Pure Barre DVD’s and We Tried The Chobani Oats

chobani oats


They say runners are stubborn and I am certainly not the exception to this rule.

I don’t like to cross-train even though I know that I have to yet I get all stubborn anyway and will run too many days in a row, especially in the summer when the sun is shining and I can step outside without four layers, a hat and gloves.

I realized though that there is one thing that will keep me from running:

Freshly highlighted hair that comes complete with a haircut (two inches!) and blowout.

Ain’t no way I am willing to sweat up my hair before it is time to wash it.

I tried to take a quick picture for you while inside the Pure Barre Studio yesteday but it was a bit dark in there.

pure barre

That’s the ballet barre where I spend my time lifting, toning and burning.

I cannot say enough about how much I love this class, especially since I am always guaranteed a full-body, non-impact workout which doesn’t let my hair sweat.

I have been going twice a week for the last few weeks and have absolutely noticed an increase in my core strength, flexibility (I am so NOT flexible) and an overall strengthening and balancing of my muscles which I have definitely felt in a positive way while running.

Next week is already the last week of my one-month membership package.

I haven’t decided yet if I will sign up for another group of classes simply because of the price. I love it though so I need to do some thinking and consider other expenses before making my decision.

What I didn’t know until yesterday is that Pure Barre does offer several DVD options for at-home workouts.

I was never one to actually do an at-home workout, especially by following a DVD, but this might be something to consider in order to save some money and still benefit from the technique.

Anyway, big things happened in our kitchen yesterday.

chobani oats

The big Chobani Oats taste test.

Not impressed. At all.

Like, if the container didn’t tell me there were oats inside, I would never have thought there were oats inside.

chobani oats

My son agreed. Good thing I always have cooked oatmeal ready to go because we added a big scoop to the container to make it right.

chobani oats with oatmeal

If you have to doctor something up to make it good, there really isn’t any point to buying it in the first place.

Unless of course you are traveling and need something in a pinch that is portable, packable and airport security-friendly.

I live in fear of making my own oatmeal/yogurt concoction and having security take it from me because it somehow counts as a prohibited liquid.

I am still recovering from the time that airport security seized a jar of my peanut butter. 

Speaking of peanut butter, I received my usual shipment of Crunch Time yesterday.

crunch time peanut butter

Normally this would make me happy but what I really needed was a jar or two of The Mighty Maple. I have been completely out of Mighty Maple for a few weeks now and cannot believe I haven’t made it a priority to replenish my supply.

The forecast this weekend is looking beautiful so I know I will be at the beach but at some point in between the sand and the ocean I need to make an emergency stop at The Christmas Tree Shops where I always find The Mighty Maple for a really good price.

Have a terrific weekend!


Do you like to do at-home workouts?

Has airport security ever taken away your food?

Which nut butters are currently in your kitchen?






Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

25 thoughts on “Pure Barre DVD’s and We Tried The Chobani Oats”

  1. I am useless at at-home workouts. Totally and completely useless. If they are too hard, I don’t do them, and then I complain if they are too easy, and I don’t do them. I have honestly no desire to try the Cho Oats because a) I don’t like overnight oats and b) it is just a market gambit. My nut butter rotation right now is sunflower see butter and cashew butter. I am living the dream, I tell you.

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  2. Hahaha one time I had a bag of powdered peanut butter with me and the TSA people almost took it away. They ended up just searching through all my stuff and when I explained what it was they let me keep it!

    I’m curious about the Pure Barre DVDs. I like the classes but the price has been keeping me away!

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  3. Airport security once took my Pepto Bismol. Usually they say it’s fine since it’s medicine but not that time!

    I don’t do exercises at home… I’m afraid my downstairs neighbors would hear my elephant-like pounding on the floor (I even have a complex that I run loudly on a treadmill!)

  4. Bummer about the chobani – I was expecting so much more oaty excitement from you! haha.
    I love getting my hair cut/highlighted and no matter what i do, it will never look as good as the salon styles it.

  5. I must admit, I was shocked to see you try the chobani oats seeing as you have your tried and tested method! I LOVE crunch time by pb and co, also their maple is good too- the worst is the honey one- just bits of sugar blocks in it! Have you tried the Justins version? I’m keen to compare

    1. It’s almost like I knew I wouldn’t like it but we just had to try it anyway! Actually, my son decided he does like it and that I have to buy it so long as I give him an extra scoop of oatmeal (which defeats the purpose so I will just start making him some yogurt concoctions on my own more often).

    2. Oh, and, I have had Justin’s Maple a few times when they would include the packets in those protein boxes at Starbucks but can’t recall loving it like I love PB and Co. I don’t eat Justin’s too often since most of the time I find their almond butter and I have an almond allergy.

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  6. cute selfie 😉 haha. 2. I hateeee cross training too! I always try to avoid it because let’s be honest – I rather be running! There’s a barre class in my area and I’ve been debating about it because they have a free session coming up!

  7. I have really wanted to try a Barre class- I need to do a little more digging to see what’s around here.

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  8. i love barre! in fact, i made my friend get certified and then teach at our gym. haha, no lying! and that chobani… well? i don’t think i’d like either. bummer

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  9. I appreciate you checking out Chobani Oats. I thought it would be a bit weird andddddd I was right 🙂

    How do you focus on DVD class? Any tricks to create a in-class vibe at home?

  10. I’ve chobani oats before and after just tasting a small portion it immediately flew into my waste bin. Would never want to touch that stuff. I do congratulate you for fixing it up with cooked oatmeal.

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