Would You Still Be My Friend If You Knew?

roasted veggies meal prep



I feel like you and I are so super close that you basically know everything about me but my pal Sara tagged me to share ten confessions so I decided to try to come up with some things we may not have discussed just yet.

I don’t know that I will have ten so let’s not number them and just go with it, okay?

Would you still be my friend if you knew…

I am not a friendly runner.

So long as you provide your own disclaimer and own up to your reality, even if it isn’t nice, it makes it somewhat acceptable.

Here’s the situation:

  1.  Most people in New York don’t voluntarily say hello unless they have a hidden agenda/are weird so my unfriendly running nature is not entirely my fault – I am a product of my environment!
  2. I am usually so in my zone when I run that half the time I don’t even notice the people around me
  3.  The times where I have tried to be polite and say HEY!, the person decides to strike up conversation rather than just leaving it at a wave but like, HELLO, I am running and listening to music therefore I do not hear you, don’t want to hear you and I’m sorry but does it look like I have time to chat?

I will never be your drinking buddy because I faint from a few sips of alcohol.


It’s much safer if I stick with water.

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels which in my case, causes my already low blood pressure which I mentioned yesterday to suddenly drop making me severely dizzy and next thing you know, I am on the floor.

It has happened more times than I like to admit in public but always in super nice restaurants so at least I retain some class even when not conscious.

We are talking half a drink here. I do not even get drunk. I skip that part and without warning, I will go straight to dizzy and pass out.

Here’s a snap shot of my last fainting incident which took place at Bond Street down in Miami.

miami 2011

Yep, that’s me with my blonde hair pulled back and my cousins holding me up like I am some sort of drunk freak.

I was not drunk, I did not need assistance to stand at this point yet these girls held on to me afterwards and even took my heels so I wouldn’t fall (can you imagine I walked barefoot through South Beach while someone held my ever classic Chanel shoes?!)

I still don’t know which one of them found this situation amusing enough to snap a picture.

I haven’t had a sip of vodka since this trip (vodka is my biggest problem although the doctor said I must be careful with all alcohol) but I do drink wine on occasion – on a full stomach while alternating my sips with water to stay hydrated.

I had a toy poodle when I was younger and her name was Cindy.

When she died, the dog-lover in me died too.


I got Cindy when I was nine years old and decided her name should be Cindy because she had curly ears which reminded me of Cindy’s curly pig tails on The Brady Bunch.

My Cindy died in 2003, a few weeks before her Sweet Sixteen.

I am still not over it so not only do I not acknowledge other people while I run, I ignore their dogs too.

I do not answer the phone if it rings/beeps/bings at meal time.

Do not bother me when I am eating, especially when I am eating my post-run breakfast.

oats in a jar

Saturday’s oats in a jar with lots of berries, Skoop B-Strong, a spoonful of greek yogurt and tons of peanut butter.

I want nothing to do with the world until I have finished my oatmeal and started my second cup of coffee (and depending upon the person who tries to contact me, I may need a third cup of coffee and a cookie to raise my tolerance level for the conversation).

I don’t prepare my meals in advance but if you ask me to do your meal prep, I will.


roasted veggies meal prep

I roasted a bunch of potatoes (sweet and regular) plus brussels sprouts and carrots for my parents this weekend.


The only issue with me preparing your food is that I will probably sample it which is why I have never worked in a restaurant.

On the topic of meal prep, if you truly value yourself, your health and the health of your family, you are going to figure out a system that works for your household in terms of getting balanced meals on the table at least a few nights a week.

I know I am getting a bit off topic but actually, I am not.

One thing you may not know about me (or maybe by now you do) is that I have zero patience for people who do not value and prioritize their well-being.

Actually, it’s more like this: I have zero patience to talk to/listen to/try to help those who complain about their weight/their health/their lack of motivation, ask me for advice and then continue with excuses/doing nothing about it.

We all have the ability to squeeze in thirty minutes for ourselves at some point in our day, maybe not every day but a few times a week, in order to exercise –> if we really want to.

And, we all have the ability to think about our meals for the week and plan ahead, whatever our planning strategy may be.

It frustrates me to no end to watch people make excuses for not finding a few extra minutes to prepare something in advance, stock the freezer with steam fresh vegetables, cook some extra proteins on the weekend in order to get health-focused and organized for the week ahead.

We can’t cover every single meal in advance but we can try to the best of our ability to find some balance, that is, if we care enough about ourselves to make our health a priority.

If you ever wondered why I am not a social worker, therapist or customer service employee, now you see why.

hate everyone and pants quote

It’s true.

I don’t even own pajama pants. Is that too much information?

This post cracks me up. I sit here laughing (at myself, by myself) as I type which is a such a great way to start off the week.

Have a terrific Monday!

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Are you a dog lover? What kind of dog do you have/did you have?

Did you prepare any food for the week? Any new recipes?

Ever faint in a restaurant?




Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

46 thoughts on “Would You Still Be My Friend If You Knew?”

  1. I’m such a dog lover. My husband and I have 2 dogs – Chopper, a cocker spaniel, and Diesel, a chocolate lab.

    I totally relate to you when you said you can’t stand people who make excuse after excuse about having no time or not wanting to work on their health but complain ALL. THE. TIME. I can’t stand that!

  2. I found myself nodding along to quite a few of these, so YES, I am definitely still your friend! The wellbeing one pisses me off to, especially when people complain about being hungry or dizzy because they forgot to pack any food and havent eaten since 6pm last night! GRRRRR!

  3. I am a friendly runner in that I won’t knock you down, and I try to make some sort of eye contact, but when I was in NYC I definitely didn’t. That was much more an every many for himself situation.

  4. I always find it funny that New Yorkers are so unfriendly, yet they don’t even realize it!
    I haven’t fainted in a restaurant but I faint every time I have blood drawn and fainted one time randomly while shopping in Nordstrom. It was super embarrassing and I still don’t know why it happened.

    1. I fainted once while having blood drawn and lived in fear while I was pregnant that I would faint during labor (I didn’t though!)…I can totally see fainting while shopping. Sometimes it’s so hot and stuffy and the lights are bright and if you are standing on line for a while? Not good!

  5. I laughed when you said you’re not a friendly runner, because, duh! You’re a NYer! I can relate, I try really hard to be friendly but I was not raised to say hello to people I pass on the street, and most of the people around me weren’t either! At races I’m always amazed at the different “stranger” culture in different parts of the U.S. I also don’t meal prep but did it when my husband was trying to eat healthier. And I agree it’s all about priorities but some people can’t really hear that or just don’t understand yet.

    1. I have a feeling that the people who are overly friendly around here must have been born in another state and someone landed themselves in NY. I always make friends wherever I go, especially at races, but I still amazed as well as at “friendly” people are!

  6. AHH! I am laughing out loud right now! Your hilarious! I am such a dog lover! I stop to pet every dog…it really is kind of embarrassing because I forget that I am 31 and shouldn’t stop to bend over and pet every dog when we are out! (BTW-It’s Nat’l Puppy Day so how appropriate!) I had a toy poodle growing up too, her name was Baby! She was also black like your Cindy…they woulda been pals!

    This weekend, I baked chicken and tilapia, roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli. Not a full meal prep, but I am off so I have a little more time than normal!

    When I first started learning to walk after my car accident, my blood pressure was all screwed up. I used to faint every time I stood up. Once, I fainted when getting out of the wheelchair on a plane, and of course they wouldn’t take off and wanted to send me to the hospital even though my friend and mom assured everyone that I was fine and it happened all the time…to which all of the other passengers looked at them like they were insane! That was fun! I am sure your fainting from alcohol is about as fun as that…only worse, because people probably think you are drunk! Poor thing!

    1. Fainting in public is never ever fun. I had an issue on a plane once too, not too long ago — I am lucky the flight attendants at the time didn’t decide I had ebola when I said I didn’t feel well. Ha!

  7. Hahah I love this post!
    1) I noticed this when I moved out to city! At the very most, I’ll smile, but I will never say a cheery “GOOD MORNING!” and I never understood how people could do that with the 2973023 people passing them per minute.
    2) I hate when people bother me when I am eating as well – for some reason my boyfriend likes to put his arm around me and rub my back and regardless of me reminding him for years, I react like a ferocious pitbull that I do NOT like to be touched when I eat
    3) And I hate when people complain about their health and do nothing about it. I feel like I deal with this in my office all the time. People will comment, “oh you’re so healthy, how do you find the time? I’m so fat, blahblahblah” and it’s like ughhh wake up people! You can go to Wegmans and buy PRE CUT bags of veggies and fruit if you’re really THAT busy (even though we have the same jobs, social life, etc, but I digress…)

    1. Agree with you completely on every single thing you said. Tell your boyfriend that my poodle cindy hated if you touched her when she was eating lol….I wish we had a Wegmans here. I have been to the ones in NJ and they are so fun (is it weird I find grocery stores fun? lol)

  8. The first point is really funny for me, because in Pittsburgh everyone is SUPER friendly, especially runners. Pretty much everyone I pass either smiles, waves, gives some encouragement or high fives. If someone just passes by and doesn’t acknowledge me I get kind of offended! My fiance is from a small town near Harrisburg and thinks it’s so weird. He always asks me if I know that person we just passed, and asks me why I would say hi to a stranger. It just feels natural for me!

  9. OMG I feel like this is me when I’m reading this…
    1) Don’t call me when I’m eating…my food will get cold and you’re disturbing me. Oh and don’t even think of tasting my food. I feel like a dog haha.
    2) I also have no tolerance for people who don’t care enough to take a few minutes to prepare something healthy to eat or exercise yet complain that they hate their body. It drives me nuts. Obviously it doesn’t bug you THAT much if you can’t try just a lil bit.
    3) I have been told that people don’t talk to me when I’m in the gym because they don’t want to break that ‘zone’ lol We must make this intense face that scares people away hahahaha

    The only difference, I love dogs and could never live without a dog. I have lived with toy poodles my whole life (exception of a beautiful border collie when I was born) and I know how hard it is when they move on. My Dad swore that after Sasha passed away (the collie), he would never get another dog because the loss was so hard, but we ended up getting Lacey (our previous poodle, black just like Cindy) because we are just dog people and missed having a furbaby in the house.

    1. My son wants a dog so badly. I just don’t know that I can go through it again. Isn’t that terrible? And the responsibility too. Now that I am the adult, I just don’t know. And my little heart, as unfriendly as I appear, is just mush when it comes to pets when they are not okay. I really am a nice person! lol

  10. I used to be all about saying hi to people when I was out running but now that I live in the city and people don’t do that here, I’ve stopped as wELL> I kind of miss the friendly aspect of running but i also like being in the zone. And I’m not a huge dog lover either. I can tolerate them, but I’m not omgobsessed with them either.

  11. Ok so maybe its because I grew up in NY but I am not a friendly runner either for the same reasons! And I hate when I wave or say hi to someone while I am running and they don’t do the same back…even if Im not the one to initiate the greeting I would always say hi in return!
    I feel like being a therapist/social worker has made me less tolerant for people…I used to be all like “everyones good, blah blah blah” but certain things I just don’t have patience for anymore…I might also need to blame Rob for that, he is pretty critical of people and it may have rubbed off:)

  12. Woah about alcohol dilating your blood vessels…I knew that but never connected it to why I feel so woozy after like one beer (I have super low blood pressure too). So I guess I can be your super lightweight drinking buddy haha!

  13. The running thing makes sense when you explain it. Being a Texan and living in the midwest it is always weird to me when runners/walkers/bikers can’t even give a little wave but that is because it is the norm here.
    Interesting about the alcohol and passing out – definitely a good way to keep from drinking!!! I don’t meal prep much – simple things and egg muffins for the boys sometimes but thats about it.

  14. I would still be your friend 🙂 I think we are a lot alike actually! I don’t like complainers but I do love my pit bull. She’s my child! I can’t do alot of alcohol much anymore and have found it affects my performance before a long run so I usually nix it!

  15. We might not be friends [yet] but we were totally meant to be 😀 .
    “even if it isn’t nice, it makes it somewhat acceptable” <- I could have said that word by word. And my mum drives.me.crazy because she will without a doubt call me exactly that moment when – by now – she should know I'm eating. For me it's not breakfast but dinner, though. There's just a certain time at night after that I want to settle down, relax, read and not spend half an hour discussing important issues on the phone. You'd guess there were enough hours in the day to call but apparently not …
    I've yet to faint in a restaurant but did several times when having my blood drawn. Actually, I even felt semi-faint once when we were shown a film about organ donors and there was a scene with blood preservation or something alone those lines. I don't quite remember because I felt fuzzy and left the room.
    Oh and yes, people saying they had no time to make decisions beneficial for their health [exercise, a little food prep, …] – I don't get it.

  16. LOL this is great. I have no tolerance or patience for people who complain about stuff, but then never attempt to do anything about it too. And yes. I’m a full-on fainter. Since kindergarten. I’ve been tested at the Cleveland Clinic and a hospital here in Columbus, and they have both come to the conclusion that I pass out from stress and pain. And same as you, I have low blood pressure, so it just totally drops even more and then BAM! I fall and hit my head on concrete, stairs, the stage during school plays, in cars, on the toilet, in the shower, at Bob Evans after my first marathon, etc…you get the point. 😉 This is one of the main reasons I question if I REALLY want to ever get pregnant…I know I would pass out during childbirth.

    1. I was absolutely petrified that I would faint during labor! But I didn’t! I was tested too at Mount Sinai here in NY- went through ALL of the tests including the tilt table test which was just terrible! I had no idea that the point of it was to tilt me until I passed out! I was only 17 at the time, it was just the worst thing ever.

  17. I LOVE that PB and actually just picked up 2 more jars…2. I don’t wear pants either at night, although I do own some comfy PJ bottoms that I rock on a regular basis around the apartment. That photo though speaks to me…LOL

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