Post Run Meal Ideas

post run meal ideas



By now you must know that my post-run breakfast is a really big deal to me.

oats in jar

Even though I eat a small breakfast before I head outside, I am always starving after my run so coming home to oatmeal in a jar mixed with berries, Skoop B-Strong and peanut butter makes me really (like, really) happy.

I don’t run the same distance every morning but I do make sure to always eat right after I take a shower. I feel noticeably better when I eat this balanced breakfast within the critical refueling window (30-60 minutes following a workout). If I miss the window, I end up with an insatiable appetite, a headache and stiff muscles.

Since we are all different in terms of what we like to eat and how we handle our workouts and fueling strategies, I thought it would be fun to ask my blogging friends some questions about their routine and post run favorites in order to give us some additional perspective and hopefully, some alternate meal ideas!

post run meal ideas

Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

I usually run in the morning, about 20-30 minutes after I wake up. During the week I head out around 5:30am, on the weekends it’s more like 7am. I’ll typically drink a cup of coffee and maybe eat a banana before I head out.

I like post-run meals like this bacon and sweet potato frittata recipe because I can prepare it in advance so that it’s ready to go when I get home.

bacon and sweet potato frittata









I love eating eggs after a run because I know I’m getting protein. I also aim to eat at least one serving of veggies in each of my meals. When I eat eggs after I run, I will usually add spinach or some other vegetable. I’ve also been loving sweet potatoes and plantains with my eggs lately.

If I am doing a really long run I usually just add an extra post-run meal. I have a hard time eating a lot after a long run so I will have something small right away and then another meal an hour or two later. If I wait too long after I run to eat then usually feel like I need more food than if I eat right away.

I like adding fruit and almond butter to my meal if I feel like I need a little something extra.

Sarah @ Picky Runner

On weekdays, I’m pretty bad about eating immediately after I run. I leave between 6:45-7am and usually get back around 8:15. I jump in the shower so I can head out the door around 8:35 and be at work by 9am.

I stop at 7-eleven on my walk to work for a hot chocolate, put my stuff down at my desk and beeline to the kitchen to make my bagel with butter.


The weekends are a little different. I don’t always run but I’m usually up and leaving for a bike ride around 8 or 9. By the time I get back, it’s usually closer to 10:30 or 11 so breakfast happens pretty late. I’ll still sometimes have a bagel, but occasionally I’ll have pancakes or french toast instead. Always with 7-eleven hot chocolate.

I honestly don’t look for much in a meal. I eat what I’m craving. I don’t really like the typical American “breakfast” foods like eggs or bacon.
I like to think my 7-eleven hot chocolate does the same thing as chocolate milk, which is the best post-workout snack you can have, but I’m not kidding myself. I’m definitely not the norm when it comes to a “healthy living blogger” but for me, the less I think about what I’m eating and when, the healthier I am. Otherwise, I fall into a dangerous spiral of unhealthy behaviors I’d rather not go back.


Michele @ Paleo Running Mama

Since I run early in the morning around 5:30 or 6am I don’t normally eat anything beforehand. If I’m running longer than 12 miles I’ll eat a banana pre run and bring along fuel.

My typical meal is eaten anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour after a run, just depending on how hungry I feel and what else I need to do!

This is about 3 slices of bacon with half a plantain, sliced and fried in bacon fat, with kale and 2 eggs also cooked in bacon fat. Everything is seasoned with sea salt.

paleo running mama

Especially after a longer run, I make sure I get a good amount of fat and protein along with some paleo friendly dense carbs (whole foods, no grains).

My other favorite with breakfast is Japanese sweet potato.  Eating a nutrient dense post run meal like this helps replace what I’ve lost during the run and helps me recover. It also prevents raging hunger later in the day, and keeps my digestion calm!


I realize that not everyone runs first thing in the morning which means you may need post run meal ideas that aren’t considered breakfast foods. I am working on that post next!

In the meantime, while still on the topic of breakfast, please check out my pinterest boards. I have been pinning up a storm and recommend the following boards:




Breads & Muffins


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What’s your favorite post-run meal?

How soon do you eat after you run?

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20 thoughts on “Post Run Meal Ideas”

  1. Aw yay so many friends, and such different sides of the food/taste spectrum! I think a balance of carbs and protein is most important–that’s why I always loved my egg white oats after

  2. My post run b-fast definitely changes depending on the season. I come back dripping with sweat in the summer, so all I want is a cold refreshing green protein smoothie. In the winter though, I want something warmer…maybe oatmeal or a bagel. Totally going to check out your smoothie board – I tend to just throw a bunch of random stuff in the blender and hope it comes out well! haha

  3. Your oats in a jar always look so yummy!
    My fav post run meal usually includes plain greek yogurt either with hot oatmeal and honey or granola and rasberry jam stirred in.
    I try to eat right after I shower so within about 15mins.

  4. Love this roundup! On weekends I often make frittatas like Lisa when I have a lot of time, and not eat for about an hour after the long run because that’s when the runger kicks in – weekdays I’ll do an oatmeal cake of mine that bakes while I get ready. After a short weekday run, I eat right after because I’m getting ready to go.

    1. I look forward to my breakfast and coffee too! Can’t wait to get up for breakfast time. It is interesting to see what we all eat which is exactly why I wanted to show different perspectives because we are all so different.

  5. SALT! I neeeed salt after a run. And I know it’s smart to have protein, so I’ll try and get some cooked turkey breast or chicken in my body along with some salty snacks.

  6. I do NOT eat before I work out – so when I come back and eat, it’s a big deal, just like you 😉 I have a lot of different fuel ideas – because it’s generally lunch time, so the world is my oyster! Yep, I actually eat oysters sometimes too! ha ha.

  7. Since it is so hot and humid here in Texas, I am all about a big hearty smoothie filled with protein, fats, and fruits. I try to eat within the hour after my run. I used to wait way too long, but now I am more conscious of it, because I know my muscles need to recover.

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