Organize Your Life To Organize Your Mind

organize your life to organize your mind

I have decided that the back to school time of year should be considered its own season. And, at the very least, the season should be more widely known as a fresh start and a new year.

I mean, even the new agenda planners come out this time of year and start off with September 2014.


The back to school season always provokes a desire in me to clean out closets and reorganize our home.

I don’t know about you but when I am most organized, I find it that much easier to walk through life and tackle my to-do list with better mental clarity and very little stress.

Clutter = Stress.

Having physical clutter around the house can actually cause mental clutter which leads to stress, disorganization and failure to complete your daily tasks with a fully functioning mind.

In fact, I want to go as far to say that being disorganized can put you in a bad mood without even realizing it.

Being disorganized is directly related to forgetting things, running late and then SURPRISE! You are now in a foul mood.

Should we even discuss that being disorganized also often leads to unhealthy eating habits?

organize your life to organize your mind

I wish we could make use of AllSeated’s organizational tactics in other areas of  life since I truly love their platform.

Planning an event and being able to arrange, organize, play around and store your seating chart all in one place with access given to anyone you want to share the plans with is, to me, a genius event planning tool.


But until I get remarried or my son’s Bar Mitzvah invitations go out exactly two years from probably today, I cannot.

However, let’s play off of their organizational tactics for a moment and see what other tools help us all to organize our life and mind.

*Write It Down*

On the first day of school, my son is given an agenda book.

The children are told to write everything down including their homework assignments, upcoming tests, projects and any information that is important to tell their parents.

I think it is great that kids are taught at a young age the importance of writing things down for proper organization.

You can’t remember everything. And even if you can, it’s best to organize it out of your head anyway in order to clear your mind.

fill me with your issues notebook

Journals serve a true mental purpose in letting your thoughts out. Writing things down provides you will a spring cleaning of the mind.

Sometimes we can’t even understand our thoughts until they are put on paper.


You can laugh at these types of notepads but they may really help.

Even though I have a terrific memory, I do try to write down every appointment, activity, event and writing idea in my notebook or agenda.

personal planner notebook

I often have so many thoughts for blog posts and freelance articles that if I didn’t stop to jot them down, they would be forgotten or jumbled up in a big thought-knot.

personal planner

I am rarely without my pretty pink Cookie ChRUNicles notebook which I ordered months ago from

personal planner notebook

You are fully in charge of the design and layout of the notebook including the color, size, design and page layout.

I went with plain lined paper since I use a separate agenda (seen in the above picture) but you can order the notebook agenda style with a calendar, with or without graph paper and even set it up as a blog planner.

I realize we are in 2014 so it’s possible you want it all techified (I think I just created a word) so there are plenty of apps and websites to help you organize without a pen.

Check out Cozi which looks super cool even to someone old-fashioned like me. It allows you to organize just about every aspect of your life and even syncs to your other online calendars.

*Home Organization*

It’s not just about keeping your schedule and thoughts all neat. Organizing your house helps to organize your mind too.fridge-bins-and-organizer-and-tray

That’s certainly not my refrigerator but I did buy two of the Cabinet Binz to better organize my food so that I can open the fridge door and see everything in its place.

I also organize my pantry using cabinet inserts which allow me to stack and view all of my jars of peanut butter.

peanut butter

I added a new storage bin to the pantry too which includes different sections for all of the loose granola bars and snacks which didn’t have a home.

storage bin

I tend to think that organizing your kitchen can only help to keep you on track for following a balanced diet and lifestyle.

If you take the time to care about where you put your food, you may care more about the food you put in your mouth.

And, if you organize your kitchen and keep track of the foods you have purchased, you are more likely to plan your meals in advance and remember what you have on hand to throw together a quick meal instead of relying on take out.

Baskets and bins really work wonders for organization.

Even if it means throwing the clutter into a bin, you will feel better about yourself knowing it’s all in one spot.

Case in point -> my son’s room

I purposely took a picture of what I saw the moment I opened the door to my son’s closet just so you can see what an organized mess looks like in our house.


The bins themselves are messy and the slight OCD side of me which was heightened when I became a mother is twitching because one bin is turned the wrong way and the bows aren’t tied right but so long as I don’t see mess on the floor and stuff all over the place, I am satisfied.

*When In Doubt, Clean It Out*

Every so often I go through my closets and drawers around the house to either donate or throw things out.

It is such a freeing feeling.

I clean out the junk drawers, throw out every receipt and lollipop wrapper from the crevices of my handbags and unload the toys my son no longer plays with (I do this when he isn’t home of course).

It’s a feng shui of sorts when you lighten the load in your home.

There is something about emptier drawers, everything being in its place and having some extra room around you that just frees up the storage space in your mind giving you a new sense of calm.

How do you organize?

Do you find your stress levels increase when the clutter around you starts to pile up?

Which online tools do you use for organization and/or for planning your upcoming event?

*This post comes to you as part of my relationship with AllSeated. I was compensated for my words but as usual, all thoughts are my own.








Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

17 thoughts on “Organize Your Life To Organize Your Mind”

  1. Oh I’m all about organizing. I completely get where you’re coming from about stress and clutter. Last year I was a terrible mother when it came to Braidens school schedule. I even forgot to pick him up on a half day once! I was not going to be like that this year I printed out the years schedule and have everything written down. I’m on top of things now!

  2. Haha, love that we both talked abut stress today. Great minds! I definitely love a good pretty-bin-to-chuck-things-into. For me, that is typically the way to go. Because once it goes into a drawer, I tend to forget about it!

  3. I definitely feel less stressed when things are organized! I am terrible at having SO many notebooks though. I end up with them all over the place so I never have the right thing in the right notebook haha.

    I use the notes app on my phone and the little sticky note program on my computer to help me remember the little things!

  4. I’m such a nerd, I have always loved new notebooks and agendas. 35 now, but that still hasn’t changed!

    My son is in 3rd grade and they started the agenda thing last year as well. Really works out great. And the one they have this year brings out my inner nerd so much more! The “reference” section in the back is awesome, and each weekly page has health tips, as well as conduct tips. I want one for myself!

    1. We have those sections in his agenda too! Pages and pages of information like that which I would have loved to read as a kid because it would keep me busy during boring classes lol. I absolutely love new notebooks and always try to find a reason to buy one.

  5. I couldn’t agree more!!! I MUST be organized with my life or I get super stressed and feel like I lose control of everything. I also write everything down, and try to keep things as orderly as possible. It definitely helps! When my life is a mess, my mind is a mess.

  6. I hate clutter and messes, but it is a different story when it comes to MY room. Sometimes, it looks like a mess for a few days but then I finally break down and clean it. Any other room in the house cannot have messiness at ANY point in time. I get so much anxiety just thinking about it.

  7. I legit cannot handle clutter — it makes me anxious 😆 That’s why I try to keep the things in my home to a bare minimum, and go through them every now and again to get rid of what I don’t use. And also probably why I’d be a nightmare to live with 😆

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