What I’m Loving Lately – Beauty Products

favorite beauty products

I haven’t done a beauty products post in so long! Like, where the heck have I been on this topic?

I have a few new items worth discussing so let’s get all girly and chat about it…

beauty-favorites  favorite beauty products      


Let’s Start With Skin Care:

I received an awesome set of Dermalogica products in my swag bag from the Meet and Tweet.

The set included the following:

Even though I am currently using and enjoying all of the above products, I am only including the Multivitamin Power Firm in my favorites for today because I have used this product in the past and always notice a positive difference in my skin after application.

Multivitamon Power Firm

You dab some around the eye and lip area to experience the powerful firming complex which helps to minimize lines, wrinkles and all of the stuff that happens as we age.

It’s not even that I have wrinkles in those areas; I just notice a tighter, smoother, softer and more evened-out finish in my skin from this product.

The trick is to start caring about your skin prior to experiencing the signs of aging. I began focusing on my skincare routine and using quality products when I was twenty.

Oh and please DO NOT sleep with your makeup on. Ever. I don’t care what time it is, take the five minutes to remove it. I understand that sometimes it is not an ideal situation to stand there removing mascara and washing your face with the whole toner and moisturizer routine but it’s necessary and better than clogging your pores and waking up with runny eyes and breakouts in the morning.

I spoke with the Dermalogica representative at the Meet and Tweet regarding their ingredients and she assured me that all products, if they didn’t already, have been reformulated to exclude parabens.

If you recall from last year, I did a complete overhaul of my beauty regimen based upon my understanding of the parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients and preservatives lurking in our skincare and pharmaceuticals.


Dior’s new DiorSkin Star Foundation and Concealer are paraben-free too!

DiorSkin Star

I bought both the foundation and eye concealer immediately and really couldn’t be happier to return to Dior products.

Dior cosmetics have always stood out above the rest in my opinion.

Dior eye shadows? Oh my goodness. There’s nothing like it. I just had to stop wearing them most of the time due to allergies.

So this Star foundation is their first “brightening foundation” which really does make the complexion visibly more even and luminous by reducing the appearance of dark areas, redness and pigment spots.

You only need a tiny drop which makes the product super cost-effective and I love how light-weight it feels because I hate feeling my makeup on my face.

Click here for a great review that I read regarding the new Dior Star product line.

And yes, if you are going to get the foundation, you get the matching eye concealer too. I find it best to use the same brand for concealers and foundations so that the colors match as closely as possible.

The Star eye concealer gives me a finished, flawless look by evening out the complexion and neutralizes any darkness in your under-eye area.


New Essie pink!

Essie Back In The Limo

I go dark on the toes once summer is over but always keep my fingertips light so that I don’t notice a chip.

Loving this new shade of pink, Back In The Limo.

If you are familiar with Essie’s Spaghetti Strap, Luscious Lips and Sugar Daddy, it’s takes the best hues from each and blends into one.

Not sheer but not too thick with a real pretty pink glow to the nails.

And finally, this Hollywood Fashion Secrets Stylette kit which I also received from the Meet and Tweet.

Stylette kit

It’s a fun little set in a cute purse containing ten essentials for emergency situations to prevent fashion and beauty blunders.



Each Purse-Perfect Kit Contains:

  • Hollywood Fashion Tape
  • Bra Converting Clip
  • Deodorant Removing Sponge
  • No-Show Nipple Concealers
  • Garment Shields
  •  Eye Make-up Corrector and Remover
  •  Lint Removing Sheets   Leather Wipe
  • Stain Wipe
  • Nail File

I am thinking this little set would make a great holiday, bridal or birthday gift for my friends. Every girl needs something like this!

I think I read that it’s available at Ulta and a bunch of other stores too for around ten dollars?

In case you missed some of my other beauty-related posts, I pulled up a few for you:

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Have a terrific weekend!


Are you guilty of going to bed without washing off your makeup?

Do you have a new favorite makeup/beauty product to tell me about?

What color is currently on your nails?


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12 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately – Beauty Products”

  1. I should probably start taking better care of my skin. I don’t really wear much makeup, and I wash it off before bed every night, but I don’t do anything else to prevent aging (well i do wear a moisturizer with spf protection). I should probably start doing something else so I don’t regret it in a few years!

    1. Well you are half way there by washing off your makeup and using a moisturizer with sunscreen! Next time you are on the island lets go to Bloomingdales and shop beauty products! Love this stuff and would be happy to offer my suggestions : )

  2. I don’t think I’ve changed my makeup in a year, it’s probably expired at this point! I’ve been buying all the same stuff for a really, really long time now and I’m sure just for health reasons my products need updating! My skin also changes a lot with the seasons and right about now is when I need to find a good moisturizer.

    1. I am not the best at throwing out cosmetics by the “sell by/use by” date concept but I did overhaul everything when I started learning more about the harmful ingredients. It was a good way to clean things out and buy new things!

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