Random Stuff and New Adidas Energy Boosts

bloomies frozen yogurt


Good morning!


Yesterday was a bit monumental over here.


This would be my son’s locker.


We had the opportunity to go over to the middle school yesterday so that my son could find his locker, practice the combination, unload the school supplies and run through his schedule classroom by classroom in order to get a little more comfortable prior to the first day of school which, by the way, isn’t until next Thursday.

school supplies

I set up all of his binders when he wasn’t home the other day just so I could really enjoy myself and feel like a kid again.


You should know that the girls now decorate their lockers with carpets and chandeliers and some of them were prettier than my bedroom. I don’t even understand but I won’t make too much fun because I am pretty sure I would be doing the same thing if I were ten or eleven.

You should also know that I do my best to remember what it was like to be a kid.

being a parent

Keeping this in mind is what helps me to remain calm while talking to my ten-almost-eleven-year-old child this week between camp and school.

In fact, my ability to remember what it was like to be a kid is what kept us from an all-out brawl in Trader Joe’s because the tween attitude can be a bit overwhelming.


And somehow this landed in our cart because extra things always land in the cart when the kids tag along.

We were all kids once. We were all a bit snotty and obnoxious, we thought we knew it all and that our parents knew nothing, and we expected to be given the world or at least six pairs of the latest Nike sneakers even though we didn’t run in them.

At least I didn’t run in my sneakers back then….but my son keeps trying to convince me that should I buy him another pair of Nike Kobes or whatever they are called right now, he will sign up for a 5K race.

So, instead of having a complete meltdown and totally uncool parenting moment, I smiled and told my son that I am pretty sure I was meaner at times to my own parents (his grandparents) than he was even being to me which turned the mood around and had us laughing.


We had lunch at the 59th & Lex Cafe at Bloomingdales yesterday since I had that ten-dollar gift card to apply from last week for spinning in the middle of the department store.

I say apply because nothing in Bloomingdales aside from a cup of coffee costs less than the ten-dollar value of the gift card.

lunch at bloomingdales

You know you want to hang with us because we know how to dine, just admit it.


But don’t expect this kid to share his yogurt with you. He won’t even share with me.

In fact, we fight about it so really you don’t want to have lunch with us, you want to sit at a table near us just to witness what takes place.

I may not have bought my son another pair of Nike sneakers but I did pick up a new pair of Adidas for myself because unlike him, I actually needed a new pair.

adidas energy boost

Remember I was making my last pair of Adidas Energy Boosts last as long as possible? Well, as long as possible finally happened the other day.

My feet were starting to feel all sorts of off-balance with some discomfort to the heels during my last couple of runs.

That off-balance feeling to my feet told me that I had worn through the cloud-like cushioning in certain spots (like the heels and up by the big toes) which means new sneakers are needed in order to keep running comfortably.

Do I like the color? Not at all.

Do I like the price because I bought them at the Adidas outlet and they were a good thirty dollars less than the new Energy Boost 2.0 sold in regular stores?

You bet.

I go through running shoes every few months so why should I pay more just for a certain color or even for the newer model if I am satisfied with the older model?

My feet aren’t prejudice to color. All they know from is comfort and for about six miles yesterday in these new sneakers, everything was right in my running world again.

And my question for you today which I also asked on Instagram last night:


Is it possible to NOT eat the watermelon while you are slicing and cutting it up?

My answer is no. I eat more of it than what ends up in the Pyrex containers.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!





Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

25 thoughts on “Random Stuff and New Adidas Energy Boosts”

  1. Back to school time is so much fun. I miss it terribly! The classic You’ve Got Mail line of wanting to buy bouquets of sharpened pencils is so, so true. And I think that you should just imagine that your feet are floating on clouds.

    1. Nope, not worth trying to figure out what you should’ve, could’ve and would’ve done. Wasted thought process, wasted time and energy. You can’t change it now so better to use the time and energy into what you want to do with life now.

  2. I never let my mom chop up fruit anymore because whenever she does, 3/4 of it is already gone! She is like that with watermelon, melon and papaya (which is my favourite and can also easily eat the entirety of)

  3. I totally remember the days of testing my locker out and making sure I had all my school supplies ready. That was probably the best part of going back to school 🙂

  4. I was the worst pre-teen/teenager and I’m sure my future children will provide me with plenty of payback and my parents will just laugh. But that is really exciting that he is starting middle school! And if would be pretty cool if he ran a 5k:) And yes absolutely eat the watermelon while slicing!

  5. Honestly, watermelon is one of the only fruits that I do not like. At all. It has the weirdest texture that I cannot get over…like a wet sponge.

  6. I can remember the battles between my mother and I when I was a bratty teenager. They were epic. I can’t imagine anything more difficult to deal with than a hormonal teenage girl. I’m so glad your almost spat turned into laughter. Way to turn the situation around. I’m impressed.

    1. I really feel like it’s better to diffuse the situation with distraction and laughter than keep up an endless cycle of bickering which was getting me nowhere. Instead I bring up the subject later on when things calm down so we can both discuss while in a better mood. Sometimes this works…and sometimes it doesn’t lol.

  7. I teach 7th grade, and as I’m sure you know, kids really do appreciate their parents at that age! Sounds like you’re doing a fab job to me 🙂 And yeah, the locker decorations are insanely amazing. Just the amount of energy and dedication is mind-blowing to me.

  8. Even though it’s been years since I was in school back-to-school sales on supplies draw me in every year. Pondering what I could possibly need a new set of crayons or one of those cute pencil cases for. Yes, sometimes I’m six years old. And wish we’d had lockers in school – not really a thing over here – because I’d sure as anything decorated mine all girly.
    The case of the watermelons? I’d been eating them for weeks until I finally managed to snap a picture because cut-up watermelon hardly ever makes it to a bowl for me. Same goes for mangoes.

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