WIAW on Monday



I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and support regarding yesterday’s post.

It wasn’t that easy for me to share but I can’t say it was overly difficult either.

It felt great putting that post together and the truth is, I am more than fine.



The older I get, the stronger I am, the wiser I have become and the less often I allow total nonsense to deeply affect me.

No one likes to be lied to. No one wants to be hurt but over time you learn how to wash your hands real quick of the silly situations that, in the big picture, just don’t matter enough.

Life is way too short to dwell on such petty acts, although, you can take your time to find the humor in a puzzling situation and laugh about it with your friends, which is exactly what we have been doing.

You gotta be able to laugh, always.



I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday post in a while!

I don’t know that I will be doing them every week but I will keep them in the Wednesday rotation from time to time when I feel as though I have a full day of food worth sharing.

Let’s take a look at What I Ate on Monday….

Pre-Run Breakfast:


My first bowl of oats is usually the same each morning.


A scoop of cooked oatmeal, cinnamon, a little mashed banana and peanut butter.


Post-Run Breakfast:


My favorite meal of the day. Seriously.

I look forward to this bowl and the endorphin/happy fatigue feeling I have while eating it each morning following my run.

When I work with frozen berries, this is what it looks like before I heat it up.


I warm it in the microwave (on the defrost setting so the berries don’t mush) and then add some Skoop B-Strong and more peanut butter so it ends up looking all ugly like this:


Don’t let the appearance fool you – it’s delicious! I could eat bowl after bowl…after bowl.

What I haven’t been eating bowl after bowl of lately though is greek yogurt.

I stopped adding it to my post run oatmeal mix and have replaced it with Skoop protein powder instead.

I love the combo right now so I will go with it until the greek yogurt craving strikes up again.



I played around with a new seasoning for my brussels sprouts so they became a big part of my salad.

roasted brussels sprouts salad

I used the other half of the sweet potato from lunch to make another batch of my flourless fudge brownie bites.

I am just a bit obsessed with these fudgy bites so once I finish one batch, I quickly make another.

flourless fudge brownie bites



I was heading into the city for the evening to attend an event at Glasshouses but made sure to eat a small dinner before leaving.

Surprise, surprise, a plant-based power bowl on a plate.

plant based power bowl

 Roasted sweet potato wedges, quinoa, avocado and some veggies.

I don’t like to be hungry and don’t like to rely on the food served at events just in case it doesn’t appeal to me/satisfy my appetite.

It was a beautiful night for an event at Glasshouses since the view from the space is incredible!

I took a picture of lower Manhattan for you so that you could see the Freedom Tower up close and personal.


The cocktail party-style event was hosted by AllSeated (remember I do a lot of freelance work with AllSeated– in the event planning industry) and the food was both adorable and delicious.


The only food I think I may miss as a vegetarian are those little hot dogs. They used to be my favorite!

Since I am a known foodie and a blogger, I was able to work my way into the kitchen before the desserts came out for a behind the scenes look at the goodies!

apple pop tarts

The head chef had me try one of the apple “Pop Tarts” first.

May I just say, WOW! They were amazing and definitely tasted exactly like the Pop Tarts of my past (he told me it was all in the crust. The crust gave off the true Pop Tart texture and flavor).

Next I sampled some mini churros and dipped them of course in the chocolate sauce.


And the candy selection! So simple yet fun, I couldn’t get enough!


I had them bring me a baggie (speak up people, how else can you bring the candy home unless you have a bag?!) and I even took some for my son.


I love nonpareils but those giant round jelly beans were my favorite I think, especially combined in each bite with the chocolate from the nonpareils.

I may need to buy a bag of Easter-inspired jelly beans from Target or something and use them in place of the Trader Joe’s jelly beans I eat during my long runs.

I CANNOT stop thinking about these jelly beans!

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!

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Do you go through food phases? If so, what are you currently loving and/or what did you suddenly stop eating?

Which candies would you have picked from that bin? m&m’s, Smarties, jelly beans, nonpairels, Hershey’s kisses…

Favorite meal of the day?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

26 thoughts on “WIAW on Monday”

  1. I definitely go through phases and go overboard until I’m tired of that phase. Right now it’s bowls. Way too many bowl meals with roasted veggies lately ha! I feel like I may never eat another one.

  2. Love all that candy!

    Lately obsessed with toasted Millet Bread, Homemade almond butter and banana slices for lunch! I can’t get enough.

    I used to eat cottage cheese and goat cheese like it was my job–don’t think I can ever eat them again!!!

    1. I never liked cottage cheese (or goat cheese much) but that toasted bread with nut butter and banana is my fave (I am allergic to almonds but replacing your almond butter with peanut butter sounds heavenly).

  3. Looks delicious! I’ve always wondered what pink food you were eating..now I know! I definitely go through food phases. I’m currently all about berries and greek yogurt in the morning (probably because they’ve been on sale at my supermarket lately!) I went through a phase when I had avocado toast every day. I could go for that now! The only candy that I really like are gummies..I’m not really a fan of chocolate candies or anything else. I would have probably picked jelly beans..those are another favorite 🙂

  4. I definitely go through phases with food. I can eat the same thing for weeks and then wake up one day and not want to have anything to do with it for a few weeks.

    I love oatmeal mixes and totally understand how something that looks so yucky can taste so great! I am currently loving grated parmesan cheese on everything. It’s actually getting ridiculous!

    That candy bar looks so colorful and delicious. I would have dove head first into the M & M’s and Hershey kisses. All the chocolate please!

  5. You know it’s weird…I recently bought some feta cheese as I used to love it as a teenager, and now I haaaate it. I can’t shake the stinky moldy cheese taste. I don’t understand how I can go from absolutely loving it to loathing it, but it just goes to show how our body chemistry changes over the years.

  6. I am definitely a lot stronger now. I am scared sometimes it is because I just became emotionless, but pretty sure it is just being strong. heh.

  7. Thanks for sharing your eats. Love documenting mine and seeing everyone’s WIAWs:) I do love jelly beans and may have picked those for the candy. Lately I’ve been jamming nonstop on sweet potatoes. Can’t go a day without them it seems – and your foods all look so good! Love sweet potato, quinoa, avocado, oatmeal, peanut butter … yum!

  8. I have never been a fan of jelly beans. I wish I was though, because they have the most interesting flavors for spring time! I never liked the texture though.

  9. You’re going to have to excuse the sporadic and random comments being left on your archived posts- I’m amping myself up for America and by amping myself up I mean the food scene.

    PS- Your post you mentioned- I didn’t know how to properly respond but you were eloquent and very open with it and I have no doubt you have helped others out there in similar situations

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