Awesome Week Of Running – Workout Recap



It was an awesome week of running! Even though I spent a majority of my time on the treadmill, I really can’t complain.

Let’s take a look…

weekly workout recap




Pure Barre Studio Series & 6.2 Treadmill Miles

Had I not been blasting Pandora in my ears, I would have heard myself wimpering during the first mile.

I am pretty sure that the people around me heard it too, if they weren’t plugged in to music themselves.

That first mile was just not nice and I couldn’t help myself from scrunching up my face and wimpering about the situation for a few seconds.

But I was not going home.

My legs are going to learn to like that treadmill until it’s spring time and that’s that <- wish I was this tough in my parenting life.

Things went well as soon as I loosened up which was around the 1.50 mile mark when I began doing some speed intervals and even played with the incline more than usual.

Turned out to be a great run!




Pure Barre Mile High & Gym Day

10 minutes elliptical – > 4 miles on the treadmill -> free weights for biceps/triceps

I felt great today on the treadmill. Great! I kept it easy but sometimes as I am sure you know, even an easy pace feels hard.

8:34 felt really easy and comfortable. I could have kept going but decided to cut it short and end on a high note so that I could run happy and longer tomorrow.



8 Great Treadmill Miles!

This was an awesome run from start to finish. You just never know when it will happen but from the second I started the belt, I was in perfect flow — warmed up comfortably, pushed the pace when I felt like it and cruised through until I decided to be done.

Average pace: 8:30



Pure Barre Mile High & 7.50 miles (outside!)

I thought this run would be on the treadmill BUT it wasn’t snowing or icing and the wind really wasn’t blowing so 15 degrees and sunny sounded appealing.

You know your winter is horrendous when 15 degrees sounds appealing.

I still can’t get over how warm my hands are from these Lululemon Fluff Over mittens.

lululemon fluffover mittens

Seriously, my hands are clueless to the frigid winter weather this year. Best running accessory purchase ever.




Pure Barre Studio Series & Gym Day

It was well below zero with the wind chill so I am guessing that’s the reason I was the only person in my gym.

I think everyone in my community was afraid to walk on over — not me–I just bundle up like a freak.

gym selfie

10 minutes elliptical – > 3 treadmill miles easy @ 9:00 pace – >free weights – > 1 mile at 8:30

I didn’t want to run too much the day before my long run so I originally planned to hop back on the elliptical after the weights. But I wanted to run. So I did for one more mile.




13.30 miles

The temperature was somewhere between 12 -17 degrees and since it was only expected to keep rising (before it started snowing again!!), I decided to try to run outdoors.

At the one mile mark, I couldn’t feel my chin (I still haven’t found my neck warmer) so I made the decision to run straight inside to the treadmill to finish things up.

treadmill selfie

I strategically plan my layers and put my headband in my pocket when I run outside in the winter just in case I end up in the gym and need to strip down to run on the treadmill.

Mentally it was sort of nice to already have a little over one mile done before starting the treadmill. It wasn’t much but it was something!

I broke the rest of the run down into 2 sets of 6 miles to give me a total of 13 miles (plus cool down).

I was tired around ten miles. I took note of exactly where I felt tired —> my legs.

Mentally, I was so in this run, I knew I could do it, I knew I wasn’t stopping. In fact, I stayed really positive about the entire treadmill thing basically encouraging my legs to keep going.

It’s those three miles beyond the ten-mile mark that are most important to me. Those are the three that make or break me during a half marathon which is why I continue to teach my body we can do this no problem.

The more you push yourself to complete your runs, especially on the treadmill, the better you adjust to knowing it can and will happen every time.



Pure Barre (or complete rest, haven’t decided yet)


If you missed my top 10 favorite running songs playlist which I shared earlier this week, click here for the post and be sure to enter the #NYTough P&G Prize Giveaway (with Amex Gift Card!) if you haven’t already done so – winner will be announced this Friday!

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Is today a rest day or a run day?

If you ran on the treadmill this week, how did it go overall?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

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8 thoughts on “Awesome Week Of Running – Workout Recap”

  1. I only ran 3 days last week- 2 of those were on the alter-g treadmill and 1 was outside. The outdoor run was yesterday and it was 13 degrees with a real-feel of 5 or so, but actually didnt feel too bad. I had a million layers on so maybe thats why. I just felt like I needed to be outside. Today will be a rest day with some foam rolling and PT exercises. We got hit with 8 inches of snow last night which was topped off with freezing rain so I’m sure it will be a mess out there for awhile.

  2. The snow turned out worse that I expected and I really wish I’d just done a longer run yesterday. Not sure what’s happening today running wise but it might not be much of anything! I wish I could tell my legs to like the treadmill but they just don’t. The first mile on the is usually the best and then it just gets worse from there with me counting the minutes. Great week for you!

  3. Today is a run day. It will be on the treadmill because..well, ice. You are totally inspiring me ring now though- I love having a treadmill and the option but I am so ready to get outside again..but reading about all your treadmill miles will hopefully help me get through mine today!! And I agree- after mile ten those last few miles are make me or break me during a half as well. Although I will say I haven’t ran more than 11 (or 12? I can’t remember) on the treadmill before. THAT has to take some strong mental preparation/motivation!!

  4. Props to you for all the treadmill miles… I could NEVER do it. It’s a mental thing with me I think!

    Today should be a rest day but I only have so many chances to workout with friends (i.e. on the weekends only) so I’m going to SoulCycle… my former collegiate runner/super injury prone boyfriend always does some miles after long run (and sometimes I will with him) so I stopped thinking so much into it like I used to.

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