all about Nike Pegasus for my running shoe, but I rock the Nike SkyHighs or Nike Frees for my everyday kinda shoe.

  8. Those orange dogs, though… gotta watch out for them 😆 And I’m most definitely a morning runner. I kind of get a second wind at around 8pm, but I’m usually ready to relax and unwind at that point, and not looking to do anything productive or useful. That and it usually ends up giving me a tonne of energy and I can’t fall asleep well after.

  9. I have my sneakers for walking the dog out in CT on woods paths, my easy running/long walk sneakers, and then my “running shoes” for real runs. Oh, and also my Tretorn tennies for just strolling in the city! So many pairs in rotation.

    I never realized what kind of distance my long runs in Central Park were covering until one day, I realized that I could run from my apartment on the Upper East Side up to Columbia and back, most of it in the park, and that was just under 8 miles, and took me a little over 80 minutes. Taking public transport one way takes longer than running!

  10. You look super cute in those sunglasses! We don’t use the term sneakers in Canada. We call them all running shoes. Funny, eh? It’s ironic though because the pub we live next to is joined to a gym and the pub is called “Sneakers.” Canada is SO CONFUSING. Ha. And I abhor running in the mornings. I’m a solid min/mile slower in the morning than when I run at night no matter the temperature or humidity.

  11. God I’m always so jealous of runners out at night… until I think about actually getting out there and immediately go NOPE. Not happening. I’m just way too tired to run after work. Morning runners all the way.

    And so with you on the shoes- I’ll wear my under armour shoes to walk around in but I’d never run in them. Ever.

  12. Ok. I’m “the one” who calls them tennis shoes…haha. And no, I don’t play tennis. Unless you call smacking a tennis ball with a racket and then the other person has to leave the court to go get the tennis ball, playing tennis…but that “tennis game” has only happened twice, with my Hus, and he “plays” tennis the same way I do. So basically, we’re just running in circles together on a tennis court, haha.
    Long story short, yes, I have separate “sneakers” and running shoes. My running shoes are: Brooks Glycerin 13s for long runs, Mizuno Wave Enigma’s for short runs and recovery runs, and Mizuno Sayanara’s for speed runs.
    I’m really an evening runner, but since joining a running group, I’ve become a morning runner when running with them – so for long runs and speed workouts. If i’m going out to run alone, I just can’t do it early in the morning…

  13. While I really want to buy a more practical running shoe such as Asics, Nike are always my go to. They are just SO much more attractive and fun looking, and depending on which style you get they can also have great support!

  14. I’m one of those weird night runners – but only during the week, on weekends I’m all about the morning runs! The adidas energy boost was my go-to running shoe all of last year, but both pairs have now been retired to sneakers and my supernova glide 7s are now my running shoes. But honestly, I’m mostly in flip-flops (or heels for work) – probably not the best thing for my feet!

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