Thinking Out Loud In February

maoz salad


Thinking Out Loud posts help me to remember what day of the week it is.


I don’t know about you but my days are a blur.

Blurred by snow, ice and slush followed up with the sand and salt to treat the snow, ice and slush and then some more snow because we didn’t have enough already.

I wore my glasses into the shower the other morning and I didn’t even realize they were there until the water hit my face.


I still can’t find my Lululemon Neck Warmer. Maybe it’s a sign that I will be running indoors until Spring.


Has anyone tried the Broth Bowls at Panera?

The lentil quinoa bowl looks appealing to me but honestly? It’s $8.49 which to me is a lot of money when most of Panera’s meals are like one bite for my appetite.

If you tell me you have had it and it’s real good and worth it, I will try it.

Or, maybe I should take one for the team and try it out for us. That’s an idea. My son would enjoy the taste-testing mission.

So the greatest thing happened.


Maoz (my favorite vegetarian salad bar place in the city) opened a location in my mall!

Local readers, Maoz is now open at Roosevelt Field as part of the new “Dining District” which by the way, is really nice. It’s all food court fancy that you don’t even realize it’s a food court.


The only issue I have is that it’s not salad bar style like the other locations which means I cannot serve myself.

This means I cannot load my bowl ridiculously high and now have to instruct the Maoz person in a really nice way to load it ridiculously high for me which makes me nervous in advance should I get a stingy Maoz person who refuses to accommodate me.

So far so good though.

maoz salad

We went to the Islanders game the other night and I brought that Whole Foods Peanut Butter and Chocolate cereal I told you about in a baggie with dark chocolate chips as my game time snack.

peanut butter and cocoa balls

Do not buy this cereal. The crunch is there but the flavor is not which was interesting because when I first bought it and tasted it, I thought it was good.

It’s not.

I ate the chocolate chips, had some of the cereal and decided it was not worth eating because it had zero flavor and wasn’t making me happy.

That’s when I suggested we get ourselves some Carvel sundaes.


Classic example of why it’s best to eat what you enjoy.

Had I finished the cereal, I would not have been satisfied because I did not like it so I probably would have ordered a sundae anyway OR proceeded to eat the entire pantry in my kitchen when we got home from the game which would have been more calories in total than just going for the good stuff the first time around.

Tomorrow is Friday and I have some February LOVE to share with you!

Here’s a sneak peak of the giveaway because I am excited about it…


Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


Do you keep eating something if you don’t like it?

Have you tried the new Panera Bowls? Tell me about it please.

What’s in your local mall food court? I now have Red Mango and Maoz in one mall!!


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

30 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud In February”

  1. I absolutely keep eating something even if I don’t like it. I wish I didn’t, but I honestly do. I have though about th broth bowls, and there is even a way to get a coupon for them, but I’ve yet to get it to work on my computer, and I agree, it seems a steep price to pay.

  2. I have not tried the Panera broth dish yet. We rarely go there because my daughter has gluten allergies and is a vegetarian (and I homeschool so she is with my often 😉 ) and their gluten free AND vegetarian options are quite limited :/

    1. It can be hard sometimes, especially in chain restaurants, to locate allergy friendly/vegetarian/gluten free menu items. I am not gluten free but I don’t eat meat so most of the time I can just say leave off the chicken/meat and give me extra veggies instead but it can get annoying/difficult depending on where I am.

    1. I love that you also know Roosevelt field! I worked there for many years and I’m sure its changed so much but I would definitely still know my way around. If we ever all get to do a NY race we should all go hang out there after:)

    2. I think the Envirokidz is much better than this cereal. Even the Panda puffs (is that what it’s called) were better! You need to go to Roosevelt next time you are in the area. It’s really nice what they did for the new dining area. Not to mention, lots of good restaurants now in addition to Houston’s.

  3. Wow it sounds like Roosevelt field is getting pretty classy these days! Malls like that just don’t exist in Maryland.
    I definitely laughed a little you said you wore your glasses into the shower- that’s totally something I would do.
    If I don’t like something I’m eating I may continue eating it, but it depends. If I have other options I might stop, but if I know its something thats really good for me, or was expensive, or if its that or nothing, then I keep eating:)

  4. I tell my days of the week by my posting schedule as well 😆 I actually have to continuously ask myself if it’s Thursday so that I don’t miss my ToL posts. It actually gives me anxiety 😛

    And I usually keep eating things even if they’re not that great, but it also depends on how back they are. If they’re lacklustre, then yes. But if they’re nasty? No.

  5. I’ve learned to have that same mentality. If I don’t eat what I’m craving, I’m going to more than make up for it later by eating everything and I’m still not going to be as satisfied. Besides, how can you go wrong with sprinkles and ice cream? You can’t.

    I need to go to panera soon for the mac and cheese. That stuff is addicting.

  6. I could not agree more about eat what you enjoy! If something is going to satisfy you you are better off eating that then depriving yourself and binging later on in the day 🙂 All about perspective! I also love that you bring snacks to the same – so something I would do too!

    1. I like bringing a snack so I don’t have to pay crazy arena pricing, especially since we go so so often and the food is nothing special. I couldn’t continue to eat the cereal. It was doing nothing for me.

    2. I like brining a snack so I don’t have to pay crazy arena pricing, especially since we go so so often and the food is nothing special. I couldn’t continue to eat the cereal. It was doing nothing for me.

  7. Oh, you guys have WAY better stuff in your food court malls down there than we do up in Canada. I’d say it’s not fair, but I don’t like shopping anyway. Blech. And I totally don’t eat food if I don’t like it. What a waste! I don’t choose the most nutritional food for this exact reason. It’s actually a problem. Ha.

  8. Speaking of the Panera broth bowls, I’ve been wanting to try one as well. AND I managed to score $5 towards a broth bowl on my Panera card when I did this promotional event on their website where you just had to watch 3 short videos about the new bowls and they’d put $5 on your card for a broth bowl. If you have a Panera card, I hope that helps!

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