Running Things + First Pure Barre Class


The worst thing possible happened to me last night.

cold stone

That would be a majority of my chocolate dipped waffle bowl broken. On the ground.


I stared at giant chunk of my waffle bowl on the ground in disbelief for longer than the five second rule although I seriously considered picking it up and eating it anyway.


It’s not fair when things like this happen to nice ice cream waffle bowl loving people like me, especially on National Ice Cream Day.

Of course I could have pleaded my case back inside Cold Stone and maybe the guy would have given me another one for free but I didn’t bother. I was too upset.

And I couldn’t afford to buy another bowl in the event that he didn’t offer me a free one because I spent all of my money yesterday on new running shoes.

adidas adistar

Adidas Adistar Boost. The model right above my beloved Energy Boost.

It’s really too soon for me to discuss and review them since I have yet to actually wear them for a run but they are basically the same shoe I have been loving just with added arch support.

I don’t love the color but we can’t choose our running shoes based upon color so salmon-melon-some shade of peachy orange is what I will be running in for the next 300-600 miles.

They claim to last 600 miles sort of like an expensive step-up in the type of oil you select for your car’s engine but who knows.

It’s not that I was really due for a new pair of running shoes but lately something has been bothering me.

It’s like I just get a feeling while I am running that I need more support or something. Something is off somewhere.

Something is lacking in the heels. Like I need more support back there. Maybe. I don’t know.

This is the exact vague/strange description I gave the nice man at Runner’s Edge who must be used to working with crazy bizarre runners because he listened like a therapist and then proceeded to evaluate my feet.

He decided I needed some additional support in my arch because I may have started slightly pronating (feet turning in from the arch/midfoot, more the left than the right) which can happen from an increase in mileage and length of runs.

My feet were craving a change in sneakers over the weekend to the point where I whipped out a pair of Brooks Glycerin 10’s that I still had in my closet for my long run.

brooks glycerin

They actually felt pretty good but I know they are not the shoe for me.

Can I ask you a random question?

What do you look at while you run? Do you even know?

Most of the time, I am looking at the thoughts in my head making me pretty unconscious to the sights and scenes around me.

That’s not to say I don’t actually see the cars and the people or where I am, I am just not all that present.

Which, if you ask me, is a perfect excuse for not waving and saying hello to every dog walker I encounter.

I have told you before  – I am not the friendliest runner you will pass. I don’t really do it on purpose, okay maybe sometimes I do but half the time I am so tuned into myself that I don’t look up, make eye contact or even notice someone is waving to me or that I should be waving to them.

I have been considering some shirts with slogans that say, “Talk to me AFTER my run” or “Not as friendly as I appear” or “The bitch who runs.”

I run so early that in my mind, keeping to myself rather than paying attention to the lady in her pajamas walking her dog while she is clearly still rocking her bed head is polite of me.

You do your morning routine and I will do mine.

Oh my gosh. I forget to tell you that I took a Pure Barre class for the first time on Friday. If you follow me on twitter and instagram you may already know but I failed to mention it in my post thus far today and even forgot yesterday when I was wrapped up in recipes that I have yet to try.

pure barre

I made the decision to sign up for the Pure Barre new client special which gives me a month of unlimited classes.

I went with Pure Barre over signing up for Spin classes because I felt I needed cross training in the form of non-impact, strength and core work to complement my running routine.

pure barre

I am glad I received the Pure Barre socks last year at the Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet.

A little info on Pure Barre from their website:

In just 55 minutes you will achieve a full-body workout concentrating on the areas women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms. The Pure Barre technique is low-impact, protecting your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping. Each strength section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscles without bulk. The technique works to defy gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up!

My thoughts from my first Pure Barre class:

*My muscles were shaking immediately. As in, shaking during the warm up making me wonder what the heck it is I do every day to shake and tremble during a warm up.

*It was a great, full-body workout without actually sweating or even feeling my heart rate go up.

*Super-nice instructor and staff as well as a good mix of women of all ages.

*I liked the little movements that focused on strength and toning.

*Decent amount of stretching.

*We did a lot of “tucking” which I can’t even describe to you just yet since I am not sure I did it correctly if at all.

*Even though I routinely do planks, my core needs work.

*At some point we did something with our heels which I decided must be great for running and the strengthening of heel and calf muscles.

*I am not all that flexible.

*Certain exercises and poses were much easier for me than others.

*I thought I would be sore but I really wasn’t except for in my “seat” which is the term the instructor used over and over to reference the glutes.

My plan is to take two classes a week (maybe three, don’t know yet) and my only issue with Pure Barre is that the location I attend is in the same shopping center as Red Mango.

red mango

I allowed myself one parfait after my first class but I absolutely cannot make this a habit because I cannot afford it.

I spent all my money this weekend on the one-month Pure Barre membership, new running shoes and a broken ice cream sundae.


Which running shoes are you currently wearing?

Do you rotate which shoes you wear?

Ever try Pure Barre?

Do you notice what you look at while you are running outdoors?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

23 thoughts on “Running Things + First Pure Barre Class”

  1. I find it fascinating seeing what brand running shoes are predominant in different parts of the world. Here it is brooks and Asics which I grew up wearing. I will take a pure barre class for one of those parfaits…or I’d sell my shoes.

    1. Next time you are in NY I will make sure you get a parfait…For the most part, I don’t see many Adidas sneakers on the feet around me in races – it is definitely more Asics, Brooks and Saucony. I made the switch to Adidas back in November and it was life changing. Not sure why more runners don’t wear them.

  2. I think it is really interesting that so many people seem to be switching to Adidas (at least this weekend). I am still a brooks girl, and am currently in Ravenna 4s, but I want to go and get looked at for a new pair before I get too much farther into training.
    I usually look at the ground or straight in front of my, but I definitely also look around and pass judgment on everyone that goes by. JK. But not.
    I really want to try PureBarre, especially after you said it was as effective as it was–sounds a lot better than the barre class that I did.
    Last thought–I totally would have needed to be convinced not to try to salvage part of that cone.

    1. I randomly out of no where based upon the advice at my local running store switched to Adidas back in November from Asics and it was life changing. I don’t know why more runners don’t choose Adidas but something tells me they aren’t as mainstream or talked about or even sold at all stores. I recommend trying them for sure….And the ice cream cone bowl – thank you for supporting my belief in saving part of it even though it was laying on the ground. I think part of it would have been edible still!

  3. Okay, I need to go back and re read your post….I am too devastated about how an ice cream WAFFLE SPRINKLE COLD STONE CONE can be on the floor right now. That is literally the worst ice cream for that to happen to…that makes ME sad, ESPECIALLY on national ice cream day. I am mad at coldstone…..they wouldn’t let me use my coupon for buy one get one because I hadn’t printed it out…but I didn’t have a printer in Indiana! Booooo!

    Rotating shoes…yes, I have 3 different pairs of shoes, as it is so important for your shoes to have some time to “bounce back”, and also for your feet. I love to rotate, but my Saucony Kinvaras are by far my favorite….the rotations weigh heavily in their favor!

    1. I love you for sharing in my pain over the waffle bowl. Like really. And I feel your pain over the coupon. I would have freaked out on the Cold Stone employee and followed up with a corporate email. I keep wanting to give my Kinvara’s an opportunity since you love them but they just don’t give me enough support. I can handle them for short runs only. I like this “bounce back” thing – you are so so right about that. My shoes need bounce back time and I don’t give them enough of that. My plan is to wear my Energy Boost and the new Adistar in a rotation to give adequate bounce back time.

  4. Totally agree about the running in terms of what goes through one’s mind. Every now and then I have to snap back into focus and realize I’ve been on auto-pilot. Also love your review of barre! It’s surprisingly tough!!

    1. I was an Asics girl until I wasn’t. I can’t ever go back after wearing Adidas unless Asics comes out with a lighter neutral shoe. I put on my old pair of Gel Nimbus and felt like I was marching around in orthopedic sneakers.

  5. If I’m trail running I become absorbed in the scenery. If I’m street running I’m more inside my head. During races my husband will ask, “did you see so and so” and almost always I say where? I just bought new shoes too! Like you said, something just feels off. I’m cautiously optimistic with my new Brooks Pure Cadence 🙂

    1. At least someone understands me when I say something feels “off” lol. I really felt “fine” just “off”….I never see anything or anyone when running although sometimes I notice some people in races which is weird because I run even faster in a race which would make you think I am more focused. I need to think about this lol.

  6. Just ‘Finishedg up’ my three pairs of Asics 2000 series (a trail, a road and a wider road version). Going through a big transition in shoes (lighter, lower drop, less sponginess) and size (up a half size and wider to get a more minimalist feel). So I now have the bright yellow/orange Newton Fate (general purpose trainer) and the all-business black and white Mizuno Ekiden (a racing flat, with nice “fast” gold metallic gold threads woven into the black laces). I like the feel of both. My calves have suffered a little but everything else feels stronger. Not sure they were the reason for my 4 Mile PR on the 4th or my year’s best 5K on Sat but they did help me feel fast the past couple of weeks.

    I need one more pair to switch off with the Fate for training, maybe something with some off-road features since I do a fair amount of off-road/off-boardwalk running 🙂

    NYC Ballet Workout class is probably the closest I’ve come to Pure Barre. (The NYC Ballet has a summer residency in Saratoga, so the class was taught by members of the company)

    Flexibility, as it relates to running, is over-rated and may be detrimental to performance.

    I like your ” looking at the thoughts in my head” description, though for me it depends where I am since I run during my travels. Unfamiliar surroundings make it hard to stay in your head.

  7. I keep meaning to try out a Barre class, but I’ve been saying that for months and months now, so it still might be a while before I actually do it. I heard it was pretty killer though. And I’ve kinda, sorta been shopping around for running shoes, but I don’t do a tonne of running so I just want a good all around shoe. I really love my Nike Frees, so I may just get another pair of those. Now to find a colour that I actually like…

  8. I like the new color of your shoes! It’s different, if nothing else, but I think it’s a fun summer/fall color. I am an Asics girl through and through. I experimented with Sauconys briefly, but ended up with a stress fracture soooo I went back to my old faithful. I tend to look at license plates while I run and make up math problems with the numbers. It’s never a conscious decision to do it. I just realize I’m doing math all the sudden!

  9. No – I do not rotate shoes because I can’t afford more than 1 pair at a time. I do keep the most recent pair that I’ve ‘retired’ as anytime running shoes and try not to be in my current pair for anything but running. I might have to bite the bullet and buy a new pair in addition to my current one as marathon training is probably going to kill those shoes fast!

    Current I wear Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s!

    I am sad you dropped your ice cream 😦

    1. That’s the whole thing – we kill our shoes so fast that to rotate pairs is double the cost! I also keep my most recent retired pair – for bad weather and sometimes cross training…I have a few other pairs that I can rotate with but for some reason, I am never as happy as when I run in my main pair.

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